Miley Cyrus Denies Dating Justin Bieber “I’m Engaged”

Jiley - Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus denies the “Jiley” rumors. Listen:

Note: pic is photoshopped!

  • Jelena

    Yay Jelena! Finally! Shes back Jelena im first btw
    Jelena Is the Cutest couple ever In the whole entire universe!!!!!!

    • Lionna

      Their relationship is totally done I mean to say finish.Is time for Justin to find somebody else that treats him the right way not someone like Selena off/on again that is not why we are Beliebers fans we just only support for him like where in the hell this Jelena thing come from anyway.

      • Jelena

        @Lionna no Jelenas back! It’s rumor! Jelena Is the best! Quit hating Selena!

      • Lionna

        Im not hating im just my opinion. :P

      • Debbie

        I agree he needs new energy to take him to higher places, Justin is awesome he needs an awesome gal to be with who will respect him and show him love and kindness.

    • 1lesslonelygirl

      tell me about it they r te cutess couple ot their

      • raquel

        now its not a cute couple ever

    • KALANI


    • KALANI


  • Jelena

    Justin and Selena will do a duet Together

    • 1lesslonelygirl

      i think hey will they r so cute n i hate people who is hating on selena omez cuz if tht waz u guys u woudnt hate

      • raquel

        i like selena is beuatiful than Miley

    • KALANI


  • Jelena

    Selena Loves Justin! She’s a Belieber She said it!

    • Kaylani

      Yes thank you. They so belong together. Justin and Selena are so meant each other.

    • KALANI


  • sarina

    can just someone explain what is this?

  • bieber,s shawty forever

    hey guys she is saying that she is engaged so they r not like bf and gf
    so this is clear tha they r just friends
    i am in love with someone and that is justin bieber
    ma love and he is juju ma justin bieber
    i love u justin soooooooooooooooooooooooo much

    • lorrainelove BIEBER

      thery’re dating jsutin bieber and selena gomez how can miley join selena would be offened i used to be a miley fan from2006-2010 now i stopped

  • chaz

    His relationships r so secreat now…nobody really knows :)

  • G.Bieber

    Thats not true ffs they are not married -.-

  • sarina

    tnx!we all love him.we are his beliebers <3

  • Karina

    I don’t believe in this stuff is a lie which Miley trying to say is she in engaged with that other guy that was in her movie.

  • Katy

    Well , she is engaged but we all know that her angagement isn’t going well, so ..
    and besides she and Justin have had an affair. And why would they make this picture ??
    Any answers..

  • Sup

    Get over the fact that Selena don’t want Justin and Justin have tried so Mach to get her back but no so Justin and Selena are O-V-E-R

  • Bianca

    Tell me this is not true!!!!

    • Jelena

      @Bianca they are don’t listen to them Jelena still lives! She’s back!:)

  • Bianca

    Miley cyrus is a retartd

  • Niha bieber

    Yaaaay :) Am happy now..

  • Lionna

    Who cares Jelena back :P

  • Caitlin

    That clears up two rumours…miley is not dating justin and also cleared up the rumour that miley and liam broke up…listen people, they’re engaged!! so happy

  • Anna

    I been know that Justin and Miley was dating it was since 2010 before Selena met him and when they was dating I don’t think their was so much Paparazzi was around them.

    • Jelena

      Selena met Justin before Miley! She met him in 2009 ever since he’s been famous

      • Anna

        No Selena dated him since 2010 but Miley was the first when she dated Justin.

  • Anna

    :D im a good girl Justin ;)

  • Jelena

    Jelena is the Best Girl ever!!!!!!! Jelena And Justin Forever! They will Have kids!

    • Amber

      In your dreams.

  • I.

    When is it gonna stop being straight stupidity , I mean come on first the girl at Disneyland and now Miley , all those gossip sites and shows should just shut the hell up already gees … Justin doesn’t need this right now it’s just giving a negative view on him because something positive is about to happen – #heartbreaker – anyways we are all proud of what’s to come from Justin and we are all by his side ❤

    • ivan

      Right on! This shows TMZ was wrong again trying to imply they are dating by using the word flirting. Don’t trust anything they say about Justin or others unless confirmed by them or reliable people. They should just leave Justin alone already.

  • Desss

    Omg jiley shippers are the best at photo shop

  • belieberbaby8

    that pic is photo shopped AND YOU BETTER BE ENGAGED AND BETTER JUST FRIEND lol jk jk

  • Alyssa sweetie luvzjb

    Aw man, Justin Bieber and Miley would have made an awesome couple. ;) But these gossip sights need to stop starting rumors that start all kinds of drama for these poor celebrities! I personally think this rumor was started to make Justin look bad. :( They’re just really good friends, and it’s sad that people automatically assume things.

  • Noelle

    Helena is not back together they are officially done, what a you guys talking about ?

  • Justice Drew Beebs Lover

    Damn Justin is so Fine…I dont think Liam is gonna marry Miley, I do think she wants to marry him still.. I think they are working on their relationship. I think Justin is partying it up before he goes back on tour, and trying to get his mind off all the Selena drama. Doesn’t seem as if they are in the best place….I’ m hoping they work it out soon!

    • Amber

      I hope I will be very happy for Justin :D

  • niyah love jb

    omggg miley justin dont do this to be

  • Melina

    They are just friends , and that’s it. And can people (no names mentioned) stop talking about Jelena, they are over. O-V-E-R!

    • Sarah Grilli

      THANK YOU! Jelena is over and done and miley and justin are friends!

      • Miranda

        Man Justins just my age and looking so fine. Some of u guys r right Salena and Justin r over. It wasn’t right for her to go on talk shows and brag about making Justin cry. So what everyone cries but not everybody shows it. That just goes to show how sensitive and sweet Justin really is. And if Justin and miley did hook up oh well he’s a guy leave him be. She can’t help it he’s go looking.

      • Miranda

        Man Justins just my age and looking so fine. Some of u guys r right Salena and Justin r over. It wasn’t right for salena to go on talk shows and brag about making Justin cry. So what everyone cries but not everybody shows it. That just goes to show how sensitive and sweet Justin really is. And if Justin and miley did hook up oh well he’s single. Stop making such a big stink about something so small. She can’t help it he’s go looking.

      • Mel Bieber

        Both of u thank u. Stop talking about selena and jelena when their nothing to do with them.

  • Jelena

    Jelena is still together!!!! Jelena Forever they will be a true love!

    • Rue b

      Are you like 12 or something? Because it seems as though they haven’t been in the same place for weeks and they broke up in January.. I feel sorry for your childish imagination but hey they were cute but answer me this… If they were the perfect couple. Why did they break up?

    • Kaylani

      Jelena forever and always.

    • Lindia

      Yo@Jelena you really need to shut the hell up im freack’n serious right now.

  • Sabrina

    It doesn’t make any since for Justin to stick with Selena all the damn time anyways with the same crap that he have to go through with her.

  • Jelena

    Stop it!! Stop Being Rude about her! Sheesh! Jelena Forever! Come on Jelenators let’s Stop The Beliebers Form hating Selena! She’s Part Of his life And she Is The biggest Belieber! They did not Breakup that’s a lie!
    They want Time Alone! Justin And Selena are still dating! Miley shouldn’t Write A song with him it needs to be Selena Miley doesn’t Even support him! She never Has kissed him Or dated him! Never dated once! Jelena has!!!!!

    • Zoey