Police Investigate Justin Bieber for Reckless Driving Incident in Calabasas!


Justin Bieber is currently under police investigation for ANOTHER reckless driving incident — he allegedly driving his white Ferrari at breakneck speeds in his gated community at around 8PM last night, reports TMZ.

L.A. County Sheriff spokesman Steve Whitmore says … cops received 2 separate calls in different locations in the Calabasas community.

According to TMZ, a former NFL superstar – Keyshawn Johnson chased down Justin and tried to confront him about his dangerous driving habits — but he ran away.

Sources say SEVERAL people witnessed the speeding incident — and say Justin was definitely in the driver’s seat.


RadarOnline reports Justin wasn’t behind the wheel.

It was Tyler, The Creator not Justin Bieber — who was behind the wheel of a Ferrari that raced around the Calabasas neighborhood at high speed on Monday night.

Though the case is still being investigated, it was unlikely Bieber would face charges as he was NOT driving the white Ferrari at around 8 p.m. Monday.

“Yes, it’s Justin’s car but it was Tyler, The Creator who was the driver – not Justin,” a source said.

  1. It’s been so much more chaotic with justin and his friends. Paparazzi are being stupid. And justin is a little different.. I love justin but, I feel like he thinks he’s a total badass… And that kinda bugs me…

    • Damn boy, r u jealousy of justin coz he can make ur girlfriend scream more than u can do. Quit saying crap. Ma justin isn’t gay ok.

    • Oh shut up just tell us your just jealous of justin cause he’s very talented YOUR NOT Justin can sing like a angel YOUR NOT justin win alot of awards YOUR NOT and last but least you dont have Fans like us who always there for him FOREVER!…:b SO SHUT UP

    • Yes, he is gay. He’s happy, isn’t he? Look that up in the dictionary, the original definition of gay is happy. So he’s happy, he’s gay. Sorry, joke’s on you. Stand my ground and never back down. I’m at war with the world anyway. (Been listening to Awake and Alive by Skillet.)

  2. Omg… Justin should stop letting his friend’s use his car. Everytime when something like this happens, It’s one of them

  3. I don’t know why justin be letting people use his car when he knows they are not responsible! That’s what he gets


    • Yep Because how stupid can he be to let your friends borrow his car how many times we have to be saying this and it doesn’t matter if his friends was driving it if it’s his car he still going to be responsible for disturbing the quiet neighborhood.

    • He has to sell that house and leave that neighborhood. Some of his neighbors hate him and these friends are giving him a bad reputation. Also, See that TMZ is so anxious to destroy his career that they misreport things-the damage is done because people believe every detail without asking questions
      Note: I was a paralegal in a law office for a time.

      • well TMZ do that to everyone i hate them they say things that arnt true they change everything and turn everything around to make them look bad im a belieber and i hate it that TMZ talk shit about justin they dont know anythhing about him

  4. He needs to stop trusting his friends, coz. They’re soo damn bad. And I don’t know why he keeps giving his staff to those so called friendz? Justin plz be careful to da pple who u call ur friends, coz one day those who call ur friends they will stab ur back. Just be urself as u said to us.

    • I agree, he is being stupid hanging out too much with those guys even though they are fellow music artists. They are hurting his reputation. Remember the two times Lil Twist drove his car and got in trouble?

  5. I don’t know what to say, other than he should stop letting his friends use his car, because every time that happens, there is trouble.


  6. Justin Bieber can you pleeeeeease acting like a damn fool but I hate to say this but your fans are really starting to not like you because you are not doing the right things but I will love you no matter what and also can you pleeeeeeeease stop smoking weed and if you don’t stop you will end up in jail baby I really love you and I would love you to stop doing these things

  7. Omg im so sick of every time theirs an incident with justin his “black” friends are always the ones 2 get blamed from some so called ” source” !! Justin needs 2 own up 2 his mistakes he is not always innocent he is becoming a bad ass !!

    • Once you get the attention of the sheriff in california they are like a dog with a bone they won’t let go. The neighbors know his cars and the sheriffs do too. If I were him I’d get a garage to store my cars and buy a junker to drive to them. Just go real slow in his neighborhood. The neighbors probably have kids and they are concerned for their safety. Just drive slow in the general area of calabasas. Believe me justin has the sheriff’s attention and they have a one track mind. DRIVE SLOW and don’t let your friends drive your beautiful cars. I’ve grown up in CA I know about the sheriff.

      • There is no indication Mr. Johnson actually saw Justin drive that car, since the person went into the house before he could talk to him. This guy Tyler is of a similar built and height as Justin and just as a pap thought Justin was driving his car when it was Twist and got killed for wanting to take pics, so in this case.

    • Exactly he like getting into too much drama I have never expect he will be acting like this for a pop star singer.And this is are first time seeing a pop star getting alot trouble imagine Justin will stay the same like how he is now for years then here go’s TMZ talking about him/relationship and on and on and on ugh I hope not cause it’s a headache im just saying.

  8. What the oaks community association should do is kick his Lil asswipe out of there.
    Deport his skinny ass back to Canada!

  9. justin dont lisen to them u know that paps are stupid
    they stalk for living so dont listen to them
    love u JB

    • Y’know, saying the same thing over and over doesn’t make people listen to you. Just makes you look stupid. I think you know it too.

  10. just stop this all
    what is this
    even they say that it was not ma juju than what is your prob all of the haters
    y u all r jealous of ma juju
    what is your prob
    tell me at least respect him if u don’t like him
    u stupid haters

      • What are you? a ghetto bully who likes to picks on girls and little guys half your size? Go play with your toys and shut your fat mouth.

      • No, he’s telling a guy 3 times his size to do that because even if he wanted to do it himself, he doesn’t have the balls to. Bet I could beat this guy down to his size, but God will take care of it. Sure, I care about whoever this guy is, but he’s being a jerk. I wouldn’t bother with him. Again, God will take it out on him.

  11. no like what the heck is justin problem no justin it ok just be careful next time ok dont get hurt by any car in la ok no you are fine i know you amazing singer

  12. There now reasonible doubt he was driving Keyshawn was lying about seeing him inside the car. He first said,”that he only saw him in the drive way in the car and the next day He saw him driving the car and it during a on going investagation which that can be used against him in the court of law as evendice for the defence in this case and it because of the video.

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