Justin Bieber on his Perfume: “THE KEY will unlock a personal side of me”

The Key Justin Bieber

Justin tells PEOPLE about his new fragrance THE KEY:

The KEY will unlock a personal side of me they’ve never seen before. Bringing us closer than ever.

I always want my fragrances to send an uplifting and positive message. It’s an amazing way to connect with my fans.

He said that the imagery of the bottle represents something important to him:

The Key means a lot to me as a powerful symbol to believe, and this new fragrance is my message to my fans to always believe in their dreams.

THE KEY is more grown-up compared to Justin’s first two scents, Someday and Girlfriend. Housed in a modern white lacquer bottle featuring edgy gold hardware (and, of course, that key charm), the perfume is a fruity floral musk with notes of vanilla.

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