Asher Roth – Actin Up (Ft. Justin Bieber & Chris Brown) + Lyrics VIDEO

[Justin Bieber]
19 year old and I gotta act up
Cause im so so fly, yeah i’m so fly
And I don’t know why, really know I, go so wow, till the bass goes oh my
Oh i, I gotta slow it down
Yeah im on the loose, and I wont stop now
Cause I go so loud, and I go so wow
So better watch out cause i’m so ahhhh
I’m on some Risky Business
I like women and French kisses
Mama told me do the dishes but im here catching fishes
Cause i’m still young and acting up
Girls on my mind, so I still mack up
They see the money, see the money, rack up, till the walls dark queen, cause im stacking up

Get your chains up, hands up, I dont really give a fu*k
They say I aint old enough but i’ll be on it acting up
Acting, acting up, acting, acting up
They say I aint old enough but i’ll be on it acting up

    • i love you justin and i also love your songs that you right i always here them and i am your bigist fan in the whole world im 10 and i live in Rich filde and i never went to one of your concerts and one day i hope i get to hear you sing and for you to bring me up stage with you .
      love MELISSA

      • Justin bieber I love your songs so much I wish I can to one of your concerts but I’m in Washington state but I’m not sure i love you so much I’m your #1 fan ever love you and my house is mission hills and its 165 private road love u

        Love Valentina

        9 years old

  1. OMG so many bad words What will my parents say when they will listen to that song OMG so worried !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • @victoria IKR! I’m not listening to it.Our parents don’t let us do stuff because they love us and want to protect us.I know it’s hard,but we should be grateful about it,that we have parents that care. :) #GodLovesYou :)

  2. I don’t like it at all I think him rapping isn’t good especially when he sayys I don’t give a f*ck hes going down hill I am dissapointed in him

      • @zoey YOU grow up!!!!! @Idntlike is right! We should be upset with him! Sweet Justin has turned into a punk.I still love him but seriously,does he even care about how he’s making Jesus feel? That hurts.

    • guys he is 19 let him live a little. gosh. we’re just going to have to face the fact that he’s not going to be that adorable little 16 year old forever. but he still is hot;)

    • He didn’t even say the word….. Plus, it’s not his song. He’s 19… him cussing should be the least of your worries

    • @I dnt like I totaly agree I fell as if hes been diffrent and full of him self. I want the old hummble justin back. Yah people grow up but hes not doing a very good job. Disappointed. :(

      • indeed….glad some of his fans are seeing it, too…..Justin is transforming into a Caucasian version of Usher…..I’m sure he would deny this, but it would be a lie….Justin has forgotten (temporarily hopefully) Who created him and Who gave him the talent he possesses….he certainly didn’t create his own abilities, God caused him to be born that way…it saddens me so much that certain artists seem to believe that they own themselves….NONE of us own ourselves as we did not create ourselves….GOD is the Creator, and the sooner JB recognizes, the better! Don’t forget….what God GIVES He can also TAKE AWAY!

    • Susie i agree.That is what i been trying to say.

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  3. He does not need to curse, but he is not going to sing Menudo type songs forever either. This represents a more popular type of music that attracts teens today. It’s more edgy with a contemporary beat.

  4. A long time ago he said he would never swear in his songs. He stuck to it. Every part swears except him. He’s a good kid

  5. Guys.It happened. It HAPPENED. OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yep…Justin Drew Bieber DROPPED AN F BOMB IN HIS SONG. I still love him and support him,but I’m VERY upset.WHAT happened to him?!!!!! Poor Pattie. :( :( :(

  6. Alright, alright. This song might not even get released on iTunes. You know, Justin recorded a song before called “When I’m 18″ (I believe that’s what it was called) and he said I don’t give a f*ck in that, too. I read about this in the Rolling Stones magazine last year. I think I made my point. I’m not thrilled about it, but it happened.

  7. It’s the same word he used toward that pap in London and the only cursed word I have ever heard him use-I believe he’s just singing what was written for him. It’s no big deal.

  8. Loving the song song especially Justin biebers part. But I agree with most of you guys he is going down hill he’s changing alot and it’s not a good thing either :( we all as Beliebers should be disappointed in him

    • Yep. I don’t care about the cussing but what about his younger fans. I don’t know it just keeps going down Denver the beganing of the year and that’s how it is it happens to big stars like him. He will just keep going till he hits rock bottom but its his choice or he wants to get back up ,start over, learn from his mistake, and make sure he never goes there again. Hes will loose a lot of fans bit our job as believers is to be his support and be mad but stay anyways. I’m here if he needs me.

  9. Acting up, I be actin up
    I say, we say, Justin be old enough
    Old enough to stop actin tough
    He be rich, he be famous, he be wearing the Jesus necklace
    He be in the news, more bad than good, womanizing and driving reckless
    Oh Justin, don’t you know that that be a shame for the people like you without the diamond chains?
    Christ doesn’t have money on His mind, here’s a remind, that Christ doesn’t care about each sick rhyme
    He desires your heart, tongue and mind and to be a gentleman to those haters word crime
    Fellow blood bought Christian, here I stand
    Just loving you brother and suggesting the time you be a Godly man
    To be a worldwide example of the Christ you say you’re saved by
    And that you can live a more fulfilled life of truth when your words mimic where your heart lies

    #Christisthepoeticgenius #Hemadeyou

  10. I luv jaybe & his songs but Jb has said he would never use swear words in his songs but jb is enmeshed with asher in this song which includes words like fu*k.

  11. I just hate it justin is a young adult I get it but he still has young fans I mean what will 12 year olds think about it but am still a belieber but this song was a mistake

  12. I giggled when he said fu*k lol this song is amaaazziiinnggg especially justins parttt i love how he sings the chorus instead of rapping it

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