Is Taylor Swift Mad at Justin Bieber? Refuses to Answer Question About Justin at Billboard Music Awards

Taylor Swift Press Conference

Taylor Swift was reluctant and refused to comment when asked what she thought about Justin’s Milestone Award win during a Q&A segment with the press after Billboard Music Awards 2013.

Taylor Swift Justin Bieber Selena Gomez Backstage Kissing

In related news, Taylor was caught on camera making a grossed-out face when Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber were kissing backstage at the event. She was seen sticking her tongue out at JELENAs’ public display of affection.

Watch video:

Taylor refused to comment about Justin’s win.

Taylor sticking her tongue out in response to Justin and Selena’s PDA.

  1. 2nd! OMB I hate Taylor (but I still like her songs) but she is being a “female dog” (lol) to Justin! She is being jealous that Justin got the Milestone award and she didn’t! I just hope also the Justin and Selena are just friends!!!

    • think b4 u speak something…. u call her a female dog???? huh???? just look at the video when justin won the milestone award……. taylor swift stood clapping her hands, when he won… they show her face n’ she wasn’t givin any look of jealousy or somethin like shame of loosing it…. why should she b jealous of justin (atleast on that day) … that was the day where justin won (i think 2 ) awards…(not more than 3 … 100%) n’ taylor bagged 8 awards…… she was the only person who won the maximum awards..
      i’am a swiftie… i like selena n’ justin both… n’ they r good together…bt maybe according 2 taylor they’re wrong… cos they go on off, on off always.. so wen v can’t handle the relationship with that person, it is wise nt 2 begin it again wid d same person ……

    • Dear Justin. Hi I ‘m A huge Belieber! I have loved you ever since you First Posted you’re first YouTube Video. I Love Everything About you! I ‘ve seen you in concert. I will maybe see you agian I don’t know yet. You Try Sooooo hard! You’re So Perfect and You’re An angel To me and just the way you are!I really Really Really want To meet you sooooooooooooooooooo Freaking Bad!!! I wanna be Your ollg sooooooooooooooooooo bad! I have Spicail needs And it’s sooooooooooo sad!i was born with it! I loveeeeeeeeeeeee Selena!!! She’s the best girlfriend you ever had! I get bullied in school just because I love you. They cut My binder with scizzors They scribble pictures of you wit marker Because they hate you! Imy parents are divorced and my dad got divorced twice he went to jail he didn’t do anything it was my Stuipd stepmoms Fault. She’s not my stepmom anymore. I Can’t even Imagine How much I love you!you are just a miracle to me and you are just Such kind, caring, wonderful,loving,respoinsable person! You give back Soooooooo much To kids Who are homeless don’t have Any money! You’re So kind to them!!!! I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee how you Do that! I really want to meet You Super Super Super bad!!!!!! I love You sooooooooooooooooooooooioooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo freaking much! I hope you Reply I love you Justin!!!!!!

      • niel is the 1d guy he is also a belieber and i also love him but i am not a directioner ok
        i am only a belieber

  2. Do u know how much Selena hurt my Justin!? Well I don’t think you do!!! She’s hurt my baby so much!!! I don’t want to forgive her, but if Justin get back with Selena then maybe I will forgive her, but that’s only because Justin did…

    • Selena did not hurt Justin, both of them are adults and he’s not your baby, he doesn’t even know you. Grow up!

      • selena hurt Justin , she is a bitch and I really care about Justin and I Love it doesn’t matter if he knows me or not … if anybody hurts my idol I would hate him/her ……….. !!!!!!! so you grow up and think why beliebers hate selena this much

      • you are such a child. Seriously, you have no idea about their relationship and what went on. Quit acting like you do. The reasons they broke up is between the two of them. They are both at fault as to the reasons why their relationship didn’t work out. All of this is really none of your business. They are both young adults and have young adults relationship. Justin is a big boy he can handle himself.

    • Can’t believe Justin winked at Selena. Selena was rubbing his arm. I bet Selena liked it when Justin winked at her.

