Paparazzi Warned Justin Bieber to Return the SIM Card, or Else!


A paparazzo identified as Gustavo Garces has lawyered up and fired off a letter to JB’s manager — demanding the immediate return of the memory card that Justin took on June 5 in Miami, reports TMZ

Gustavo also warns Justin not to tamper with the card — because there are “dire consequences” for messing with evidence.

Listen AUDIO:

Justin tells the pap:

I’m gonna give you your camera back. I’m gonna take your SIM card though.

  • mariam-bieber

    lol, love u justin xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Truth hurts

      This isn’t funny. This is theft, once again Justin or anyone else for that matter is not above the law.

      I hope this teaches Justin a very good lesson, that fame does not = immunity.

      • Darius

        yea its true that theft is something bad but would you like me to follow you everywhere and take photos of you all the day? No ! These paps are the black sheep of the journalists…I am ashamed to say that I am a future journalist!

      • Never say Never

        I hope things turn around for Justin, I adore him and wish he could slow down and focus.

      • KALANI


      • starlight

        no duh but it give the stupid ass hole pap not right to take pics of justin without his permission
        its just not fair and tmz for god sakes WHY WOULD YOU BELIEVE THEM STUPID DUMB ASS HOLES

      • alexandria vinci

        well i think its funny what justin bieber did to that stupid poprazzi they need to give justin bieber space and respect and more. i’m very happy justin bieber wasn’t hurt they made justin bieber mad and that’s not cool the poprazzi desreved it.

  • ivan

    I think bieber and his new security team did not handle this right. He could have just let him have the pics which were not of anything bad. However this guy lied about how he was treated and the lawyer would probably sue anyway if the card is returned. What if he does not have it now? Then he could pay the photographer for the card and the trouble-case close.

    • Kaylani

      I wonder why justin hired a new security team. Hope justin and his special someone get back together.

  • bieber,s shawty forever

    i think these all peoples r jealous of ma juju
    bcs they r saying about those things which r too old
    this cut for bieber ,about paris jackon ,this one now what is this all
    y don’t these all stop now plz guys give a break to ma juju y don’t u all

  • Fine Ass Belieber

    I’m gonna give you… my account twitter…then you must follow me :))

  • Observer

    The audio tape is so embarrassing. Justin sounded like a sociopath-bully; he kept saying, “I’m gonna take your sim card!” as his zombie clones kept laughing, even after the twentieth time he said it. I’m done with this shit. The fame has CLEARLY gotten to him, and any of you who defend him by claiming “the paps won’t leave him alone!” need to open your minds! The majority of these bad PR releases are HIS fault.

    I’m tired of him saying, “I’m young. I make mistakes. we grow up.”
    That’s bullshit. Some of the most wonderful, down to earth people I know are my age- fifteen- and have twice the character Justin displays.

    Grow up, Justin. Stop being a bully.

    • daughterlordrahl

      Im 15 too. Finally someone my age I’m getting sick of these 20 & 30 year olds on here.

      • Observer

        Haha I know right! It’s either 30 year olds or 10 year olds. :p

    • Niola

      But it could be his behavior that probably why the paparazzi wont leave him and Beside you don’t see none of this going on with the other pop stars guys celebrity’s Justin is the only one.

    • kate

      Why go on a site called Justin Bieber Zone if you are not a fan and just want to write hate? Makes no sence.

    • Tabitha. Morales

      like 4 reel d.a’s

  • Shawty

    Wow, ma opinion like it or not. ok I hate papz soo much and I’m not supporting them or wat but Justin should give back their damn memory card and then have some peace. N avoid himself getting in trouble…

    • Shawty

      Oops” SIM CARD”

  • Azaria

    Stealing their memory card is stealing, period. If they took pictures you don’t want them to take put out a cease and desist. And it’s an SD card, not a SIM card. SIM cards are for cell phones through T-Mobile and AT&T and a few others….

  • molly

    Justin is a public figure, if he does nt wnt his pictures taken he shuld stay inside his house!!!!! I dnt hate bieber bt he needs to start acting like 19 year old that he is nt some stupid ass hole that the fuken fame has
    gone into his head,he is rilly full of bullshit lately,i liked hm better when he acted like he still has a brain!!!!!!!

