Justin Bieber Gives Up on his Pet Monkey Mally in Germany!


Justin Bieber appears to have given up on his pet monkey, which was seized by German customs officials in March.

According to Reuters, Justin has until Friday to hand in the necessary paperwork to retrieve his capuchin monkey, which was seized at Munich airport during a concert tour.

Spokesperson for the shelter caring for Mally – Judith Brettmeister said:

Bieber’s lawyers have indicated they would like to leave the monkey. From an animal rights perspective, it would have been better to do that before, as he is being kept well here but not with other members of his own species.

But it is now jumping around, learning slowly to climb and to use its tail.

I’m afraid we can’t reveal details on where Mally will be taken, as we are worried about the hype surrounding the monkey. We want to calmly integrate the animal into a group of its own species.

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