South Africa thieves Steal Justin Bieber’s Concert Cash over $300,000

Justin Bieber South Africa

Justin Bieber performed at FNB Stadium in Johannesburg, South Africa, on May 12, and more than $300,000 in cash was stolen from the stadium shortly thereafter, according to TMZ.

Justin and Bon Jovi played separate shows at the venue over the weekend, and the sum of money was the amount collected from both shows. Police say thieves manage to nab the loot from a safe.

The stadium spokesperson says:

The suspect had gained entry through the roof. They broke the tile… of the bathroom between last night [Sunday] after the concert, and this morning.

In the interest of safety and security of our staff and in the light of an ongoing investigation, Big Concerts [SA promoter] will not comment further on this incident.

The stadium is reportedly on lockdown as the authorities investigate.

  • belieberbaby8

    Give Justin back his money he worked hard for that money ugh

    • belieberbaby8

      Yay I am first

    • Mrs.Bieber

      Justin barely makes any money for a concert. I thought he would at least make 500,000-800,000. That’s why he must be adding many concert dates on his tour.

  • Bieber’s Shawty

    Damn wat a country? They have a nerve to steal ma baby’s money after working hard for it.. Urgrrrrrrrrrrrr -_- :-<

    • ivan

      I heard Justin drew about 95, 000, while Bon Jovi drew 70,000-that’s something!
      They better have better security at future concerts of money receipts. I am not sure the management can’t be sued for lax security.

      • bunnpie

        I couldn’t agree with you any less

    • Belieber 4 life

      OMB!!! I’m literally crying right now why would anyone do this to my baby. He works so hard for this stuff and people have to steal his $!!! People say they hate justin and that he sucks but in reality they r just jealous of Justin!!!

      • beebee

        I agree they are jealous of his multi-talents and 1 million other things.


        Last night in bed i was listening to my iPod and i was listening to Channel 99.9 :P and they were giving the enternainment news and they mentiond this and i started crying heavy and i new that JBZ would have that on here :) they stay right on what is going on with justin. and the theives are just dumbass squirt bitches that hate justin and wanna take his money. BELIEBER4LIFEEEE

    • wenderly bieber forever

      iam soooooooooooooooooo mad right now why would you take justin bieber money thats just sutupid and not that nice

  • iadoreshawtymane

    -_- thats so jacked up. i hope they find the people who did it!

    • ivan

      They closed the arena to investigate; I am sure they will catch the guys that did it. I hope they recover the money. It was money from both the Bon Jovi and Justin Bieber concerts.


        OMG! rlly? didnt know that.!!! omg i do like bon jovi :D my mom does to XD, im getting off track

  • #Believe In Biebah

    Get. Better. Security.

    • Kalani

      I know right. They seriously need better security and better bodyguards for Justin and Bon Jovi.

  • Alisha

    Omg! This is too much

    • Kimmy

      “Shake my head” always something.

  • JaylaBieber

    Are you serious? Someone obviously doesn’t know how to do their job correctly…

  • beebee

    I hope there is insurance coverage for loss just in case they don’t get the money back. That is a lot of money to have stolen. Ouch!


      They need to get that money back or figure out a way to get the same amount but it wont be that money because justin does use some of that money for chairity. <3 #LOVEUJUSTIN

  • RB

    CORRECTION: Justin Bieber’s concert tickets were sold out in 30 minutes back in 2012. Bon Jovi is the one that lost out!! He had unsold concert tickets, with tickets being sold that day to an attendance of 65,000.

    • x

      Who are you correcting here? Also neither lost out, because there’s this thing called Insurance.

      • rb

        Correction to the article heading! South Africa thieves steal Justin Bieber’s concert cash over #300,000!!

  • Holly

    Well then he should of put it in a safe place.


      like in a safe A BIG SAFE! XD but rlly he should AND have BETTER security, god i cant go on if they dont have better security -.-

      • JUSTINS Belieber

        hahhahaha i agree

  • just me*

    Don’t blame my country for this, as if other countries don’t have thieves. Don’t be ignorant. Just coz its Africa.