    • Zoey

      They fly over his house in helicopters and take pictures. So what he can’t live now. Fu*k You

      • Justice Drew Beebs Lover

        I know Stalkerazzi…wont let him live …they better fall back. Thats what they Get for invading his personal space. HOW IS IT LEGAL TO STALK HIM AND TAKE PICTURES WITHOUT ASKING

  • essie j

    haha this is funny i hope Justin doesnt give him his sim card back ;)

  • Mrs.Bieber

    A BAD BOY.

  • Justin

    Is down the path to becoming another teen sensation. They finally have proof that he really is a big asshole and his team can’t say “he wasn’t there” “no comment” ..well you were there and you were being a asshole. And why did he want his camera anyway? Trying to hide doing something bad outside the studio? Most likely. You fans are blind idiots

    • Observer

      AMEN. I can’t believe I used to check this website daily.

      • namiahandjustin

        If yall are on this website checking for justin then i guess yall are fans. maybe you shouldnt even come on this website at all. dumb as hell

      • Justice Drew Beebs Lover

        And you still on Here complaining about be on here lol Kick Rocks….Moron

  • 1lesslonelygirl

    i dont really care but i think tht what ever justins heart tells him to do then do it its ur opinion not anyone elses :) do the right thing justin be safe tell selena i said hi and love u!

  • ivan

    You guys as usual rely on Perez Hilton and some others for your information; they are not completely accurate. Why assume he’s trying to hide something when the pics were taken outside the club, not inside the club. Also, there is no proof a gun was pulled on this guy as Perez Hilton implies today. This is contradicted by eyewitnesses. He is the accused, the burden of proof is on the accuser in this country.

    • Lurve8Biebs

      Ugh are you serious?! No wonder he took the SIM card. Justin was most likely doing or acting out that wouldn’t be alright with his fans. Enough of the excuses about not knowing what really happened. I’m increasingly losing respect for Justin as the days go by because of all the news of him being a jerk. He needs to get his act together and stop whining when they take his picture. If you want to be left alone then stay in your god damn house or go off and take a vacation on a private island.

    • Justice Drew Beebs Lover

      I heard some Girls voice in the Background..lol…and dont you go on E! News thread …I saw of your comments on there from the JB news posts

    • Justice Drew Beebs Lover

      You on E! News commenting too…I seen a few of your posts..I liked them

  • ivan

    Yesterday Perez Hilton implied he was smoking pot in the Kenya West gathering in spite of the fact dozens of pics were taken of him in the club and none show him smoking anything. This man is a horrible gossip columnist.

    • Justice Drew Beebs Lover

      Hes a Drama King wanna be QUEEN

  • beebee

    Again I will say they should be laws to protect our entertainers. Just because people entertain us and that is how they earn their living doesn’t give the right to paps to treat them like HUNTED ANIMALS. Look at the video where the guy claims he got his leg ran over. Justin had camera lights in his face when he is trying to see to drive. The guy is out in the middle of the street shining a camera in his face in the dark PPL if you are not beliebers you need to leave this site. WE NEED LAWS TO PROTECT OUR ENTERTAINERS NOT THE HUNTERS THE PAPS.

    • Justice Drew Beebs Lover

      Yes…thats how the guy got killed…Doing Too Much, being Stalkers…they are risking their livres…I dont feel sorry for them..Idoits asking to get Hit and Ran over!

    • m l

      the people who are running Justin down should walk a mile in his shoes before complaining

  • beebee


    • Amily

      No that wasn’t the same person the guy that Justin ran over was in California this guy that said Justin need to return his sim card is in Miami.

    • Justice Drew Beebs Lover

      Ditto..begging to get hit



    • beebee

      No his tats are sleeved in.

  • Amily

    Why Justin keeping one of the Paparazzi sim card for he better give back to him or else he could go to prison or something.

  • Niola

    See this is why Rihanna pass Justin with a lot of views Because like seriously who going to listen to his songs with his bad behavior nobody no matter what if you still support for him is his behaving problems nobody not going be listening to his song the way how he is acting when he first came out he didn’t had no problems now since he change im going to change too cause of his behavior I don’t like it.

