Jon Bon Jovi Slams Justin Bieber: Don’t be an “A–hole” and disrespect your fans at the O2

Justin Bieber jon bonjovi

Rocker Jon Bon Jovi SLAMS Justin Bieber for his multiple concert delays.

In a recent interview with the London Evening Standard, the 51-year-old musician said that Justin was “disrespecting” his fans for showing up two hours late to a concert at the O2 arena – back in March.

He told the newspaper:

Every generation has guys that do that, none of that is new. They run the risk of disrespecting their audience members who have worked hard to pay for their ticket, to give you the permission to take two or three hours of their lives — or in that kid’s case, 80 minutes of their lives.

Do it once, you can be forgiven. Do it enough times and shame on you. They won’t have you back. Then it just becomes a cliché. It’s really not cool — you’re an asshole. Go to f***in’ work!

    • Guys lets face it, alot of his fans and beliebers left on that day, some of them came back and some turned to haters.
      Tbh I that the dude it right, and I don’t think he is trying to put Justin down, he is giving him an advice but not in the original way like “Justin is a good kid and I want him to work hard or blah blah blah” and you will see that Justin may change after what the man told him and he will work 10000 times more harder and he might even get back on track and leave the alcohol and cocaine.

    • Wtf! Mr. Bon who the hell r u to say something disrespectfull 4 justin, we understand n luv justin, he luvs us too. #Belieberforever

      • I think Bon Jovi was right in this case but no hate though but Bon Jovi is a very respected and popular musician that in a way has a right to at least give that sort of advice so don’t hate on him and please no negative reply’s

      • So, u think calling a guy a*s hole is respectfull, i don’t think so…… There could be some reasons 4 late show, n if beliebers don’t have problem with that, then whats wrong with that man? justin is also talented artist n more famous than Mr. Bon and he deserves the respect.

      • justin is very hard working and you have no right to call him that word and we dont like you bon jovi and iam sooooo mad that you did that to justin bieber we love jb sooooooooooo much

      • first off i didnt say it was respectful and many people unbiased could say Bon Jovi is more popular and secondly i support justin and feel the words were justified even though they were harsh….

  1. What the Hell has poor Justin ever did to that stupid 51 year old douche! Whether Justin Bieber was two hours late to the concert or not, Bon jovi has no right to call him an A-hole! Jon should have stated his opinion with a little bit more class, because he has no idea why Justin was late. Also, its pretty immature for an adult to be so hard on a young kid like Justin.

    • dont dissrispect the man he has more records than justin he knows what he’s talking about.because of experience.

    • Justin wants to be “a man” he has to be on time for his job! I love his music but he does seem a bit stuck up!

    • well sadly Justin can’t be babied with nice words or whatever he is use to. I love Justin but sometimes you gotta be real with him because you guys as beliebers are constantly trying to baby him with nice words. Justin has succeeded more at this age and its time for him to get more into how this runs. If people are calling him a douche or an asshole or whatever then sometime must be the case for that.

  2. wow funny how he says that when his daughter was just busted for herorin like seriously stop worring about justin and focous on your own children

  3. He wasn’t even two hrs late. He needs to get his facts straight. And for him to bring up stuff from the past is just ridiculous. He got slammed enough for it by many ppl on that day in London and dats after it. Yet it’s been months since this incident and he’s bringmit up again. I swear if u don’t have nothing nice to say THEN DON’T SAY IT AR ALL. UGH!! justin is doing an AMAZING JOB!! Never see the good in him but is SO DARN QUICK TO BRING HIM DOWN. STFU JON.

    • Justin takes a lot of money bc of those meets and greets,so money is the reason he does those. And STFU,Bon Jovi is a legend,JB is a pain in the ass

  4. Jon Bon Jovi u should fc****ing mind ur own business u got’ no rights to interfere in anyone’s business ass*******

    • Now a guy from Saturday Night Live is dissing Bieber too. I guess those with one tenth of his fan base and popularity need attention-poor things!

  5. Am I the only one who feels uncomfortable with Ivan posting here? Like he is a “straight” guy in his thirties, posting here next to 12 year old girls. Isn’t that a little creepy? I say ban Ivan and fight Pedophilia lol.

  6. Jon Bon jovi is a hole himself. Don’t know why he can’t focus on his business first instead of minding other pple’s one. Man get a life ur soo old to insult a person younger than u. Haters needs to calm da f*ck down.

    • Persons that have dissed Bieber: Paul Mccartney, Bill hader of S.N.L., Sharon Osborn, Von Jovi, Drake Bell, Olivia Wilde, Black Keys Drummer, selena Gomez on Lettlerman, eminem, Taylor swift?, His grandfather on his father’s side, official who votes on Grammys and so on.
      Who will be next? I will not support any of them.

      • They are sooo jealous it’s like they are trying to pull him down and down and down so he can fail. These people are old enough to know better. Like Sharon Osborn how would she like people putting her brats down?


    • Paul McCartney is not jealous of justin bieber. He’s probably in the top 10 for most successful modern day music

      • Exactly. Bieber is a successful guy, good on him. But Jon Bon Jovi and Paul are legends. They have nothing to be jealous of.

  7. who the f*ck is jon bon jovi or whatever his name is!! and why he’s sticking his ass in Justin’s business? that bitch is too old for gossip

  8. Even though this guy can be an asshole himself, what he’s saying is a little true. My friend’s little cousin who lives in Dubai went home crying for 2 straight hours because her mother didn’t want her skipping school for being tired the next day. He ended his show at like 12:00 in the morning I guess? Back to the point, Justin needs to be present for everything that involves his career, it’s not just a “dream come true” anymore, it’s his job now.

