Justin Bieber Demands ‘Ban on Selena Gomez Music’ at Photoshoot

justin bieber demands no selena music

An alleged list of Justin Bieber’s demands and requirements for a photoshoot have been leaked.

The apparent demands, obtained by TMZ, state that nobody can speak to Justin at the shoot, nobody ask for an autograph, and also stated that Selena Gomez music must be banned, along with several other clothes, food and drinks demands.

However, a rep for Justin told Gossip Cop that this is all “fake.”

Besides the supposed ban on Selena songs, the site says Justin also has a laundry list of food demands, which include, a large pack of Swedish Fish, Ritz Bits Peanut Butter Sandwiches, Ritz Bitz Cheese Sandwiches, and 2 large packs of Haribo cola gummies.

  1. Beliebers follow me on twitter !! I follow all back! Plsss you don’t even need to ask for a follow back. @JustinIsMyFreak

  2. even if this was real who cares..he doesn’t want to listen to selena’s music so what not a big deal..when she keeps dissing him do you want him to be all wrapped up about her

  3. all of this is fake cuz most of the time TMZ doesn’t put truthful things on there site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. ya u r right ashley that justin hate selena and her music and her everything and justin is right to ban on selena gomez music yap i am with u justin i am with u as always
    i love u i love u i love u justin sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  5. This is all lies. Everytime I hear its from TMZ I know its a lie. Tmz is just a stupid site (or whatever it is) who tells lies about celebrities. Bunch of assholes -.-

  6. TMZ is trying to ruin Justin’s reputation and what they report is repeated by dumb gossip sites and TV gossip shows. I wish one day he sues those bastards for millions of dollars. The comments on that site such as deport Justin are despicable.
    By the way, their report on Justin’s demands is completely false, phony, untrue. Don’t believe it. That’s probably the case with those pics they claimed showed Justin preparing or using a drug drink with Twist. They never mentioned it again and nobody has shown any pics-probably fake.

    • I agree we know the truth about our mazing and caring Justin, we have his back and that’s all that is important to him.

  7. @Biebers Shawty Justin does Not hate Selena!! You are A liar!! Jeezzz You ain’t a Belieber ! Justin loves Her And her music! He Even danced to love You Like a love Song! So Stop it! @ashely you are Wrong Selena’s Good For him!

  8. this is real i think and o think this good cuz selena faked liking him and she played with justins sweet heart so im not even suprised he did this always with u justin
    love u JB

  9. Now Hollywood Life is saying there is a rivalry between Justin and Austin Malone and that Malone is interested in Selena. I think they would love that since It would be great for drama for the tabloids. They also say he could take Justin’s place. I’ve heard that before with Conor maynard and Grayson Chance.

    • Pls Austin is a lot younger then Selena. Besides there friends. Austin needs a girl his own age then someone older.

  10. I. Hate. You. Beliebers! A. True. Belieber. Would. Respect. Jelena. Or. Love her! @bieber 4 ever. You. Are. A. Liar. She’s. good. For him. You ain’t. A Beileber. If. You. Love. Or. Respect. Selena. You. Are. A true Beileber. If. You. Don’t. You aren’t! I hate. You. Guys. For hating. Her! Justin loves. Her. Music. And. Loves. Her and. So does. She!

  11. Selena. Is. Angel. She. Is. A. Role. Model! Beliebers. Stop. You. Are. Hurting. My. Feelings. Stop. I. Can. Love. Her. If. I want!

    • Who fu*ken cares about your feelings. Let’s think for a moment…….NO-ONE!! Leave. You suck. Maybe if you stopped spamming no one would hate you.

      • You’re words Don’t make me sad because none of them are true. So I don’t care About what you Say about Me! I believe In myself! I will never believe in you trust me! You think I’m sad I’m not you are just a rude! Cant you just be nice to others who dont like Justin. You’re Spelling is wrong! I Really hope You leave!


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