Justin Bieber’s Knight Tattoo, Like it or Hate it?

Justin Bieber knight tattoo

As you all may already know, Justin has got another tattoo to add to his expanding collection – a knight on the inner side of his left arm.

Justin already has six other tattoos on his left arm: a picture of a tiger head, an owl, an X, a koi fish, the word ‘BELIEVE’ and a face of an angel – a face that fans have always linked to ON/OFF girlfriend Selena Gomez.

Do you like Justin’s new tattoo or do you think he should stop adding more tatts?

  • Mrs.Bieber

    His tattoos are getting to be a little too much :(

    • Kalani

      Guys with tats are pretty hot. Justin always look hot with Tats

    • Kalani

      He always look hot with tats. He’ll

      • Kalani

        He’ll probably get more as get older. Just like his dad.

      • Shouldn’t Hate.

        I like it I just hate that hes getting more and more… but it IS all about the music, right?

    • Kalani

      I hope Justin gets more tats. But he gets more of Selena. On his leg. But her name on it.

      • InfinityBieber

        He Looks Hot With or Without Tattoos!
        <3 ;)

    • lover 101

      Tats make him look like a sissy

    • SerbianBelieber

      He could put some on his right arm. <3

  • KattyB$

    I REALLY dont care about his tatoos . thats his choice

    • Alisha

      Ikr! He look damn hot with tattoos. Let him live his life, hes happy n thats all matter to me.

  • Heather

    I love his music and everything, but I think that the owl tattoo should be the only one he has. He really doesn’t need more tattoos.

    • Mrs.Bieber

      My favorite is his Tiger tattoo. It shows how frisky he can get. Hahaha :)

      • Kalani


    • Kalani

      He’ll get more probably. It’s not like anyone can tell him stop getting tats. He probably get more on his body in the next coming weeks or months.

      • kendiza

        I wounder what tattoo is next where he going to put on his skin and If he get’s more it’s really going to be a turn off.

      • Jsha Bieber

        I like his all tattoos :-D they all look cool.

      • Lusie

        Even if he has a hole botch you’all still going to like till he gets all covered up ?


    He is getting older. I will always support him through his decisions.

    • ivan

      Him and Harry are competing for most tattoos. Soon we might see a tattoo poll. We have polls for everything-best hair, eyes, mole, arm pits, shoes, socks and so on.

      • Samantha Luvs Justin

        Actually it’s Zayn & Harry not Justin!

    • Kalani

      I love Justin. He’s uber hot and oh my goodness he has swag.

      • Kalani

        Most guys who gets Tats are hot. Some not so much.

  • adrian

    is he sucking his thumb?

    • funny mang


  • essie j

    it’s his body not ours and we’re here for the music only :) but i like the tattoo it represents honor and loyalty

    • Justin Beiber’s Body

      That’s where you are mistaken! His body is mine!

  • Bieber’s Shawty

    ;) his body soon will be covered with tattoos, anyway I’m here for the music not his looks..

  • ErikaUCLA

    I LOVE JB. Dont get me wrong. But i think he should stop with all the tattoos. The only one i realy like on him is the Believe one. But idk, thats my opinion.

  • JB Canada

    This kid is messing up his beautiful skin! PLEASE STOP JUSTIN

    • KALANI


  • JBluver123

    I love Justin but he should really stop getting so many tattoos! If he only had like 1 or 2 that would be ok for me but 15 is way to much! :-(

  • mrs.bieber

    oh justin , you’ve a knight tattoo its really awesome ! i loved it so much, anything for justin~

  • melissa bieber

    i cant believe i’m say’in dis but these tats are soooooooo not good look’in :(

  • beebee

    No shield, but I like it.

  • Somer

    To be honest it’s his body his choices and whether you agree with the amount of Tats he has at the end of the day he’s still Justin. Tats or not he’s still a normal human living his life and doing what he loves. That’s why we love him. I love you sweetpea :) <3

  • Marley

    I’m not even going to comment. I’ve said many times before how I hate his tattoos…

    • Kalani

      Wait doesn’t his dad have a lot of tats. He’s so hot. Justin.

  • MayaDaBelieber

    I mean i love him and all but his tattoos are getting a bit too much. I think he gets it from his dad this whole body ink thing. But then again, you cant really expect so much from him. He’s still a kid

  • khloe99

    Yep….I got nothing much to say since I’ve commented on his tats already so……. I guess that’s it…

  • Evelin

    I love his tattoos they r so nice he looks so kute with them he is the best I live him so much

  • Chelsea

    I think that the tattoo of the “X” should have been his last… But honestly it’s his decision. No one can tell him “Hey, Justin! Stop getting tattoos!” Truthfully, I think he’s beautiful, but like he said his self, “it’s all about the music”

  • Gary

    I BELIEVE I’ve given up on him. I don’t care what he does or don’t do any more. I just hope he doesn’t have any Knight mares!!

  • Gary

    Also, he’s making the bed that he’ll have to sleep in!!

  • The biebs

    Hmmm im sorry i always say that im ALWAYS there for you and always SUPPORT you but baby your having to much tatoo its not good for a young boy like you baby that can bring cancer in your arm and spread in your sexy body or maybe something bad else happend to you and im sorry cause i choose “i hate it,you should STOP!….” i know your so sexy but u dont have to proove it cause we all BELIEBERS know that and pls. Baby dont cover your arms with a lot cool tatoos!

  • Carina

    My opinion is that he should stop adding on more tattoo.

  • Monica

    He is freaking hot and that is just that LOL Luv ya Justin

  • Daisy

    Hey what can I say the more tattoo that he’s going to get the more bad behavior he going to be.

  • Lusie

    Man you guys suck you’all don’t know how to vote.

  • Jasmim

    I love him and his tattos but he need to stop getting them he looks hotter with our them that’s my opinion but I will be there for him no matter what <3

  • Fine Ass Belieber

    stop justin bieber….has 6 tattoo in his arm..OMG..,. :D
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  • Kidrauls girl

    I used to really care about his tattos but its justins body and he can get as many tattos he wants its his choice

  • Kidrauls girl

    I think he looks better without so many tattos but its justins body and he can get as many tattos he wants its his choice