    • You really don’t know what went wrong with beiber that day do you? A million things can happen to people each day and justin is human not a robot. He apologized for it. He might have been really sick the public doesn’t know but people are so quick to judge. How long does he have to be persecuted for the same thing over and over again? He is sorry.

      • No. Half the things that you know about Justin now, may not even be true behind closed doors. He has an image to obtain which means to keep every “controversial” thing secret so his fans don’t freak or turn against him. That’s what makes him human. He may be sorry for turning up late at one show, but multiple shows is NOT AN EXCUSE. Weather he speaks out about why this is happening then I’m going to stand by what I said. Piss off.

    • Yes, I agree with you, Lurve8Biebs. What you’re saying is true. We don’t know what’s going on behind the closed doors. He’s just human. He has things to hide in his personal life just like every one of us. He has problems just like us. So, we should not judge unless we know everything about him. We can’t judge him or his life as we don’t know what really happened.

  9. Rihanna, you called me a christian weirdo earlier WHO IN THE HECK DO YOU LIKE? You want Ivan banned and if Justin Beiber were on here you would try to get him kicked off also…………………..

  10. Bon Jovi is a peice of $hit! Justin doesen’t deserve being treated like this. I mean, yes he was late at his show. But he apologized and it wasen’t on purpose. It just makes me cry of all the hate he’s getting.

  11. I don’t need that. I’m not the 30 year old straight guy who’s obsessed with Justin and spends time reading articles about him and complaining about how he’s mistreated. Clearly I’m the only sane one here.

  12. hey guys some of these people that so called diss justin like jon bon jovi, paul mccartney they talk becasue of experience bon jovi knows this things he been around longer than bieber yes justin was late to a bunch of his concerts from london to dubai. who knows the reason but these guys like jon knows there responsibility towards the fans specilay bon jovi. justin has a responsibility fans and there parents pay there hard earn money to pay to see bieber but if he is late like 2 hours he has to give an excuse of why he was late.and take some responsibility in his life.

      • Besides that was towards the end of that leg of his tour and probably was getting sick and pretty tired. Anybody would have from June 2012 to May 2013. That is a long haul, with travel rotating from bus to jets to bus to jets. That is really hard on a person.

  13. Maybe Ivan is Justin Beiber’s cousin whose job is to play with the minds of beiber haters: believe rihanna, believe rihanna, believe….

    • Add Perez Hilton to the list of his bashers; he just came out comparing him to Linsay Lohan in a nasty way while having the nerve to say he’s a believer in an interview. Guess he can’t get in his pants so his pissed.
      I am not related to Justin; I am a big fan who appreciates his talent just as I admired Elvis and M.J.

      • Justin has won two more awards in the 2013 social star award-see justin bieber news.
        M.J., Eminem, One Direction, timberlake, Bieber and many other male artists have fans my age or older. Does that make them insane or gay?

      • I was kidding Ivan. Perez has a baby and I saw him in a pic with a very vulgar outfit on. Poor baby.

  14. Look WE DON’T REALLY KNOW WHAT caused him to be late … I can see where as the upset mothers of the young children come from it’s understandable but Bon Jovi’s comment doesn’t matter in the Belieber world ; Justin never hurts his fans ❤

  15. First of all when you’re a 30 year old straight guy and you spend so much of your time obsessing over a celebrity, and defending them in websites and writing essays about them and posting in their fansites (full off 10 year old girls) then you’re insane

    Second of all, I don’t know if I’d call you “gay” but unlike those artists you mentioned, Justin Bieber is marketed to 14 year old girl. From his merchandise to his music, everything’s obviously directed to that demographic (besides Believe). I’d understand if you’re 16 and you liked him, but you’re freaking 30 lol.

    You can at least be less vocal about your admiration for him cause it’s just embarrassing #wordsofadvice

      • Rihanna, Ivan has not done one thing on this site to show disrespect for anyone. He loves music. Music is a universal language. It speaks to us all worldwide. Everyone has their own personal taste for who they like and what music they like. Ivan is not on here to pick up girls. Some people are mad about music. Music is healing, it can be fun, it makes you want to dance, it is many things to many people. It doesn’t matter what religion you are what color of skin you have how much money you have music is healing to all. Why are you going after Ivan? Beiber has said he wants to reach all ages with his music like Michael Jackson. Don’t hate. If you have seen Ivan doing disrespect to girls then that would be a problem but he hasn’t.

  16. excuse me jon bon justin is not disrespectful even we have to kill u
    we don,t care if justin hate us
    he will never ever leave his beliebers
    so shut your mouth u big pig
    i love u justin no one will hurt u i am with u

  17. U are so obsessed with justin. I am also obsessed with justin and i can understand u but anyway we should admit he is 100% right. Cause there are a lot of beautiful and sweet girls among beliebers and justin should appreciate this . But what he is doing just disrespecting us. how u can love him while he hates beliebers.u are a girl and u should respect urself. Yes justin is a sweet boy, it isnt worth of disrespecting urself

  18. Yes we are beliebers and we love justin like a crazy. But he is offending and ignoring us beliebers. He is turning us belibers to haters. He is forgetting we are not here to stay if he doesnt treat us right. I am sorry if i am hurting smb but if we dont show him his mistakes he will end with forgetting the ground and continue ignoring us . we didnt force him to be artist this the life that he has chosen himself. But anyway i should admit i am obsessed with him. I am hating the way i love him and visit his web every day. but i think i will end with forgetting andignoring him if he continues doing this stuff.

  19. yes i am a biggest belieber so i will disrespect myself but i will never lave ma juju ok
    so u r wrong about this all
    that was only bcs of some prob ok
    just sit alone and think about it and than tell us that u r saying wrong about ma juju
    i love u justin soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

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