Will Smith: “There’s A War Against Justin Bieber and Other Young Artists!”

will-smith and jada pinkett

Will Smith talks about Justin Bieber — and the negative press surrounding him in recent weeks.

He tells Extra:

Somebody is nineteen years old, they’re gonna do what they’re gonna do just like we did.

For me the most important thing was for him to know anytime he can just call and I’ll come, whatever happens. At that age that’s what you need to know. You can do what ya gonna do, but you have someplace you can go, you can find safety.

We think it hugely important to support artists, young artists specifically. There’s really a war against that kind of artistry, that kind of creation, and against youth.

Watch the video:
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Will’s wife Jada Pinkett — by his side during the interview — wrote a long Facebook post last month defending Justin and other young stars against media “bullying.”

    • He was a little late today for his concert-look for gossip sites to make a big deal of this. Rihanna was 2 hours late a week or two ago and it’s already forgotten. These gossip sites and the comments by idiots therein make my blood boil.

    • Haters hating on teen idols is not new but it is worse today. Among those receiving hate and called gay, etc were Justin Timberlake, Menudo, Mario Vazquez, Mario, One Direction, Sisco, Usher, Michael Jackson, Prince, and many others-I know because I read comments on the videos and heard comments.

    • that’s what I call being loyal! I like his son who is decent and as nice as can be. He’s a great friend to Justin. They have been like brothers. By the way, check out their video on you tube of them at a concert play fighting. Justin shows a great karate turning kick. they are like brothers fighting for fun.

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