Listen: Paparazzi 911 Call For Alleged Justin Bieber Bodyguard Attack

justin bieber paparazzi

TMZ has the 911 call that was placed by Miami paparazzo Jeffrey Binion after he was allegedly assaulted and choked by one of Justin Bieber’s bodyguards Hugo Hesny before he took his camera equipment. This happened last Wednesday outside The Hit Factory recording studio.

During the call, Binion said that two black bodyguards assaulted him and one strangled him while trying to take his camera. He says the they threatened to smash the camera but instead stole the memory card, which was worth $100.

Binion has already filed a lawsuit against Justin and one of his guards, claiming Justin set up the attack.

Listen – 911 call:

  1. Oh no!!!!!! I hope Justin’s Ok!!!!!:( My babie!! I hope he stays safe! Love you my babie I will call you!!!

  2. Poor poor poor poor poor poor Justin I’m Coming if you need Me babie!
    I hope You are Doing well sweetie! Belieber Forever! Love You sweetheart!!❤❤❤❤❤❤


  3. Justin I’m Here to protect you And Keep you Safe babie!! Im going to help you Now ok Honey! Everythingsn going to be alright right Justin? Love ya sweetheart

  4. The Paparazzis Deserved it! He needs privacy! But I do aggre Nobody Should be messin around my babie!! Leave my sweetheart,babie Justin alp

  5. isn’t it clear this pap is lying first of all he said this now he is claiming justin bieber masterminded every thing and they pulled a gun on him wow he is clearly lying for money

    • This is when it happen last week so they want us to listen to the tape of the person call 911 of what Justin did to him when Justin steal the guy memory card out from his camera.

  6. WTH!! who told the paparazzi to always roam around Justin?? He deserves privacy and he has shut up!! We know Justin! we support him! <3 okay!!

  7. skipped this up^^^^ *****He deserves privacy and has bodyguards to make sure about it! so the paps should keep their flipping mouth shut up!!****

    • the inquisitr site says there are witnesses who contradict what this guy is saying. This guy is making things up. That’s not the first time people have lied to the police. He had no injuries also. his voice sounds fine as well.

  8. yes this guy is lying he told 2 different storys and fans met justin at this time with the paps they calld the paps rude and really an asshole but justin was nice to his fans this first tape from tmz was from a fan and you can hear the paps saying ” justin please justin can i have my camera back ” and justin says ” alright alright i give you the camera back but i take the sim card ” you can hear how fans laughing no fight nothing and than this guy calld the cops and says Justin Biebers Bodyguard Attackd him and now he sued justin and the bodygard and says he attackd him with a gun and in this tape from the police NO WORD ABOUT A GUN !!! this guy is lying he told the police and the media 2 diffrent stories and witnesses says the story with the gun is not true

  9. I think jbs ok I hope the pap is ok too I don’t want to see anybody hurt :,( and yea it’s wrong for them to be hanging around ppls homes and taking pics cuz they need their privacy but maybe they don’t like their job but its the only one they could get. Not all of them are douche bags, they just want and need to support their families :( give their children something to live on I just hope everyone is ok

  10. that neighbor claiming Justin spat at him at his home may be like this guy. It is claimed he has a witness but that guy was at a distance from his house working in another house, whereas Justin has witnesses who were right there in his house who saw what happened. But I don’t trust the Sheriff who looks like he is siding against Justin.

    • At raderonline they are claiming One Direction is glad Bieber is fading because of his problems so they can go to the top. They also say young fans are leaving justin for them. This is the usual bull crap from this site that prints only negative stories on Justin.

      • Well not only for One Direction their others too that don’t bring out too much drama like The Wanted,Austin Mohane,Cody Simpsons and the rest of the guys doing perfectly but Justin im kind of worry about him I mean he seems okay when he first started out but since she you know who met him now he had change and I liked the old Justin not the new Justin what’s wrong with this kid he needs to calm down,stop letting things getting him in to trouble and just go his way but the thing is the paparazzi too always flashing on him and even on his birthday remember.

  11. This call would’ve been done if they would’ve just left him alone. I’m sure they told the paps to leave and stop but didn’t listen. My point is to just listen to what people are saying and give people privacy, and just back up and give some space to Justin and other people.

  12. I don’t know who fault is it Justin or Paparazzi??
    *The paparazzi always up on him all the time.
    *Justin have a bad behavior.
    I have no idea.

  13. Utter bull! Justin only took the guys memory card and after he took the card he gave the camera back and told him to get the “f*ck out of here.”
    No gun whatsoever!
    Paparazzi deserved that shizz.

  14. the Paparazzi deserve more than this. if i can do some thing to protacts my love justin bieber i will bit every one trying to get justin angry
    i’m so happy cuz justin bieber’s body gourds r saving him
    i love u justin

  15. i hate this what the hell
    y he is blaming ma juju
    what’s that i hate these papz
    y don’t they stop i t
    i hope justin u r ok justin i am with u ok don’t care about anything belieber army is with u justin
    i love u justin i love u justin sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

  16. omg hope he is ok :( i hate them sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo dam much omg i care so much so upset :’(

  17. some of the things people like they said are not true. Justin would never do something like that. just when he does not went you to tack pics. than not do it. I hope Justin ok

  18. this is obviously a lie, he doesn’t even sound worried or upset or shaken up.. sounds like complete bull shit again :L

  19. this is a LIE justin has some white bodyguards and he doesnt seem worried and he shouldnt off been there anyway sooooo
    ohhhhh and too much um um um um like u dont know what to say because its a lie
    bull sh** again leave justin allone.
    i will never leave u justin ever ever ever ur with me for the rest of my life
    love u JB

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