Justin Bieber Boarding a Private Jet in Burbank, CA


Justin Bieber gets ready to board a private jet in Burbank. He was out at the Laugh Factory in West Hollywood on Monday night and was involved in a hit and run with a photographer, was cleared from the charges after the video footage was reviewed by the LAPD.

Justin heads out in all black attire and with heavy security, and will be continuing his tour in San Diego on June 22.

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  • Genesis Cruz

    Woah, we got a sexy man over here. Ahhhhhhh. Cant… breath… to much… sexiness.

    • Candice Jackson

      Yea i knw rite!!:()

    • unknow

      i respect justin but i am not a fan or have a crush on him i u guys like him go on youtube search briebrie215

  • beebee

    I wonder if he is headed to San Diego already?

  • liam

    yes him and all most all his whole team they are going to prepare

  • kimberly

    im not a beliber because im stupid but im a maliker sorry im a fan i like jbs song nothing like us?

  • Desss

    Why must he always look so good… dang boy

  • Kaylani

    Oh my goodness I love justin. He’s so adorable and a good guy. Wonder why Selena doesn’t like him anymore. He’s so hot. Oh my goodness one of the hottest guy ever.

    • kailey

      adorable and hot is not the word

  • Pre

    A month off and he didn’t hang out with Selena at all. SMH. Jelena is over!

    • ivan

      Perez Hilton is now saying Selena is seeing Ed Sheran based on alleged sources=if this is another false story, he would be, proven a liar and you should not trust ‘sources’.

    • Leave Him Alone

      That’s because He and Selena is over.

  • KattyB$

    ahhhhhhhhhh the gallery dose not work O_O gotta try again

  • Fatimah

    What?! From Justin Bieber to Ed Shareen?. Is the girl nuts? Who the hell makes a choice like that?!


    Juju ain’t so bright. Only rich because he
    Seduced twelve year olds. Just like obama.

    • Zoey

      You are a dumb yourself! Aint nobody Albert Einstein.
      Dumb retard do you even know who Obama is as$hole. Uneducated piece of sh*t. Beliebers are above 12 you bit*h. Mad cause you are a failure!

  • Zoey

    Can one of yall give me a call when that shitty tatoo is off his arm!

  • Zoey

    You are a dumb yourself! Aint nobody Albert Einstein.
    Dumb retard do you even know who Obama is as$hole. Uneducated piece of sh*t. Beliebers are above 12 you bit*h. Mad cause you are a failure!

  • Tia

    Someone please tell me what is the new tattoo on his arm

    • belieberbaby8

      it’s a Half Sleeve with a Castle and Waves Tattoo

  • sarina

    i love him but i hate his left hand…

  • bieber,s shawty forever

    so cute looking so sweet and hoty and sexy
    ma juju looking
    i love u justin soooooooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • mrs.swaggiebieber

    So sexy. But what is his new tattoo???

  • Mrs.Bieber

    Can anyone tell me “Did Justin Bieber get a new tattoo”?????

    • belieberbaby8

      yes he did Half Sleeve with a Castle and Waves Tattoo

    • mrs. reidy

      yes justin got a new tattoo and it is very nice on him

  • ivan

    He did something with the angel tattoo apparently adding something. Maybe it obscures the Selena Gomez looking angel. It seems it’s over between them and rumors are circulating she and Ed Sheeran were encouraged to date by Tyler Swift. We have to wait to see if it’s true.

    • Lilly

      Oh they stupid I have a feeling Selena is not going to be dating that ugly dude and Since they say that they going to be playing her song come and get it this love isn’t over yet by Justin Bieber like are you kidding me that why I don’t believe in all these stuff and Selena Gomez make me sick with her off/on BF with JB they really need to pull them self up and Just move on already their done,Im tired of their past.

      • Lilly

        And two just Because they see Selena sitting with Taylor too think that she is trying to hook up with Ed Sheeran cause they don’t see Selena sitting with Justin at the awards um I don’t believe in that,That don’t even mean anything of what they saw they always making stuff up when it isn’t true.

      • Lilly

        If he was big and famous something like those guys that Selena be dating then yea she will be dating him you know how she is but she don’t speak out about it so definitely I don’t think it’s true she will be dating Ed Sheeran.

  • Shawty

    He’s addicted to tattoos now coz he can’t now stop getting one each time.. Anyway who cares its not on ma skin.. Love him thru.. :D

  • essie j

    i can’t wait for the believe tour :)

  • JUSTINS Belieber

    Love you Justin

  • Mrs.Bieber


    • belieberbaby8

      he looks so hot and !@#$%

  • Kayla

    I live in san diego! But i didnt get tickets :(

    • belieberbaby8

      i know your going to met him one day Never Say Never right?

  • belieberbaby8

    he got a new tattoo a Half Sleeve with a Castle and Waves Tattoo

  • belieberbaby8

    i don’t care how many tats he gets just make sure it has meaning and don’t get any on your face

  • Amber

    Even Lil Twist going with him.

    • kailey

      dont make sense

  • ivan

    Ed sheeran has said the gossip sites’ story is dead wrong on his dating Gomez. This again shows that we should not accept a story about Justin or her unless it is confirmed. Gossip sites and Tabloids are often wrong and their sources are either liars or mistaken if they exist at all.

  • belieberbaby8

    I think he don’t a new tat on his left arm because he was trying to cover that stupid Selena angel.. and first of all angels don’t break hearts so Selena is not an Angel ™®©¶£¢€°•√π

  • mrs. reidy

    i like the picture of justin bieber outside

  • justin vivek

    justin,I think you will become world reachest singer soon.