Justin Bieber BELIEVE Tour Dates – Australia and New Zealand 2013

Justin Bieber Believe Tour Australia

The Frontier Touring company has confirmed that Justin Bieber will be bringing the Believe tour to Australia and New Zealand this summer.

Australia and New Zealand BELIEVE tour dates:
November 23, 2013 Vector Arena — Auckland, New Zealand
November 24, 2013 Vector Arena — Auckland, New Zealand
November 27, 2013 Brisbane Entertainment Centre — Australia
November 29, 2013 Allphones Arena — Sydney, Australia
November 30, 2013 Allphones Arena — Sydney, Australia
December 2, 2013 Rod Laver Arena — Melbourne, Australia
December 3, 2013 Rod Laver Arena — Melbourne, Australia
December 5, 2013 Adelaide Entertainment Centre — Australia
December 8, 2013 Perth Arena — Australia

  1. Y they all r jealousing me bcs he is not coming to ma country but i mean bcs i am alone just ma juju was with me now he is not bcs he is not coming to ma country

  2. I really love Justin cause he is my every thing and I’m like really obsessed with him I love u jb never say never for ever

  3. YAAAAAAAAY ! I was waiting for this all year ! I cant wait till her comes i know for sure im going but i just want to know if there would be any competitions for like meet and greet.

  4. i wish i was in australia the first concert was here but it cost like $3000 for a seat in the stands and plus he thew up

  5. i’ am hoping that justin bieber would come back here in the philippines to have his belive tour:)
    i ‘am a big fan of him.. gogo JUju:0

  6. Jb jb jb my cutiepie my everything i luv u but the problem is i want to meet u but i could not so plz hav ur concert in INDIA, ASIA as soon as u can i luv u i luv u

  7. hi justin fool you are super lucky a billion people hate you like me and selena gomez is my bff and her secret is that she doesnt like you she likes jacob latemore

  8. omg i told selena gomez did you kiss somebody but not justin bieber she said yes i did and its someone that i really like i said who she told me jacob latemore im jasmine from your video baby and my friend wrote i hate you sorry for that i love you

  9. Hi Justin I,m jasmine from your video clip baby please ask me out again I really ❤u
    U r my. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeety pie I,m really in 2 u I,ll be the happiest girl in the whole wy world If u ask me out if u. Say yes pick me on 8 if u say no I will cry on my bed and I will not go out of my house4ever and ever and ever I will cry on bed and no get out of my 4ever because i,m in to u soooooooo much I,m not a lier just call or text me

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