Justin Bieber’s bodyguard Hugo Hesny Accused of Threatening a Paparazzi with a Gun in Miami

Justin Bieber Black White

Justin Bieber’s bodyguard Hugo Hesny has been accused of threatening a paparazzi with a gun.

Camera enthusiast Jeffrey Binion, 56, recently filed a police report claiming Justin’s security attacked him and stole his memory card after he tried to take photos of Justin skateboarding outside the Hit Factory recording studio in Miami last Wednesday.

  1. Oh my goodness who is Hugo hesny why is he try to threatened justin bieber that is not right to treat justin like that Hugo need to respect justin he is an adult now so yea

  2. What the heck his bodyguard is accused of paparazzi with a gun why in the world he do that I don’t understand what he is doing I don’t know

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