Usher and Justin Bieber Sued for $10 Million for Copying “Somebody to Love”

Justin Bieber Usher

Usher, Justin Bieber and song co-producers have been sued for allegedly copying their hit song, “Somebody to Love”, reports ABCnews.

Devin Copeland “De Rico” and Mareio Overton claim they composed and produced an original music composition titled, “Somebody to Love” in 2008. In March 2008, Devin claims he recorded the song on his album “My Story II” and was issued a copyright registration number by the U.S. Copyright Office on Oct. 2, 2008.

According to ABC, they are suing for at least $10 million in for copyright infringement, contributory infringement, and vicarious infringement.

UPDATE: Justin won the lawsuit!

  • JBloverrr

    why does everyone want to sue Justin?

    • Jodie810

      Wowwwwhhh well they waited long enough !!! So sue justin for a song that was out ages ago!!! .. They they must be in debt !!!!

      • wenderlybieber forever

        why are you sueing justin bieber was the one who mand someboby to love thats just soooooooooooo stupid

    • Belieber 4 life

      OMB!!! Just leave Justin alone! He didn’t do it on purpose. And why would anyone sue Justin after 5 years after the song released??? I LUV u Justin…just try to ignore them.

      • lover101

        yep ts is rediculus!!

    • justinlover

      maybe cuz he copyed the song ??? is that true ??? did he copy the song ……..actually i heard a song on the radio, its one of Justin’s but some other ppl were singing it (it wasnt a remix) …….. luv you Justin


    Bullshit! Leave Justin Alone!!!!!

  • Belieber

    urgh wtf they want !! why don’t they just leave justin !!!

  • belieber4ever

    i agree i dont believe that justin did do that specialy usher but only him and god knows but any way if he did that which i believe he did not true beliebers will not judge him.
    love u JB

    • aneka

      I agree girl

      • Yoon Leဲt Paing

        me tooooooo

  • daughterofLordRauhl

    Well, this website is just a little slow. I heard about this at least 3 days ago. But in my opinion, these people are angry that the song got so successful under Justin and Usher and now they want part of the money. It’s the money-loving world we live in. If this song wasn’t successful, we would have heard nothing about this.

    • Mrs.Bieber

      At least there is a website. This is the best Justin Bieber website out there. Even way better than his membership one that costs money. These people are so nice to update us mostly everyday….Have a little respect. The people running this should at least take a break once in a while; they don’t have to update it every day. I don’t think you realize how hard and how long it takes to update this. They have to add pictures, their perspective, tour dates, edit which can take up to an hour-2 etc. Think first :(

      • daughterofLordRauhl

        Not trying to be rude- just saying the truth.

    • justin.adele


      yes u have right i heard it so long ago
      this song is so succes and we never need to do that
      in 2008 this song was in top billboard chart
      dont believe everything guys

  • daughterofLordRauhl

    Now, I have to tell you something that’s kind of important. Being 100% honest, I’m one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Shocker? Yeah, I know. Let me tell you something, for a while I just tried to be like everyone else. But I’m not. I’m me. I don’t curse and I don’t argue with anyone, regardless of how they treat me or the people I love. OK, why am I telling you? Well, it’s gonna affect the way I act on here now. I’m not gonna argue with haters like I used to, no matter how much hate comes forth from them. So when I don’t say anything (unless it’s jokingly), don’t be surprised. Another thing- I’m not gonna make excuses for Justin anymore. Do I love him? Yeah, I love everybody, including people I don’t nessecarily care for, and I like him. But it’s because I love him that I’m not making excuses for him anymore. I hope the best for him, but I just can’t keep rationalizing for him. Sorry. I’ll still talk to you, answer any questions you have for me and I’ll defend Justin wherever I can. But no more drama. OK, I think I’m done with all that. TURBO-TASTIC TO YOU!

    • Angelina

      Cool story Bro

    • sarahhhh

      was that really worth all that time reading this … nope

    • Swagalicious

      um what’s a Jehovah’s Witnesses? and u sorta wasted my time reading that

    • daughterofLordRauhl

      Well, thank you for reading it anyway. It’s important to me. The reason I wrote all that was because I didn’t want to start being labeled “hater” when I stopped doing what I normally do. Sorry you feel that I wasted your time. And to @Swagalicious, one of Jehovah’s Witnesses is my religion in which I believe that Jehovah is God, Jesus is His son and He has a future in store for us. It’s a way of life, really.

