Justin Bieber Faces Huge Bill For Monkey Care in Germany

Mally pet monkey

Justin Bieber reportedly has a large vet bill coming his way for his pet monkey Mally, who was seized by German customs a few months ago due to lack of papers.

A spokesman for the customs department in Munich tells Billboard.com the cost of food and veterinary care for the monkey runs into thousands of dollars. If Justin does not contact the proper officials within 24 hours, Mally will be transferred to a zoo.

The customs spokesman Thomas Meister said in a statement:

If by May 17 there is nothing, then he loses ownership of the animal and it becomes the property of the Federal Republic of Germany.

  • jbbbb

    first :D

  • Jelena Forever


  • Jelena Forever


  • jbbbb


  • Tanisha

    That is mess up.Justin I think you should give them back their monkey cause they keep begging for money from you is a cute monkey but it belongs in a zoo.

    • Belieber 4 life


  • Bieber’s Shawty

    R u guys getting a prize for being first or wat?

    Btw, take da monkey back to da zoo justin..

  • Lilly

    Justin you was doing really good and normal when you had first came out now your like getting worst.You need to just chill out man.

    • nicki bieber

      U’r absolutely wrong. Justin was bestest whn he had started, he is bestest at present & will remain bestest forever… He is uber amazing.

  • Rihanna

    Good! I hope they take as much money as they can. Who does he think he is, using animals as if they’re toys? Make sure you are able to finish paper work before you ask for a pet.

    • Zoey

      You Idiot!
      The monkey was a gift to Justin, he didn’t personally buy it.

      • Rihanna

        Can’t you read? “ask for a pet”.

  • Nicki

    Justin I really want you to call so that you can get Mally back !!!! We really want you to get Mally back !!!! Mally misses you and you misses her !!! I love you

  • Zoey

    And the Germans still want money. Its so pathetic how they are trying to get money. They seem to forget that they are animal care givers not ‘let’s take as much money as we can’.

    • X

      Taking care of an animal costs money, idiot.

  • oxBelieberxo

    I think that Justin should just give up on the monkey, I know he probably doesen’t want to, but if he has to keep paying huge bills like that, that’s not good

  • beebee

    First the Germans monkey-napped Mally and now they want ransom money. This is ridiculous! Give the monkey back to daddy Beiber.

  • Mel Bieber

    Everyone wants his money now

  • bieber00

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    follow me on twitter please https://twitter.com/Whatupguy96

  • nicki bieber

    May wht Justin really wants happen!

  • bieber,s shawty forever

    ya everyone wants justin;s money yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    theyr crazy
    i love u justin sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

  • belieber4ever

    omg that is so horrible leave justin take his pet monkey mally he unleast deserves to have his monkey he loves mally
    love u JB

  • Maria Bieber

    i looooooooove u justin so so so much

  • belieberjani

    Justin I don’t think u should give the monkey back if it was a gift for u I think u should keep it.there only doing that because Ur Justin bieber and u have a.lit of money all they WANt is money

  • belieberjani

    U mean a lot of money not Lil





  • essie j

    it’s getting really stupid cuz Justin obviously wants mally to stay with the other monkeys so germany needs to stop talking about it

    • ivan

      A Bieber news site is saying he gave up on it. The German authorities have given him such a hard time about it that apparently he just gave up and agreed to have them put it in a zoo.

  • THE MRS.Bieber

    Justin you are the sexiest person on the earth

  • Jazz khan

    So bad
    too sad
    for justin