Justin Bieber Gives Up on his Pet Monkey Mally in Germany!


Justin Bieber appears to have given up on his pet monkey, which was seized by German customs officials in March.

According to Reuters, Justin has until Friday to hand in the necessary paperwork to retrieve his capuchin monkey, which was seized at Munich airport during a concert tour.

Spokesperson for the shelter caring for Mally – Judith Brettmeister said:

Bieber’s lawyers have indicated they would like to leave the monkey. From an animal rights perspective, it would have been better to do that before, as he is being kept well here but not with other members of his own species.

But it is now jumping around, learning slowly to climb and to use its tail.

I’m afraid we can’t reveal details on where Mally will be taken, as we are worried about the hype surrounding the monkey. We want to calmly integrate the animal into a group of its own species.

  • ms.jb4eve


  • !00% Belieber

    AWW the sucks i really loved that monkey everything he loves gets ruined all the time, when will they stop :(

    • !00% Belieber


  • anabiebz

    He deserves to keep his cute monkey!!! <3 Mally :,( we will miss him. </3 love ya justinnn

    • Belieber 4 life

      Tots agree with u! Mally was so cute…and they made a cute couple! Lol! But anyways Mwah…LUV u Justin!


      I agree 100%, they are so mean, i understand that the monkey has to go back to its own speacies or how ever you spell it but they need to understand that justin got that monkey to keep him company since that selena gomez dumped him. i dont like her that much anymore :( i love you justin!

    • wenderlyforeverbieber

      i agree he deserves to keep that monkey he really cares for that monkey and we love you justin bieber

  • belieberswagga

    I’m from germany. and i want malley. but in germany you cant have a monkey as a pet. and sry for my bad english


      u did rlly good with ur spelling :) and that is stupid, (no offense) but realy? they dont allow that, I HATE GERMANY! (no offense) i dont hate u i hate the contry -.-

  • believerforever

    poor mally I know Justin bieber love him

  • Nicki

    Poor Mally,but Justin really love him like he was apart of his family !! I’m sorry Justin !! Mally still miss you really bad !! We love you

  • JUSTINS Belieber

    Justin really loved Mally!!!! Love u justin an sorry

  • sam

    Shame on you Justin. That monkey is a live living creature. Shame on you .You took the responsibility and care forthat monkey, and this is what you do….

    • ivan

      Shame should go to the German Authorities that made it difficult for him to get it back. They practically wanted to extort thousands of dollars from him to get it back-she was a gift from a friend who apparently did not provide the proper papers the German’s wanted. Robert Downey Jr just defended him on this.

      • JaylaBieber

        He should’ve known he needed papers in the first place.


        @JaylaBieber, he never knew that he needed papers!! duhhhh! god give him a break

      • JaylaBieber

        I’m sorry but can you not read? I just said that he should’ve known he needed papers. Your comment doesn’t even make f*cking sense.

    • wenderlyforeverbieber

      you dont stay shame on justin he really love that monkey and you dont even care your not even a bieber fan sooooooooooooooooo get off bieber zone and justin is give that monkey love and care for that monkey

      • wenderlybieber forever

        i would backoff becuse i am a six grader

    • hello kitty

      wow….wow… ummm u r not just goin to come on jbs fansite and discourage him!!!!!!

  • JaylaBieber

    I don’t even understand why he bothers with pets. They always have to be given away in the end so what’s the point? I am sad about Mally. She was cute. :3

    • JaylaBieber

      *Gah, HE.

    • ivan

      I love pets too and it’s a shame all this happened. I hope he learned from this to have proper papers in his hand before traveling with a pet overseas. Mally was adorable but would have been hard to control later.

  • DonnaAdriana

    Justin Bieber is an amazing person and no one will ever be like him!!! He is not like anyone ever, and I know He will be around for a very long time!!!!! We will be in Brooklyn with no tickets and I know we will get in to the show!!! That’s the power of Steve Brawn!!!
    You guys Rock and Im a lot older than most his fans!!! My daughter is 3 and we listen to him everyday!!!!

  • DonnaAdriana

    Also, I just wanted to personally thank Justin Bieber for personally videoing me and my daughter on film! Also for holding my hand on January 19th in Greensboro NC. I’m from NY
    and I’m trying to go to more shows. Next one is Brooklyn and I know I will get in with my little girl even if we have to camp out.. Just remember….. JB is one of the hardest working people in the world, 12 hour days and Touring the world at 19? Amazing, and I will never stop listening to him!!!!!!!!

  • DonnaAdriana

    Justin you have changed my life!!!!

  • Team Justin Bieber (✔)

    Aw :(

  • giovanni

    “what do you think we need to do to more to interest kids in space?”
    reply” Get a popular; roCK STAR

    to sing his songs thAT TEENS KNOW in space to the whole world ar the same time”

    to me this, JUSTIN is you
    Think of the chance to go to space for nothing>BUT think of the training you would have to do.Maybe your managers could look into it
    I wonder if it could be pulled off>I wait to see

    pop star singer to sing his songs from space to the entire world at the same time

  • beebee

    Mally was a adorable creature. She would be easy to handle as a baby but she really should be with others like her. The German government put Justin between a rock and a hard place. The situation wasn’t easily won, it was a sticky situation. The baby was too young to be away from it’s mom and Justin looked like a animal abuser when the monkey was actually a gift to him.She is really adorable who wouldn’t want her as a pet.

  • roxy&jb

    i was going to get a monkey just like that omg we love the same monkeys i lov you justin and mally.

  • bieber00

    love it
    follow me on twitter please

  • nicki bieber

    Whatever my justin really loves is taken away from him. This is 2 much. Mally was 2 cute. I really liked her. Jb don’t be upset plz :( I start crying when i come to know dat u’r sad ;,(

  • essie j

    mally needs to be with the other monkeys

  • bieber,s shawty forever

    AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW ma juju so sad
    i am so sad
    so sad
    i love u i love u i love u justin so so so so so so so so so so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh



  • Maria Bieber

    i know justin that u love mally so so so much and im soooooooo sad but dont worry we r with u we loooooooooooove u so much ur not alone :D

  • janet charris

    woohh…¡¡ niceee justin likeee

  • janet charris belieber

    me encantas eres super .. and is so prettys sweet lovee justinn biieberr niceee ♥♥♥♥♥ :) :*

  • belieberjani

    His monkey is so adorable

    • wenderly bieber forever

      mally he is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute and sweet and adorable we love you justin dont be sad we love you very much

  • belieberjani

    His monkey is so cute I wish I can have him

  • belieber4ever

    OMG they are so horrible justin can not have any thing that makes him happy because people always take it away from him justin really loves animals so do i TWINS LOL but they cant take away his monkey that would make him even bader because it was selna leaving him and now his hamster died and now taking his monkey away that is to much.
    but one thing they will not take away from him will be his family friends crew and his TRUE beliebers (becuase he has loads)
    love u JB

  • farah

    they were so cute together …
    i love maly

  • hello kitty

    anyone want 2 chat

    • Mel Bieber

      Ill chat with ya @hello kitty

      Omb first selena then Pac and now Mally. awwwwwwwww im my baby juju is :( Juju plz stay strong baby. We love ya.
      I guess now its hard to see Justin :) with all the bad things happening. :(

  • rafael

    vc poder fácil aprender libras mãos certo mundo surdos