  • bieber,s shawty forever

    but i can,t say anything about this just leave ma juju alone
    just this
    i love u i love u i love u justin soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

    • Belieberbaby8

      awww so cute you named him juju i name him just just

      • bieber,s shawty forever

        ya we all beliebers named him juju is it nyc or not
        i love that name
        n my juju too sooooooooooooooooooo much
        he is mine only
        i love u i love u i love u justin soooooooooooooooo much

  • nandra

    They are jealous to Justin . . They nOthing. .

    Justin is everything . .

    • ivan

      Cases like this are 50-50. They waited this long to sue? They probably see all that money his making and they need some of it.
      to Daughter of Rauhl: Some in my family are Jehovah’s witnesses also-they are great honest people who also receive hate from those who misunderstand them-as Justin does.

      • daughterofLordRauhl

        Thank you for that. I just- I don’t know, I guess that I was afraid of what other people thought of me at the time. But I’ve realized these past couple of weeks who I am, and I’m trying to get back on track. I suppose that was another reason I was drawn to Justin in the first place, I believed and I still believe he’s misunderstood too many times. I don’t know if you’re going to read this, but just out of curiosity, have you ever listened to some things that your family has said? It’s not required that to be answered, I was just wondering.

      • Bieber’s Shawty

        @ivan liked ur comment bro

  • Belieberbaby8

    how do you sue someone for what they did 2 year ago well that person is so late i mean really leave Justin alone you no life loser i love you justin

  • Belieber baby

    Justin’s somebody to love is better then all of their’s love u jb

  • Monica

    They waited this long to sue when the song was released in 2010 ugh people just want to create drama for Justin.

  • Maria Bieber

    they are jealous
    love u jb sooooooooooooooooooooooo much

    • KADEN


  • Nare Bieber


    • believerforever

      no one care what you are saying

  • ashlynn

    such bull shit

  • X

    Couldn’t you of posted a link to their version of the song?

  • roxy&jb

    leave jb alone or eles i will hurt someone really dead seriosly bad.hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahh jk i love you all expect for jason love u jb and beilbers <3 <3 <3 XOXO

  • starlight

    this fake i checked everything and that dude never made a song called somebody to love

  • starlight

    *this is*

  • Nicki

    Wow ,they waited a long time just to say that.That’s not right.They waited a bad period of time to do that because the song was release a long time from here.People always want to have some drama to say about him.


    This is f*cking bullsh*t! Do they kno how many celebrities have the same song title?? That song been out like 4 years ago! When are they doing this now? All they want is his money cause they’re just a bunch of stupid assholes!

    • ivan

      maybe they should just get a dollar for carfare.
      to DaughterOfLordRauhl: i got mags and books which i find great-i’ve learned a lot from them. My aunt took me to their meeting place. I like to read a lot and also love music-every type.

  • swaggy123

    wow. this is dumb. they r they getting sued? so may artists have the same title of a song. he didn’t copy their lyrics. the song just has the same title. justin shouldn’t be getting sued anything. :D

  • Rihanna

    We already knew he stole songwriting credits, ideas etc so this is no surprise.

    • Rihanna

      btw this happens to everyone who doesn’t write their songs, so it’s not like Bieber alone. Plus Bieber is just a label puppet, so I doubt he had anything to do with this case. Usher however…

  • Paxi bieber

    That is 100% BS….. Y cant they leave him aloooone!

  • Belieber 4 life

    OMB!!! Just leave Justin alone! He didn’t do it on purpose. And why would anyone sue Justin after 5 years after the song released??? I LUV u Justin…just try to ignore them.

  • JaylaBieber

    Sounds like someone’s mad that the only searchable results for Somebody To Love leads to Justin. I listened to the guy’s song and his song is nothing like Justin’s. If he’s mad because it’s the same title, he needs to get tf over it. This was 5 damn years ago. “De Rico” can have a movie theater of seats.

  • JUSTINS Belieber

    Im just gonna say… I hope it’s not true

  • jojo

    stupid everyone does dis and never get sued their just jealous cause he sings it better.

  • Lilie

    This is BULLSHIT

  • roxy&jb

    when is jb going to video chat us omg

  • roxy&jb

    someone tell or im going to cry