South Africa thieves Steal Justin Bieber’s Concert Cash over $300,000

Justin Bieber South Africa

Justin Bieber performed at FNB Stadium in Johannesburg, South Africa, on May 12, and more than $300,000 in cash was stolen from the stadium shortly thereafter, according to TMZ.

Justin and Bon Jovi played separate shows at the venue over the weekend, and the sum of money was the amount collected from both shows. Police say thieves manage to nab the loot from a safe.

The stadium spokesperson says:

The suspect had gained entry through the roof. They broke the tile… of the bathroom between last night [Sunday] after the concert, and this morning.

In the interest of safety and security of our staff and in the light of an ongoing investigation, Big Concerts [SA promoter] will not comment further on this incident.

The stadium is reportedly on lockdown as the authorities investigate.

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