The Consequences of Sitting Next to Justin Bieber at an NBA game

Not Justin Bieber Girlfriend -

A South Florida girl – Haleigh Youtie is finding herself in the spotlight after sitting next to Justin Bieber at a Miami Heat game. Is she Justin’s new girlfriend? a mystery girl? No. In fact, she tried to make several conversations with Justin, but he was very short with his answers.

Haleigh tells WSVN News:

I mean, I was freaking out. I’m not like an obsessed fan, but obviously it’s Justin Bieber. I attempted to talk to him, but he wasn’t feeling it.

Everyone’s like, “You’re sitting next to Justin, you need to talk to him, you need to do something.”

He like, wasn’t letting anyone take pics of him, even by himself, so I was like, “You obviously love the cameras,” so he was like “Yeah. It was just really uncomfortable.”

Justin barely budged or cracked a smile from under his shades while watching the game. After Haleigh posted a picture of her and Justin on Instagram she said:

I check at the game, and I have 1,000 follower requests. Literally, people finding out all my info and liked. Twelve-year-old fan page girls were like, “We’re going to come beat you up,”

Literally, I was honestly scared for my life, made my parents leave the game a few minutes early, had to go on private on all my accounts.

If anyone saw for a second what was going on they’d see we didn’t even talk to each other, look at each other, and all the sudden I’m his girlfriend … I guess.

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