Justin Bieber Adds Australia, Asia & South American Believe Tour Dates!


Justin Bieber has announced the dates for the Asian, Australian, and South American leg of his Believe world tour!

Check it out! Is Justin coming to your town?
September 23, 2013 – Singapore, Singtel Singapore Formula 1
September 26, 2013 – Bangkok Thailand Challenger Hall
September 29, 2013 – Beijing China Mastercard Center
October 02, 2013 – Dalian Dalian Arena
October 05, 2013 – Shanghai Mercedes-Benz Arena
October 07, 2013 – Saitama City Saitama Super Arena
October 10, 2013 – Seoul Gymnastic Gymnasium
October 12, 2013 – Macao Venetian
October 19, 2013 – San Juan, Puerto Rico Coliseo de Puerto Rico
October 22, 2013 – Dominican Republic Quisqueya Stadium
October 24, 2013 – Panama Figoli
October 25, 2013 – Guatemala Estadio Progresso
October 29, 2013 – Colombia Estadio El Campin
October 31, 2013 – Quito, Ecuador Atahualpa Stadium
November 02, 2013 – Sao Paulo, Brazil Anhembi Stadium
November 03, 2013 – Rio, Brazil Apoteose
November 06, 2013 – Asuncion, Paraguay Jockey Club
November 08, 2013 – Cordoba, Argentina Mario Kempes Stadium
November 09, 2013 – Buenos Aires, Argentina River Plate Stadium
November 12, 2013 – Santiago, Chile Nacional Stadium
November 18, 2013 – Mexico City, MX Foro Sol
November 19, 2013 – Mexico City, MX Foro Sol
November 23, 2013 – Auckland, AUS Vector Arena
November 24, 2013 – Auckland, AUS Vector Arena
November 27, 2013 – Brisbane, Australia Brisbane Entertainment Centre
November 29, 2013 – Sydney, Australia Allphones Arena
November 30, 2013 – Sydney, Australia Allphones Arena
December 02, 2013 – Melbourne, Australia Rod Laver Arena
December 03, 2013 – Melbourne, Australia Rod Laver Arena
December 05, 2013 – Adelaide, Australia Adelaide Entertainment Centre
December 08, 2013 – Perth, Australia Perth Arena

Full tour dates

99 thoughts on “Justin Bieber Adds Australia, Asia & South American Believe Tour Dates!

    1. BelieberForever

      Yes Me too :((((((( ! Really Sad ! and reading this again and again :(( …But he is not CominG to INDIA ! #UltraSAD !

      1. Niha bieber

        After reading the heading he added asia, i thought he is coming to india :( am soo sad and crying.. :'(

    2. ZebaBELIEBER

      me2. even i live in India i was sooo happy when it said that its gona b in asia as well but of course dreams crushed….uhhhhgggggg!!! GOD ! PLZ JUSTIN UR LOVERS ARE HERE IN INDIA AS WELL!!! v r waiiiiittttiiinnnnggg!!! LOVE YA LOADS I HAVE THIS 1 DREAM TO MEET U IN PERSON! i will b waiting as usual…….. =( =[ x( anywaysss LOVE U 4EVR!! <3333

  1. BelieberForeveriloveJustin!!!!!!❤❤❤❤

    Dear Justin Bieber hi I am One of your Biggest Belieber ever! I haved
    Loved You Ever Since You first Posted Your first YouTube Video!
    Then I heard One time and I cried because It was so Cute and you
    Sounded Like an angel! You Started to get more Popular I was So proud Of you! You Are just perfect and I don’t Want You To change!
    I Wanna meet you Super Super Sooo badly! Please Come To minnasota agian! Beliebers Love you Here! You are my only idol, interest .
    I’ve Always hoped that you will be the next michel Jackson. You need to be the King of Pop! You are the biggest Star on the Planet! I love with every piece Of my heart! I will never Ever ever Ever ever ever give up on being a Belieber!!!!! Beliebers Are the Best! I want you to love me and Care about Me!!!!! I cry everyday because I miss Avalanna! She’s an angel!
    You will always Be kidrhaul forever! You make I loveeeeee I love you And I will always always always always be a Belieber!!!!!!Belieber Forever!

  2. BelieberLover

    Aww I wish He come back to minnasota!:( I don’t think He care about us Beliebers In minnasota!:( I care about Him! Theres not much Justin stuff here. It’s All One direction. I’m crying!:(

  3. Moranda

    I love you and goodluck on your performance for your Beliebers Fans,Also remember to be focus don’t let anybody bring you down and I hope that girl which im not going to type her name up cause it’s every were I need a break from that name or something get to meet you.Love you xoxoxo.

    1. ivan

      There would have to be more than two Biebers to go to every country that has believers; he just can’t go everywhere. In time, my friends, in time.

  4. BelieberForeverIloveJustinBieberFever❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    I hope He Does Great which he will I just know it!!!!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤Beliebers Are going To Cry And Scream When They see Justin which We All do and So Do I. This Frustrating me when Some Beliebers Supported Justinin like 2010 And Now they are directoners. I’m Not leaving Him! Sorry I’m Not Being about 1D. I Respect them but I don’t like them. Sorry!We all Love Justin super Duper Soooooooooooooo much! He keeps Getting More Perfect everyday! Haters Screw it Haters Aren’t alllowed!
    They Have nothing better To do then Just make fun of others! It’s Awful.
    They Don’t Have to like him but they need to stop saying mean things about him! Justin and Beliebers I love you I hope you guys respond❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  5. debbieber13



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