Justin Bieber Seen Driving Lamborghini at High Speeds in Dubai

Justin Bieber Driving Lamborghini Aventador Dubai 3

Just hours after Justin was attacked on stage, he was seen in a white Lamborghini cruising down a street in Dubai at high speeds and setting off six speed cameras, reports the Sun.

An eyewitness named Nikki Jameson told The Sun newspaper:

He was travelling along the Sheikh Zayed Road where there are at least six speed cameras. Every single one flashed off as he went past.

He had a close shave with a bus and stood out like a sore thumb. A 19-year-old in a white Lamborghini is hardly discreet.

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    • awwwwwwwwwwwwww he was going in speed but he should not do this bcs its dangerous
      i am happy that he is safe
      i love u i love u i love u justin soooooooooooooooooooooooo much

    • Omg that sounds really bad!!! It’s not like anyone else has ever be caught speeding !!!! Especially teenagers!!!! I’m in shock how could he ever do this :( ~sarcasm !!!

      • I think I crashed my mom’s car twice by the time I was 19. Justin/we should not speed. He/we know that. Justin/we should remember he/we put our lives and others in jeopardy. He/we know that. Justin appears on the front page… you know what comes next.

  1. Someone remind me why this little boy can drive again? He’s just putting his own life and other lives in danger. What a douche.

  2. He actually recieved sp perm from authorities to do this ! do you think he would risk the kind of consequence it would bring otherwise????

  3. awwwwwww justin is so cute and noooooooooo he is not a douche bag he needs to get out of the paps cameras as he said the paps stalk for living.
    love u Jb

    • He’s doing what every normal kid does. He is still a little immature, but will become wiser with age. I think he has to learn to slow down. These reports make me uncomfortable because I have seen and heard what could happen if you drive fast. I wish he would let someone else drive for now-not Twist!

      • I don’t know if this report is totally accurate; it’s based on an eyewitness-how did he notice all those details? A police report would confirm it.

  4. Ok y’all are on his side .. But when one of these days he gets into a bad accident don’t start saying “he shouldn’t have been speeding” because y’all are defending him .

  5. Who gives one if he was speeding after Justin surprised me at my house he has changed my life forever …. Xxxxx

  6. How does he even still have a license with his record? You’re all clearly a bunch of dumbasses going “yolo”.

  7. I think beiber has sooo much responsibility that when he gets in a car it is his way of blowing of steam. Think about this he not only has the pressure of the tour being a success he also has the all the people that work for him relying on him for their income. His family depends on him and it just goes on and on. This has been going on since he was what 14 years old. Can anyone imagine the pressure he has? When he gets back to the CA maybe he should consider a house with acres of land so he can built a raceway so he can speed in all his fabulous autos.

    • Everyone wants him to tour in their country. They wait for him everywhere he goes. He traveled 10 hours from Dubai to Africa. I hope he takes it easy in his month’s break after thursday.
      By the way, if he does not have a backtrack to some of his songs in concerts, he won’t have a voice left-imagine performing in over 100 concerts practically non-stop.

  8. i mean he’s 19 years old so he’s living his life papz gotta let him be he’s young and enjoying his life but all in all i”m just happy he’s okay :) <3

  9. omgggg!!! i love you so much justin ur number one omg lov u biggest fan ever lol can i have ur number lol plz promise i wont tell no one lov u so much ur my future husband lol :)

  10. OMG just leave Justin alone..If the cameras were not always following him around he would not be speeding. I love you Justin Drew Bieber

  11. This is only a guess but I thought maybe Justin only really sings a few songs and the rest are recorded. I just don’t see how his voice would hold up otherwise. He really has a fantastic voice. He is so talented.

  12. I’m sick of you guys saying OMG I’m glad he’s safe.. I love you Justin, I love you. I’m a fan of Justin too, but the only thing I’m thinking is THANK GOD he didn’t kill anyone else. Having paparazzi around you is not an excuse to speed. It’s dangerous and there’s laws against it for a reason.

  13. At least he is safe>>>>!!!!!! 2 sides…..1st Its dangerous to speed but im glad nothing went wrong and 2nd the frickin paps r probably following him….SO ANNOYING THOSE PAPARAZZI

  14. C’mon he’s sometimes irritated of driving slowly when he is free of paps let him hv fun as a teenager! He is also a person which can’t hv fun cuz everything is on media!

    • Justin biebs news reports that the media made a big deal of this[surprised?]. fines will be collected from rental co; than rental company will collect it from the motorist. End of story, no big deal. One of his guards at first insulted the officer but later apologized and his apology was accepted-everything is fine.

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