Asher Roth – Actin Up (Ft. Justin Bieber & Chris Brown) + Lyrics VIDEO

[Justin Bieber]
19 year old and I gotta act up
Cause im so so fly, yeah i’m so fly
And I don’t know why, really know I, go so wow, till the bass goes oh my
Oh i, I gotta slow it down
Yeah im on the loose, and I wont stop now
Cause I go so loud, and I go so wow
So better watch out cause i’m so ahhhh
I’m on some Risky Business
I like women and French kisses
Mama told me do the dishes but im here catching fishes
Cause i’m still young and acting up
Girls on my mind, so I still mack up
They see the money, see the money, rack up, till the walls dark queen, cause im stacking up

Get your chains up, hands up, I dont really give a fu*k
They say I aint old enough but i’ll be on it acting up
Acting, acting up, acting, acting up
They say I aint old enough but i’ll be on it acting up

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