  3. she’s mad,like answer the damn questions and i lost so much respect for her like seriously! That red head girl pulling Selena away from Justin,like i want to slap her, I’ve been waiting for them to reunited for so long and until she explained why she did what she did,beliebers need to send death threats to her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. She’s being stupid and full of jealousy coz she didn’t win dat milestone award dat she was dreaming of. Lol stop being jealousy girl move on. @taylor s.

    • yeah she is.. she nothing but a bitch when it comes to Justin hanging out with Selena.. it is not her damn business what goes on in Justin and Selena’s life’s they are not 2 they can make there own dictions you know.. who died and made Taylor Swift there bosses :)

  5. Taylor reminds me of a little girl on the playground that sticks her tongue out at a boy likes she hates him but really likes him. Grow up Taylor Swift.

      • Why would charity Lynn And Taylor try to pull selena away from Justin. She loves Justin. Any girl would love to spend time with there boyfriend. If I was selena I would spend every moment with Justin my hottest boyfriend ever.

  6. ok reply if u think so too! taylor is jut jelly becuz she cant keep a bf becuz she is so full of bull shanopy and she makes song about them after she breaks up with them point black shes A HOE ! she just mad cuz they are in LOVE !

    • i say yes she is but i think that justin and selena are meant for each other and they are a cute couple and they are in love sooo i say yes and i do agree what your saying

      • @Bieber’s Shawty, Yeah right!! She is doing that gross thing in her mouth like she hasn’t done it before! What a shame of her to do that and if she is grossed about jelena well she has to look at her attitude, she’ll vomit for sure! Tsk, tsk, tsk… too much pride on mind, expecting things she wanted however it turned out the opposite! What a shame taylor

      • she only needs to work on her jealousy problem? and datz wat we call fake friends alwayz feeding u wrong advice. she’s doing dat stupid thing in her mouth coz she knows her relationship isn’t working and she wants to destroy others.

      • Yeah hahah how pathetic!! she’s so desperate to have a boyfriend hahah old woman stuck in high school, what a lame!! Come on taylor GROW UP!!!

      • even high school doesn’t fit her, she needs to go back to primary school. no wonder why her relationship never lasts for just a month. she needs to mind her own business and put off her hands from other pple’s ones. datz not how a friend should act.

      • i believe that she hasn’t been a friend to selena. she’s just ACTING like a friend… i hope selena realizes that.. what a slut

      • selena will never realize that. coz she trust her like nuthing and she doesn’t know taylor is there to mess up with her datz all. coz friendz like dat never lasts. feel sorry 4 selena even if i don’t like her.

      • Ohmy!!! I really love you hahah cause i also dont like selena!!!!!! how sad for her… going back, if she never fights taylor, she’s blind. Very blind. and surely taylor is one of selena’s friends who convinced her not to date with justin again!

      • OMB!! yep Taylor seems not to wish da best for selena. wow wat a friend. but wat’s sad is selena listens to her friendz too much and not realizing they’re spoiling her.

      • Yeah at the end of the day they both loose.. selena listens to a slut that treats her like an option. how sad for her.. my cat feel sad for her…

      • How your cat feel sad for her it doesn’t even know her it might be sad about something else lol smh.

    • Hey!! Guys…. Lets have a glance of salena. Arnt she is mentally n physically immatured?? Just look at her face, it seems as if she has attaind her adolecence yesterday. N wat i feel is that she is ‘TRYING TO BE HOT N SEXY’, but she fails in it. U all can see the couples photo, u’ll find that salena looks as his sister not gf. N for jb, he needs a partner who is vry hot, beautiful, maturd who can undrstand his inner feelings. Not like salena..

  7. Maybe she’s mad because she felt she deserved it. But honestly, though I do love Taylor, she does the same tired old thing over and over. Dates people, breaks up, writes songs, and starts over again. Part of why I love Justin’s music is because he evolves and it doesn’t all sound like the same thing.

    • Everything Justin does is the same thing. He doesn’t “evolve” in anyway. As for Taylor, I agree with you.

