Justin Bieber and his Team at Disneyland Resort for Rollercoaster Rides

Justin Bieber and crew Disneyland Resort 9

Justin Bieber and his 20+ crews at Disneyland Resort. The group first headed to California Adventure where they hung out in Cars Land, then went for an elevator ride on Terror of Terror.

After that, they made their way to Disneyland and went straight to Space Mountain where they held up the line & had the ride closed just for them, riding the coaster several times in a row.

Screen Shot 2013-06-10 at 9.08.43 PM

According Starfeine, no cameras were allowed at the park.

No fans were allowed to get close and anyone who tried to take a cell phone picture of the Biebs was immediately blinded as the overzealous bodyguards and Disneyland security pointed flash lights in their faces and at their cameras.

The group was using underground tunnels & the backstage area to get around the parks to avoid cameras.

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