    • ivan

      He was also personally robbed of a computer in Chicago? It could happen anywhere if they don’t secure the cash. There is much crime in South African as there is here in the United States.


      we werent saying anything about ur “contry” we r just saying that the theives are just low down ass holes and dumbass squirt bitches. thats all.

    • JaylaBieber

      No one was blaming the country…

  • Belieber baby

    We r not being ingorant cause it’s Africa cause Justin shouldnt lose money he is such a nice person

  • nicki bieber

    you thief! I spit on u. Idiot! Stole away my Jb’s cash. U don’t know how much hard had he worked for it. But my Jb is already one of d richest. Jb is so good dat he won’t curse u for it, rathr ask God to bless u & teach u a lil bit of humanity.


      justin just curse at ass holes :) hes not a goody two shoes anymore, hes grown up.


        does curse*

  • crazy belieber

    I’m sry I’m out of d topic. But can anybody do me a favour? I wanna know which channel is gonna telecast live billboard awards? And apropos d topic I feel like slapping dat thief!!!

    • ivan

      I know that in New York City it is ABC at around 8:00 pm on sunday[may19]

      • crazy belieber


  • Bieber love

    It’s not Justin’s money it’s the concert venues, it has nothing to do with either artist.

    • X

      This is correct.

      • nicki bieber

        agree wth u

  • nicki bieber

    Dat thief wasn’t a belieber!!! He hurted my jb like selena! I hate d ones who hurt my justin…Jb u must now visit India. Plz don’t forget ur Indian beliebers. V indians really luv u so very much. Plz plz plz come to india for once. V won’t upset u like dat thief did.

  • crazy belieber

    Dat thief wasn’t a belieber!!! He hurted my jb like selena! I hate d ones who hurt my justin…Jb u must now visit India. Plz don’t forget ur Indian beliebers. V indians really luv u so very much. Plz plz plz come to india for once. V won’t upset u like dat thief did!

    • nicki bieber

      y did u copy mine? R u also an indian??

  • bieber,s shawty forever

    hey hey hey what is this y they stole all the money of ma juju
    they don,t care who do this and how he make the money what the hell is this
    i think he shouldn’t be going to SOUTH AFRICA
    what is this
    but justin we r with u we will never ever let u down
    i love u justin sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

    • Bieberrox

      Don’t hate on SA please I am from there and u guys thunk its our country’s fault but crime happends everywhere not just coz we africans!

      • Bieber’s Shawty

        Tell me about it? As if other country don’t have thieves or wat? Don’t blame da country blame da person who took da money.. @Bieberrox



  • BBB.Belieberxxx

    Damn thats sad people these days dont no how to do there job

  • Ambrose Belieber

    omg….I can’t believe it that unbelieber did this..am sorry man.

  • Maria Bieber

    ohhh noooooooooo its too much i feel sooooo sorry for u ma juju

  • f“k justin biebrr

    can he get any ugly than that cuz i feel like i am going to throw up any

  • essie j

    this has nothing to do with Justin wtf

  • JUSTINS Belieber

    hahaha he has plenty of money this wont hurt him a bit!!!! love u justin

  • Megan

    If I was their I would be piss and be like that’s a waist of money going to the concert.

  • belieber4ever

    why only justin do to sum other people or celebs i mean u shouldnt even do it.
    Give his money BACK
    love u JB

  • oxbelieberxo

    How dare they! Well, they better find out who did that

  • Nicki

    I hate thieves !! I can’t believe that who ever did that is really desperate of something !! They shouldn’t never had did that !! I hope they go to jail when they find out who did this :( I’m really sorry Justin

  • JBboy

    It wasn’t Justin’s money so stop worrying. It was the stadium’s money from food and drink sales from the Bon Jovi and JB shows. JB’s tickets were sold online in Dec 12. There was no cash involved so nobody stole his ticket money. He might just be due some of the merchandise sales but again there is insurance.

    • JBboy

      Also do the math people – there were 90,000 people there and the ticket prices were from roughly $50 to $100. So that ranges somewhere between $5m – $9m which is way more than the $300k of food and drink money.

  • Naz

    You guys – relax. JB’s tickets were all sold out in Dec 2012 already. The cash that was stolen was from sales at the stadium ie merchandise, food vendors etc. It’s not money that actually belonged to him