Justin Bieber at Vegas Indoor Skydiving

Justin Bieber skydive

@justinbieber We hope you had a great time @LVIndoorSkydive Thank you for coming in!

  • Shawty

    Nice ;) but da signs they did with their fingers mmmmm

    • maddie

      Omg I miss his smile… he never smiles anymore </3
      Jelena <||3

  • belieberbaby8

    omb I hope he didn’t get hurt and had a great time

    • Kaylani

      Oh my goodness justin I so love justin .

  • kevin

    first time his pants is not falling down good job justin luv you it is good you are trying to stay out of the press nice

  • Hi

    Coool! But wait…did he get more tattoos?? or is his arm always been that covered in body ink?

  • Kendall

    HE needs to turn back into a white boy

    • ChristiAngel101

      What do you mean may I ask?

      • Kendall

        he acts black. he used to wear skater clothes. He just looked like a white boy.
        now he doesnt

      • ChristiAngel101

        …….. I guess :P :) people change sometimes he got older and grew out of it possibly ..

    • bebe

      Well hes doing a horrible job at acting black

      • Justice Drew Beebs Lover

        Arent we all glad Justin isnt predjudiced like you…..He not acting black…he acts like Teen trying to be hip and cool…BTW he is a Skater, drummer, hockey, basketball, guitar, piano, SoulfulSINGER, Trumpet and he rides dirtbikes, and he can dance his butt off you Hater…

    • Justice Drew Beebs Lover

      He is as white as can be and we love him for his Talents not his skin color You idiot…you Hater..Justins a Lover..not Hatin idiot

    • Selma123

      What happened to his left arm ??

  • ChristiAngel101

    Ookayyy…. that’s cool!!!!!.. another thing to add on to the list of something I may never do…. oh yeah I almost forgot… Never say never… okay another thing to add on to my list I Probably won’t do…that’s better :P …. BTW nice tats JB ;)

  • stw

    did he get more tattoos? look at his arm, omg does he go to get a tattoo every single day? =(

    • ChristiAngel101

      True It does look like he got more tat’s but Idk As long as he’s happy we should support him… well if your a Belieber… or you can have your opinion it’s stilkl okaii :)

  • CeeCee

    That sounds so fun hope JBhad a good time.

  • ChristiAngel101

    Lolll you Ppl see the guy in the white shirt in the back… he thinks he’s on the Low…. HAaa XD you know he was looking at JB :D :P

  • ivan

    I think that’s the same tattoo or change to his angel tattoo on his arm. Hope he is not thinking of diving from planes now. That is as scary[to me] as the space trip he’s taking. But I won’t be surprised if he parachutes from the ceiling at the concert; he’s full of surprises.

  • niyah love jb

    hope had a good time also hope didnt get hurt what is those sings fingers

  • oxBelieberxo

    I hope Justin had a good time

  • Marley

    Barely even smiles anymore….

  • Kaylani

    Justin always looks hot in anything.

  • rb

    I hope he does take up skydiving that way his haters will have to look up to him!

    • kate

      Soooo true!!!!!

  • Kaylani

    Wonder why justin and Selena broke up. I bet justin. Is amazing boyfriend. Any girl is lucky to have justin has a boyfriend.

  • JaylaBieber

    It looks like he got more tattoos or something. He didn’t really have a full sleeve until now. Or at least that’s what it looks like.

  • Fine Ass Belieber

    so perfect..have fun on your live :))
    follow me please :))

  • Melina

    Justin gets sexier every time


    i love you justin and hi


    will you go out with me justin

  • chantelle bieber

    lol love his smile man epic

  • bieber,s shawty forever

    omb i love u justin soooooooooooooooooo much
    wow justin u r looking soooooooooooooooooo hotyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    i love u justin

  • essie j

    he looks cool :)

  • Annika

    Does any one notice the arm of tattoos. I know he can do what he wants to his body, but i think he should stop cuase its gonna get worse, i dont want him having neck tattoos or face tattoos. But i willl always love him.

  • KidrauhL

    Justin Biebeeeeeeeeerrrrr , i love you so much

  • Nidhi

    what is wrong wid you man???????????