Justin Bieber Requires Guests to Sign Liability Before Entering His House, Violation Results in $5M Lawsuit

Justin Bieber guest document

Justin Bieber is requiring party guests to his $6.5 million house in Calabasas, CA. to sign liability waiver and release forms before entering the mansion – reports TMZ.

The document indicates that if anyone posts information about the “physical health, or the philosophical, spiritual or other views or characteristics” of Justin or his guests online, including Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, they should expect a lawsuit.

The form also says that there may be activities occurring at the home which may be “potentially hazardous and you should not participate unless you are medically able and properly trained” and that you run the risk of suffering “minor injuries to catastrophic injuries, including death.”

If you violate any of the rules in the form and share what happens at Justin’s house, he can sue for up to $5 million.

Note: This guest sign-in form is very common among high profile celebrities.

    • It seems this is speaking of sports activities or games. It says you should be medically fit for them and properly trained-this is not the language you would use if it meant using hard drugs.-a smear by TMZ again!

      • Also, other celebrities have forms like this prepared by lawyers to protect themselves if something happens to someone[such as injury due to playing some sports game-Justin has a swimming pool among other things.

    • I hope Justin invites Selena and her girls to his party. At least her girls to the party. Since most of his friends have girlfriends.

  1. Hazardous to health, and may experience injuries or death? What the hell goes on in that house? He should of thought of that sign in thing a looooong time ago… >.>

    • As I said not hard drugs but some games for which they have to be medically ok and trained. Maybe they fight lions or fierce beasts like toots. It does sound strange.

  2. It makes sense. Celebs throw huge parties all the time, and if they get hurt or “hurt” on their property I’m sure people will try to sue just to get money. I have no doubt that this is true, no moochers welcome in the Bieber home!

    • that’s absolutely true. Sometimes people get drunk and do something stupid that might get them killed. His home is huge with a pool and fun rooms so anything can happen.

  3. Btw if it is true maybe he sick of all these rumors and his some of his so call ‘friends’talking about them and something that stupid is the headline of the day

  4. what i understand by this is that if some one films,talks to the media they will be sued by millions. so le me guess if some one dies of an overdose in the house no one can say anything. but what if some one gets raped by some one giving that person extasy they have to shut up about it? god i hope this isn’t true.

  5. I’m sorry, but Justin is becoming the most self-centered person ever. What happened? At times he’ll be sweet, but at times he can be a huge douche bag. Fame has changed him, maybe not towards beliebers, but to everyone else. Don’t even bother defending him, it’s the truth.

    • X-NAY, this is common practice. If someone comes to his house drunk then leaves and gets in a car accident they could lie and say beiber gave em the booze then turn around and sue him.

      • also if he has drugs in the house people cant tell the media or gossip websites or they would get sued.

  6. Oh dear, if he’d spend this much effort on his image and music he wouldn’t end up getting booed in front of 10 million people on national TV.

  7. Okay well I don’t get it but it seems like if you going to have a party at Justin house you have to be trained first so that theirs no violence.

  8. I really am tired of the TMZ bull and their media ties. So corrupt.. Always trying to make trouble for beiber. Fans you are either going to let Justin grow up or what keep him 14 years old forever. Who controls all media? The devil himself. By everyone you are either for beiber or not. Just because there is negative press are you going to believe the negative? I’m done.

  9. what is this but
    i wanna meet u justin plzzzzzzzzzzz
    i just wanna meet u plzzzzzzzzzz
    ma juju i love u justin soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

  10. Rihanna, why are you are this site? So far you hate Justin Beiber, Ivan, beebee, and probably everyone else on this site so why are you here?

  11. i love justin beebee so yeah but u are right if u hate justin why do comment oh sorry i forgot cuz u dont have a life so thats why.
    i hope u have fun justin on that party.
    love u JB

  12. Im sorry this comment is late. So do any of you really know justins addres? I mean im down to go and sign the contract but i don’t know the exact address

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