Justin Bieber New Song #Heartbreaker Leak?

Justin Bieber heartbreaker

This is not the official #Heartbreaker single, just a fan demo.
Note: It’s Fake. Not Justin Bieber. It’s Khalil Underwood.

Listen Heartbreaker here.

  1. omg wow what a good song
    i love u sooooooooo much justin
    we are always with u justin we will never let u gooooooooo never ever please take a good road on ur life whitch i know u will
    love u JB

    • If you guys were real Beliebers you could obviously tell that was Justin’s voice. 100% sure; no doubt. And those who are saying it is “Zach Harry” singing it; it isn’t. Zach Harry just posted Justin’s song. As you can tell when you first click on it it says Justin Bieber’s new song HeartBreaker, it says it for 1 second then it quickly goes away. Also Zach harry has tons of Justin’s music videos posted, Selena Etc. So I don’t know what these other “Beliebers” that think it is not Justin are on. Think before you speak. THAT IS OBVIOUSLY JUSTIN!!!!GET IT THROUGH YOUR HEADS!!!

      • You call yourself a real Belieber?? Justin himself has said that wasn’t him. You obviously don’t know his voice too well if you think that’s Justin. It’s Khalil Underwood singing the song. So do yourself a favor and get your ears checked, and while your at it, relearn about Justin. You obviously need it since you call yourself a “real” Belieber, which apparently your not. Sorry sweetie.

      • It’s not Justin! Do you really think that’s Justin’s voice? You are not a BELIEBER if you don’t know his voice!!

    • OMW That is SOOO NOT Justin Bieber! You say you’re a belieber, but you cant even recognize his voice, you need to get your facts straight, and don’t think you can just be a belieber, its a lifestyle. And besides, can’t you read, it still SAYS, NOT JUSTIN BIEBER!!

      PLEASE don’t irritate me with all your fakeness.

      Enjoy your day

      *From a RealBelieber

  2. Guys why would you listen to this it says leaked which means Justin did put out so he doesn’t want us to hear it yet.He works so hard he least you could do is show him some respect and wait until he releases something!

  3. Don’t let your excitement confuse your ears! This is not Justin, and this isn’t the official Heartbreaker song either. Rather just a fan demo made by @zackkharry.

    talk no shit lol

    • I agree..
      and as a Belieber we should be able to know the difference..
      just listen to the rap part.. doesnt sound like justin

    • it just sound like 3rd grade English essay. he need to go deep in his vocabulary. take some college English classes. he has very hight standard to maintain. he need to come out with something high quality. good music. lyrics, vocal and song.

  4. When they mean by Official is not the video video that they wanna wanted to show us it’s just a demo to just listen to his song.

    • I Saw the pic of the guy that sang it on his site; he’s a Belieber. I wonder how he got the lyrics to the song? If they are the right lyrics.

  5. a col song i am exeted to see the clib it’s an amayzing song you are absselouttely awesom love you antil my death bye big kisssss

  6. People. Its not justin. just someone else lol
    And oh the music is good.. not bad :3 Can’t wait to hear it from JUSTIN <3

    • maybe bcuz it’s not him I like the hook not so much of the lyrics but his voice is sexy when it’s deep I’m glad this isn’t the official song not all that

  7. Wow, i love this song and justin bieber of course.. i love how his songs always relate 2 me and if it doesnt its always soo good !

  8. It sounds awesome! But I wasn’t expecting the word “shit” lolz :) but I can’t wait to the song onto my iPod <3 <3 <3 :D

  9. Idk why but this doesn’t sounds like Justin at all, and he doesn’t swear in his songs so i’m not sure that’s Justin. Still a good song though ;)

  10. Sorry to say this but I feel like im in this video getting angry, throwing his clothes and all that stuff to Justin hahahah! :D

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