Justin Bieber Pool Party in Miami FL

Justin Bieber in a tanktop partying in Miami

Justin Bieber partying in Miami Beach, FL with friends. He wore a tanktop, gold watch and red ballcap as he hit up the SLS pool party and later Prime Italian.

Justin Bieber Pool Party in Miami FL 2

  • Marlene

    I love you Justin!! :D

  • Bieber’s Shawty

    Time to party..

  • Audriana

    Sexy Justin ave fun baby boy

  • cassey

    he looked casual, and enjoying himself.
    Love to see him like that :)

  • Delores

    I wish I was there.

  • Delores

    But the greatest thing about this picture is that he’s SMILING& I’m so glad he is taking time from himself. He deserves it

    • Kalani

      Hope Justin calls a special someone and they get to talk privately on the phone

  • ela bieber

    Party time..♥

  • Amilia

    I wish I was their.

  • nicki bieber

    I’m extremely happy to c jb smilingly partying & making time 4 himself. People partying with him r damn lucky! I wish I was also with him!

    • BBB.Belieberxxx

      yeah :)

  • Kara

    He has such a nice ass !!!!!

    • Kalani

      Justin is amazing and so hot. I so love Justin.

  • leahownsjb

    Enjoy your time off from tour, you desrve it!

    • Kalani

      Hope we get to see him and Alfredo And his other boys. He’s so hot.

  • cassie

    I was out at Miami Beach last night. Too bad i didn’t see him


      me too i never see him:(

  • Fine Ass Belieber

    party with justin bieber…omg…i want..i want..
    follow me on twitter please

  • brown febry patynseyn

    wow so ciut and smile

  • marie love

    i love you so so so so so much justin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ela bieber

    Lovely smile.♥♥♥my baby….

  • really now

    you guys admit it now , justin is looking very ghetto and is always wearing his pants low…it is really disgusting me now

    • mrs.bieber the first

      For get wat u think justin bieber is fine and ur just mad because your UGLY and he will never date u because thats my baby

  • belieber

    Of course he is smiling, he is finally got rid of Slutena and is free!

    • Kalani


  • Melina

    Soo happy he’s enjoying himself right now.

  • Zoey

    So jealous of those girls

  • bieber,s shawty forever

    awwwwwwwwww so sweet ma juju
    justin u r looking sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sweet and hey these girls i am jealous of them
    hey they were with justin and even they didn’t see him
    i love u i love u i love u justin sooooooooooooooooooooo much

  • Maria Bieber

    i love you so much justin

  • Noor bieber

    I hope he always be happy and he always smile

  • belieber4ever

    hoped u had loads of fun and u are smiling keep on smiling u look cute and hot with that smile u look without it but much better with it
    love u JB

  • Candice

    Happy to see a smile on his face–AND a shirt on his bod!!! Wish I were there!

  • carla

    teee amoo bello grrr :)

  • crazy belieber

    dat a$$ , OMFB <33

  • essie j

    i’m glad he’s having fun:)

  • bieberlover69

    OMGGGGGGGG justin looks soooooooooooooooooo hawt in dese pics!!!!!!! i luv ur tats on ur arm justin there super hawt!!!!! i luv u justin wate 4 me i wanna marry u!!!!!!!!!!

  • bieberswagg145

    OMGGGG justin is mine foreva he is so hawwwwt <3333333 I luv him sooooo much