Justin Bieber sued by Paparazzo for Alleged Assault in the Commons Calabasas

Justin Bieber and Paparazzi fight (May 2012)

Justin Bieber and Paparazzi fight (May 2012)

Justin Bieber has been sued by a paparazzo who claims he kicked and punched him last year at a Southern California shopping center.

A lawsuit filed Wednesday alleges Justin attacked Jose Osmin Hernandez Duran after he and ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez went to the movies at The Commons in Calabasas. 

Duran claims Justin started to leave the shopping center in his Mercedes, but got out of his car and sprinted toward him.

The pap says Justin jumped into the air from 6 to 8 feet away to deliver a martial arts-type kick to the photographer’s gut before punching him in the face.

The suit seeks unspecified damages for “severe and extreme emotional distress” and negligence.

JB’s representatives did not respond to a request for comment.

  • belieber!

    someday if i believe i will justin bieber’s OLLG !

  • Linnea

    Me to, but never say never!

  • Zoey

    #Jackie Chan

    This guy is full of it! The police investigated the claims last year and found no evidence of assualt. Including The Docter who examined the guy.

    Just another Pay-Day seeker! Dumb Retard!!

  • Sally

    Omg! a nother one that Justin got sued by a paparazzi.

    • Kaylani

      The paps are freaking idiots and ignorant.

  • belieber4ever

    leave justin alone and i agree justin did not asualt any one they just want money
    love u JB

  • Sally

    Justin looks evil their when he gets angry.

  • ivan

    Actually Justin does know some Karate moves as well as boxing. I saw a few videos of him delivering a back kick like Chuck Norris that was pretty good. He accidentally hurt one of his dancers with a back kick in a concert in 2011? which I saw in a video on you tube.
    But, this guy is obviously trying to get money by a settlement. He and his lawyer know he’s busy traveling so they feel he might settle for money

  • ivan

    They are thinking of Bringing Selena into this because she was a witness and said something to the photographer kind of apologizing for what he did[don’t know if it’s true}. Imagine that! The fuller story is in the inquisitr. This matter was thrown out before because of lack of evidence-witnesses were contraditory.

  • KattyB$

    da heck why gotta bring up the past. AND THATS A OLD PICTURE

  • Lenzie

    I bet he not going to pay him nothing either Just like the other paparazzi guy in Miami and If he don’t pay them just to get everything off his hand they going to do something about it then Justin going to be in a big mess.

    • Lenzie

      If he don’t wanna pay then oh well not my life is his life.

  • Dymond purnell

    Wow that dude is lying because if that really happened then why didn’t they sue Justin last year? They just want Justin’s money and one day they will pay for what their doing to our poor Justin.

    • Lenzie

      I also think Because this guy heard this other Paparazzi guy in Miami that want his sim card back wanna sue him so he said if he don’t give him back the sim card or else he will idk what he will do but this guy wanna sue him too so he wants to do the same thing like the other one in Miami. And then this other Paparazzi guy that I don’t know about the one when Justin hit & run over his foot he must be still in the hospital.

      • ivan

        Exactly. they are hoping to take advantage of the fact he’s to busy for a trial so he will settle for millions making them and their hungry lawyers some money. This has happened many times in the past.

  • Sally

    I don’t know who started it first because the Paparazzi went up to him snapping pictures of him and then another thing Justin bad behavior so I don’t know who is who fault and then this guy wanna sue him. I think they should just leave Justin alone and Maybe he wouldn’t be getting angry.

  • I Am Turbo

    Mmmm hmmm… Tell me, why is this getting brought up again? I thought they dismissed this last year because of lack of evidence. But it’s for “severe and extreme emotional distress” and “negligence”? Something’s just not right here. Although I believe Justin is CAPABLE of doing that, being CAPABLE and actually DOING something are two different things. And because of the lack of evidence (including after an examination by a doctor), I don’t believe this bull. This should have been over with last year.

    “Why you wanna trip on me?” – Remember who said this?

    • ivan

      I actually agree with you-this should be thrown out.

  • I Am Turbo

    Skillet’s new album is an ad on the side of the page! Awesome!

    • I Am Turbo

      Shoot…. sorry, I have this weird habit. I type it out whenever something makes me happy. When I hit “Post Comment” I was like, “Oh, crap. That’s not what I wanted to do”. So I apologize.

  • Sally

    Oh snap I just lol yo I just read online that JB monkey starts a new life in northern German zoo.

  • ivan

    The charge last year was a criminal complaint of assault and battery which could have resulted in jail or community service maybe, which was dismissed, This is a civil suit to collect money damages.

    • I Am Turbo

      It still should’ve been over with last year. I believe that money is what this whole thing is about. But hey, that’s my opinion.

      • ivan

        Money is the motive also with the other paps that are suing him. Maybe he should have decked them!

      • I Am Turbo

        I would’ve told them a few things from my favorite dirty dub. Yeah, that would be funny and humiliating at the same time. My specialty form of revenge.

  • Mrs.Bieber

    the whole time i read this i was literally laughing my ass off
    but Justin did beat his ass with his “martial arts” kick

  • Nithin Adarsh

    He should kick his ass

    • I Am Turbo

      No, he should f*cking kick his d!ck off. I’m a little less merciful. This is about money, and I hate when people make stunts for money.

  • Fine Ass Belieber
  • bieber,s shawty forever

    this is such a bad thing they don’t live without making justin irritating and anything bla bla bla
    and this is of last year so i don’ t wanna any thing from this thing so i don’t care what other say about ma juju i am with u always

  • chantelle bieber


  • JaylaBieber

    Dude needs to get the f*ck over it. It’s been a year already.

  • oxBelieberxo

    Forreal, If the people say there is no injuries whatsoever… then the pap’s are just asking for money. #Obviously