    • Zoey

      There are BILLIONS of Beliebers around the World! Not just in the States hon. And those are the people who are going to listen to the song.
      It’s only VEVO!
      Look up Bad Behaviour and compare Justin with other 19 year olds.
      You are most probably young!

    • Life

      You are absolutely right Niola. I join to all your views


      Justin Bieber ‘ s behavior is o.k ,because he has reacted in due form when he was attacked by paparazzi .

  • Alex

    Justin it’s time for you to grow up and act like a young adult. You should have known this is the price of fame before you even decided to step foot into Hollywood. You used to be that sweet kid that people adored. Now your head is so big that it has gone so far up your ass. The more you do this the more this will egg on the paps. Why can’t you be smart like Justin Timberlake or other celebs out there where they just simply ignore the paps and they get bored and move onto douche bags like YOU. Grow up Justin.

  • KattyB$

    i hope justin did not lost the sim card or broke it. cause if he did he might get the punishment. ouch!

  • KattyB$

    im scared 0_o help

  • Macy

    Justin should just ignored them and go with the flow why he need to steal the guy Sim Card what he could do with that. Justin really have anger problems.

  • Jacqueline

    I believe these people are only suing him because he is Justin Bieber. They probably think they could get something out of him. The paparazzi have just as much to blame for this incident. They think they can take pictures of anyone and think its okay but its not. Justin has every right to tell them not to and they are using his fame for an advantage to get more money.

  • niyah love jb

    that was so funny i give your sim card back

    • Amily

      That is not really funny when they say that they mean serious business and You think is funny.

  • G.Bieber

    Pff.. Its not funny if the paparazzi make pics of you the whole time.. ofc justin piss out :/ poor him

  • oxBelieberxo

    I really don’t want Justin to deal with the consequences. I think Justin should just give them the sim card back (Idk) and It’ll all be done. The pap’s should get a life and stop!

  • beebee

    There should be laws against celebrities being hunted down like wild animals to be photographed. If Justin said stop why are they allowed to continue the harassment? This should be against the law.

  • Zoey

    All these people who are “sick and tired of Justin’s behaviour”, let me tell you something he never claimed to have fallen from the sky. It’s really unfair to expect him to act the same way he did when he was 16.
    If Justin was doing something wrong the paparazzi guy would have said so instead he just wants the sim card. Yes he’s the most famous celeb in the world but he is also entiteld to privacy and not having people take his picture. Seriously, he brushes he’s teeth and it’s international news.
    I DON’T mind Justin and his ‘behaviour’. He really hasn’t done anything bad. Other pop artists have not been in the Industry as long as Justin.

    • nunya

      That is not true. There have been celebs that have been around much longer than Justin Bieber. There are plenty of child of stars out there. They don’t stoop to this immature level at his age like this!. You don’t see paps going after them! that’s because they don’t act like a bunch of immature brats and KNOW that this what happens when you become famous! he needs to learn to deal with it by ignoring them or get the F*CK out of hollywood

  • ivan

    So perfection is required of Justin, but not of other celebrities that do much worse but are not trashed in the media? Rihanna, for example has been late to concerts about a dozen times this year, Have you heard of it? No, it’s only bad if Justin does it. Most Hollywood celebrities smoke pot including Jack Nicholson, do you hear them trashed? No! Other celebrities have been stopped for speeding or having post in their cars. Do you contstantly read about it as you do with Justin? NO! He is a kid growing to maturity, learning from his mistakes-give him a break. What if he was your brother? Would you disown him? One Direction guys have smoked and drank and partied yet their fans are loyal to them. Can’t you?

    • Justice Drew Beebs Lover

      All these Grown people getting DUIs…high off Cocaine and ecstacy…..still they are Praised and loved …
      Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Ritchie Bruno Mars Miley the list goes on an on

    • nunya

      what does that have to do with Justin acting like a child by stealing stuff from the paps and so on?. And how would you know if Justin hasn’t done drugs? you don’t know that, it’s hollywood, everybody does it. In 20 years Justin will admit he “tried” something on some VH1 special. But that’s besides the point.