Cee Lo Green Not Happy People Booing and Disrespecting Justin Bieber at Billboard Awards

Justin Bieber Cee Lo Green Booing Billboard Awards

Former THE VOICE judge, Cee Lo Green is not happy about people booing and disrespecting Justin Bieber.

Addressing Sunday’s Billboard Music Awards, where he appeared to present a milestone award, Green said it wasn’t cool to downplay or boo the Biebs.

I was just wondering why they were booing him and not showing him the love and affection that he deserves. He’s a great kid. A talent. He’s done well… I don’t appreciate that (booing).

      • This is not the first time they get booed.And can you please stop saying Selena about everything of what’s going on with the Bieb’s it’s a enough already.

      • Um hello it’s not like the media does the same thing. Fools. They are so meant for each other.

      • Honestly they are cute together and I think it’s adorable that Justin has a tattoo of her and calls her his angle but…. I hate the constant braking up and the drama AND I really hate how she is rude to Justin sometimes
        So for me it’s if Justin’s happy then :) I’m happy

  1. i am totally agree with him
    y they do this to justin y
    he is also a human not a robot and he do everything for his beliebers
    he put his all energy and everything for his performance
    so what they were doing
    i should call them haters and that aaaa…………..eeeeeeeeee
    ok bby
    tc i love u justinnnnnnnnnnnn

  2. i am totally agree with him
    y they do this to justin y
    he is also a human not a robot and he do everything for his beliebers
    he put his all energy and everything for his performance
    so what they were doing
    i should call them haters
    ok bby
    tc i love u justinnnnnnnnnnnn

    • notice another professional and a The Voice judge calling him ‘talented’? You could add him to the list of those in the business who say that.

    • Justin is a very talented guy, he should just fire Scooter Braun and hire a manager that will help him clear up his dirty image and become more loved. Scooter only cares about money, he needs more than that.

  3. Yawn, you earn affection. They booed him for a reason!
    In fact here are the reasons they booed him

    1- when he started his career, he was hated for no reason and I used to defend him. He was hated for looking like a prepubescent lesbian and making crappy music (true but not a reason to hate him that much)
    2- As time went by, people stopped hating him a lot. In 2011 everyone liked Justin Bieber. Boys and girls danced to Boyfriend/As long As You Love Me. In fact the As Long As You Love Me video has the least dislikes of his entire career.

    3- Because Justin is very smart (sarcasm), he started acting like a douche. He gains little sympathy and suddenly he thinks he owns the world and start coming back half naked and wasted to his hotel (who’s going to take that seriously?). He started to get kicked out of clubs everywhere for being a douche (who’s going to take that seriously?). He started wearing crappy clothes as in saggy pants and laughable clown ish costumes (who’s going to take that seriously?). He called Anne Frank a belieber (who’s going to take that seriously?) and he started coming 2 hours late to his shows. It was him who made people hate him this time. When you start your career hated, you should do your best to stop that hate and turn haters into fans (that’s what he used to do), you can’t just act a douche and expect people to like you.

    • Hold up excuse me when he first started out he didn’t look like a prepubescent lesbian that how the hair style supposed to be and I see some boys have the same kind of emo which that’s the name of it hair style that don’t means they are lesbian or anything just because you see some girls had that kind of style that how they want it their hair and don’t see nothing wrong with it he looked cute so what the hell are you talking about.

    • Why dont you leave Justin ALONE because like i said ur freaken jelous of him you wish you were popular, rich, and famous so back off our man!!!!!! :) Thx have a nice day!! :)

  4. yeah thats true, why did they boo, he got that award cause he’s great. its so disrespectful. :( but any way he won it so what’s done is done. HE DESERVED IT!!!!

  5. I totally agree with Cee Lo. That was very rude and disrespectful of them to do something like that to Justin. :( He’s worked very hard, and he totally deserved that award. I mean, it ridiculous how immature people are nowadays. Even if you don’t like him, you should at least have some respect. I mean, what has he ever done to you? I’m sure they wouldn’t have liked it if someone did that to them. He’s a human being. Its things like this that can discourage someone and ruin their confidence. Anyway, Justin, i hope that you’re ok. We love you so much and we just want you to be happy. :)

    • Classy people don’t act like losers when they don’t win, they applaud the winner. If Bruno Mars, a good man, won he would have been cheered by all.

  6. Just because he f*cks up’s some times doesn’t mean people should hate him nor is it reason to call him a douche! Like serously how a person dresses is reason to hate!! Society is f’ed up

    Im sure haters would have started to hate him more if he was ‘perfect’.
    And guys do still listen to boyfriend and ALAYLM


  7. i tots agree wuth cee lo they cant justin boo at justin he an exelente kid and he deserved that award and loads more
    justin dont listen to that booing or haters cuz really there are more beliebers than haters
    love u JB

  8. Respect for Cee lo .. And justin ofc
    Those people has no respect for justin. They just boo at them. Well boo at yourself
    haters gonna hate :(

    • today paps flew over his property and took pics of Justin with Lil Za. Justin was furious-those bastards invaded his property. He should sue them if he knows who they were-TMZ looking for dirt?

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