Justin Bieber’s Surprise Visit to Whitney Elementary School (from the Today Show) -VIDEO

Justin BIeber whitney elementary school

Justin Bieber on Today show. He returned to Whitney Elementary School to promote the Child Hunger Ends Here campaign and to celebrate the school’s principal Sherrie Gahn’s amazing efforts to help poverty-stricken students.

Justin BIeber Surprise Whitney Elementary School

This is the same school Justin played a holiday concert at in December and gifted with a $100,000 donation and $100,000 worth of toys.

“I know who I am and I know about my music. I just want to make people happy. The media can say what they want to say, but you know, I rise above it all”

Watch video:

  1. that,s great justin always loves kids and his beliebers
    awwwwwwwwwwwwww i love u justin sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    much i love u juju

  2. Justin’s shedule

    -Do something completely stupid
    -Gain attention from the press
    -Release a generic and lazy song
    -Look stupid in public with my pants down my butt while everyone laughs at me
    -Release a shitty video that will get tons of dislikes
    -Get booed somewhere
    -Go do some charity surrounded by as many cameras as possible as an attempt to make people forget how lame you are.


    • Shut up Rihanna! My Justin is amazing, he is super kind,cute, and adorable. And so shut up and if you have crap to say about justin then don’t say it on this site. I’m sorry I can’t listen to anyone saying something bad about my Justin!!! And justin I’m super proud of u!

    • wow Rihanna if u hate him so much then why r u even on here.just leave him alone,shut the fudge up,and leave this site

    • Rihanna, you are one hateful obsessed hater. Do you have anything to do in life besides trashing this kid on this site no matter what he does or says? If he wants attention from the press why does he avoid paps who report to the press? The press hardly reports anything good he does. the only big video with a large number of dislikes because haters like you go on over and over to press dislike-probably dumb school dropouts. One guy posted over 100 ugly comments-I checked.

  3. Hey thanks for all your support. It was so fun meeting all the kids and seeing the smiles on there faces. I love all of u.

    • Rihanna tell me why u hate justin soo much, u even take out ur time to just say crap bout him. Wow, u seems to have no respect for pple. But dat shows how much u love him if u can’t live without saying shit bout him.

    • Please don’t waste your energy on hatred. Do you know how bad it feels when people hate you? Try looking at the good. You can always find good in this world and you can also fine good. How do you want to spend your time?

  4. Dear Justin hi I’m a huge Belieber and I loved you and everything! You mean the universe to me! I love Jelena and I respect her. You try So hard and it makes me so proud! I’m a girl with special needs. I’m sorry I was just born with it. It’s really sad. I’m so obsessed about you.i listen to You everyday. You make me cry so hard it makes me choke because I love you so much!You are just a miracle to me
    And you are just perfect in you’re Own way. I want you to stay you because You’re Already perfect And wonderful and An angel to me! There are so many haters at my school. One time A kid Stabbed my binder with a pair of scissors because he hated you. Then there was a Picture of you and they scribbled it with marker. One time a teacher said who wants to choose our team name. I said you’re name. The whoe class was like noooooo. They said really bad stuff. Another time a another Kid poke My pencil pouche and stabbed it! I can’t bring Of any of yours to school. My teachers say its Distracting. It’s no I’m doing My Job and listening. They hate him. Justin you Are Just such a wonderful ,caring Person, perferct, amazing.I love You So much and I really hope I get to meet you. I hope you reply love you forever!

  5. Justin, you truly have a kind heart. You’re so sweet and kind to others. Words cannot describe how amazing you are. I love u so much, darling! :)

  6. awwwwww my Justin is so sweet.good job Justin keep up the good work .im very proud of u.god bless u and for doing that god is going 2 help u and your family. and I thank u for everything.your my hero and my inspiration :)I love u so much Justin u mean everything 2 me :) ~love your biggest fan Hannah <3 p.s ignore those stupid haters there just jealous cuzz they don't have what u have.i will always support u no matter what :)

  7. look how Beiber turned those jealous boos at the billboard awards into pure positive love and gave to the Vegas hungry. God Bless the givers and the peace makers. God Bless Beiber for shining the light!

  8. Hi justin I am ……….. PALVI. For the first time I am writing to u any message. It’s just that I am your secret fan like I have never told anyone about u even my best friends also.just wanna say love u more than my life. :)

    • There are people so mean that if you give much to others, they will still hate you-I have seen that not just with Justin but with others as well who give of their money and time. Talk show host Glenn Beck was cursed and insulted by some in Indiana because he offered to help by raising money for them for the tornado. This world is evil.

    • There are people so mean that if you give much to others, they will still hate you-I have seen that not just with Justin but with others as well who give of their money and time. Talk show host Glenn Beck was cursed and insulted by some in Indiana because he offered to help by raising money for them for the tornado just because he is a conservative.

  9. I think he’s a good person. I like how he stays humble to himself and is always giving back. That is the part of him that no one really notices about him, and they should. The media is always focusing on the bad things about him for people to hear, not the good. People are just saying that he’s a bad rolemodel because they don’t see the positive good stuff he does. And It’s sad.

  10. justin i may be your oldest fan. (80) in you i see a very caring kind person who isn’t the bad guy a lot of people are trying to make you out to be. just say nothing and you will then be the winner my advice to you is when people say things to make you out to be.a bad guy like the booing at billboard don’t give them the satisfaction of seeing you upset. you have a lot of folk who see the real you, like the smiths. you should pull in your horns and stop fighting back. that’s what they want you to do so they can manufacture something out of it. just stay quiet and be a nice guy. you will do more to hurt them that way. you always have my full support in any way that i can. get back with selena . you need each other.

  11. ooooohhhhhhhhh justin i reallyyyyy like u vry vry vry vry much.after getting job i will fly to canada or wherever u will that time.any how i am gonna met u.how u can hv both sweet heart and look.ur soooooo.

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