Will.I.Am on Justin Bieber Behavior: “His mom will help him”


Will.I.Am believes Justin Bieber’s mother Pattie Mallettee needs to be a stabilizing force in Justin’s life as he reels from one controversy to another. The Black Eyed Peas star told the Daily Telegraph:

It’s dangerous to be a child star, but it’s dangerous to be a child in the ghetto, or to be a child at school being bullied. If you have good parents, you’ll be all right. Justin’s mom is great.

He also believes Justin’s uncharacteristically bad behavior may be the result of him falling in with a bad crowd over recent months as he struggles to cope with the pressures of fame.

I don’t think for one moment that this is all about him being a bad boy. He’s only just turned 19 and he’s still learning to cope with the pressures of fame.

But it’s worrying. You read all sorts of things about him…and he needs to understand some of those so-called friends probably don’t have his best interests at heart.

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    • SerbianBelieber

      Yeah,finaly someone says something good!

      • belieberrrr

        ikr? Other people have said good stuff but he just said exactly the right thing! cuz he has good parents and its also true that his not a bad person but some of his “friends” are shitty and not REAL friends, they’re just with him cuz he has cool cars, cool house and money…. (e.i. lil twist) so yeahwill.i.am nailed it.

  • Maya

    He’s right! Justin is still a kid, considering hse a world wide famous popstar he has a lot to cope with. And yay first comment!

    • #1BeliebGirl

      Justin isn’t a bad boy. And if he would do something “bad” he had a reason for it. Justin has a good heart and doesn’t bad things if he needn’t to do them :D I believe in Kidrauhl ♥

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  • angel

    Thank u will I am Justin we will always love u

  • Xavier jackson) Belieber forever

    I agree with will… Love you Justin im so proud & happy justins apart of my life :))

  • bieber,s shawty forever

    ok so will i am thank u soooooooooooooooooo so so so so so much u r right now we will not leave our justin alone
    we love u justin i love u soooooooooooooooooooooo much

  • Cleo Bieber

    8thh, SWAGGIE

  • Xavier jackson) Belieber forever

    Happy 38th Birthday pattie :)) have alot of fun tell Justin hi

  • Maria Bieber

    we will never leave our Justin alone, we love you justin.

    • Swagalicious

      yeah if any thing goes wrong we will always b by his side <3

  • believer101

    Thank u finally sumthin good about Justin

  • Marley

    Totally agree with him. I never thought Justin was turning into some “bad boy” (cheesiest thing ever). He is just in the wrong crowd and needs to take responsibilities. Pattie on the other hand, why isn’t she with her son on tour?? Trying to promote a damn well for her birthday on twitter smh.

    • Rue b

      Yeah I mean we’ve been tying to say Exactly that br I mean come on after the whole jelena mess I think justin doesn’t want his fans being his personal Dr. Phil. And if some one could say it it was Will.I.Am.. Thxs for being our voice dude!!


    The whole time as i was reading this, i kept thinking about Lil Twist. Half of the problem is his fault

    • Nikoleta

      YUP!!! EXACTLY!! i think of exact same thing!!!!

      • Mrs.BieberYE$!

        same thing i like lil twist i -B- tryin 2 go on da fend 4 him but he be trippen to hard and feelin him slef to much 4 me cuz he keep playin wit my baby n dat shit right dar is not ok honey! like he do stupid shit wit justin things n shit like a 15 yr old i understand da weed stuff cuz i be around but wild partys n stuff oh nooooooo!he a bad rep 4 yong black men he is an inbarresmet 2 young black people i no cuz i’m embarresed ! love u justin!

    • Swagalicious

      U got that right!!!!! ever since that idiot bcame his friend Justin has done things he would never do (smoke weed) and that pissed me off WILL.I.AM is right about so-called friends

  • Mistie

    He is not from a famous family or from famous parents so this is new to them all. His mom and dad need to intervien right now. I think he will be ok but to be that famous and not come from fame has to be overwhelming. Good luck Justin and stop fighting with people…just IGNORE.

  • Desss

    The last sentence is the TRUTH some of Justin friends are obviously not good to keep around especially Twist like I liked him but now it just seems like he’s just using him he crashed like 2 of his cars and threw a POT party at his house like really? Out of all the thingsyou could do you decide to throw a pot party & it makes me mad cause nobody gets the blame except for Justin and speaking of him…where’s the crew.at once he turned 18 did they decide they were just gonna let him run wild they need to control Justin yes hes an adult but that doesn’t mean they can just let him run crazy he needs a no man in his life cause al I see rn are yes mans where are the people telling him no you can’t do that he needs someone that’s gonna tell him what’s okay &what’s not before he goes into some public meltdown like Britney or Lindsay

  • Nyanganyanya

    YES YOU GO WILL!!! So true!!

  • Zoey

    That’s all good Will, Now how about telling Justin that!

  • Nikoleta

    and we all know that Will.I.Am is talking about lil twist… i mean come on pple don’t u see that lil is take advantage of Justin? first the car then the party at his house…. i don’t say that Lil is a bad guy only that he’s takin advantage of Justin…

  • Melina

    I totally agree! Justin is hanging around with the wrong people, and we all know its lil twist, well I’m sure will.i.am was referring to twist anyway.

  • essie j

    he’s right, Justin needs pattie when he’s in hard times

    • AULANI


  • essie j

    he’s right, Justin needs pattie in his hard times

  • essie j

    he’s right

  • essie j

    he’s right

  • essie j

    i agree with will

  • hayat

    yeah finnelly someone say the truth and hie know that’s he is not a bad boy and i agree with all this speach love you justin

  • tammy bieber

    yeah i agree with william. but ur beliebers will always be by ur side justin (:

  • BBB.Belieberxxx

    Will.is right.Its a hard world its hard to trust someone ou there.

    • BBB.Belieberxxx


  • leamilosbieber

    Justin realy needs pattie now

  • Nicki

    Will.I.am is so right Justin because he care about you even your friends, family, and fans……just remember that all your believers will be right by your side……We Love You

  • Biggest Belieber

    Well done William :)

  • @DatLegendBieber

    okay. well i understand where will is coming from but its justin and he’s not gonna stay small forever. he’s growing into a young proud independent man. he’s not always going to be perfect. yes, mistakes will be made and so will wrong chooses. he’ll learn from his mistakes but at least he actually makes decisions and others don’t have to do it for him. just remember he has alot to cope with…….. AND about his friends. the last sentence is true but i don’t think Justin will see something going wrong and turn a blind eye or even have friends that are leading him down the wrong path and just go with it. he’s not that kind of person. by now, i’m sure he knows his values. Love Justin Till Death…. ~Swag