  8. jelena arent back, i mean she’s available again remember? I think they’re just friends and if I was selena’s friend ill be disgusted to see how she plays with him and how they are on and off and would stick my tongue out too. and if she doesnt wanna say anything bout justin winning its because she wanted to win and didnt, so Taylor just accept it.

    • If jelena are friends then why did Justin and Selena kiss after there pre date before the award show. But they left seperately. Most friends don’t kiss each other after there date. They either shake hands or hug but not kiss.

      • they have pics showing justin seating with selena at the awards out of the cameras eye though.

  9. I am just so glad Selena and Justin have remained friend, that was my wish for them. THey were such good friends first I would hate to see them lose that bond that they have. I don’t know what is up Taylors butt but Justin has stuck up for her and always complimented her and said nothing bad about her. Taylor better not burn to many bridges; when her teenie base is no longer with her, she will not have a whole lot of fans her voice is just not that good. And this selling out her past boy friends is getting real old.
    Justin has accomplish one hell of alot for his age and deserves what ever he gets. So Taylor get a boyfriend and leave Selena and Justin alone you jealous cow!

    • yeah I have to agree with you on that taylor is jealous of Justin and Selena. I think she just needs to mind her damn business and not worry about Justin and Selena. What they do is what they do Taylor doesn’t need to get into there business. I have to agree Taylor cannot get a boyfriend to last for more then a moth when she dates. I cannot believe that she is jealous about Justin and Selena was sitting next to each other she is nothing but a jealous bitch that needs some help. I love Justin and Selena. They did make a good couple and yeah Justin has mad some progress in his life…. I am so happy that they are friends they did make a good couple. I wish they were still dating myself. But I am glad that they are still going to keep in touch with each other. I would hate if they lost there close friendship that would suck bulls if they did..

    • I would have to agree with you on that.. Taylor is nothing but Jealous about them being friends with each other she was jealous about when Justin and Selena were dating I m happy that they are going to keep in touch with each other. I would hate if they lost that you know.. yeah Taylor cannot get a guy to last her as long as Justin and Selena’s relationship :)

      • I would’ve done the same wat taylor did. The fact is not bout her jealousy its bout jb. He is lovd by almost evry gal n nobody wants to see the person whom she love is kissing someone else in front of her eyes. As for taylor she is not an extra ordinary gal. Like every gal she too loves opposite sex. N who knws she might b a belieber but doesnt want to show it off. So, overall wat i feel is that she might b jealous of JB, but not wid JELENA. Agree??????????????

  10. taylor is a f*cking fake friend she’s taking slutena’s side i hate them both they’re only about gossip and sh*t smh Justin needs to stop hanging out with them

  11. Selena Gomez has a new man, Wesley Stromberg (20) a down to earth guy, and the lead singer of Emblem 3 that will be touring with Selena. He was the one that everyone took for Bieber when he snuck into the venue in Las Vegas. A picture of the love birds hugging at the BBMA’s is on Selgomez-news.c**. Rumor has it that he just broke up with his X-Factor dancer girlfriend. It looks like they both have something in common. No wonder Selena was cold to Justin’s award winnings, and she gave him that one last kiss. See Yaa!! PS: Emblem 3 is a group of brothers just like the Jonas brothers.

  12. Backstage at billboard awards,the video
    Showed selena moving in to kiss justin
    But he quite harshly moved so it was a kiss
    On cheek. I don’t know what happened after
    That. Did juju than try to kiss her on lips?
    Taylor went to dinner with them later.

    Its obvious that sel is madly in love but
    I have not seen much evidence that
    juju loves sel. He has changed so much
    Since 16 when sel committed statutory
    Rape. She of course just got older and more
    Pathetic as most mexicans age rapidly.

    • WTF seriously she’s not a slut.he truly loves Selena. Why do you think she was rubbing his arm. He winked At her.

  13. I consider it a great tragedy that justin did
    Not sing to sel at billboards. I could care less
    About victims of hurricane.

  14. Swift can F*ck off just like Gomez and her other little friends. Never liked any of them or had respect for any of them

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