The Consequences of Sitting Next to Justin Bieber at an NBA game

Not Justin Bieber Girlfriend -

A South Florida girl – Haleigh Youtie is finding herself in the spotlight after sitting next to Justin Bieber at a Miami Heat game. Is she Justin’s new girlfriend? a mystery girl? No. In fact, she tried to make several conversations with Justin, but he was very short with his answers.

Haleigh tells WSVN News:

I mean, I was freaking out. I’m not like an obsessed fan, but obviously it’s Justin Bieber. I attempted to talk to him, but he wasn’t feeling it.

Everyone’s like, “You’re sitting next to Justin, you need to talk to him, you need to do something.”

He like, wasn’t letting anyone take pics of him, even by himself, so I was like, “You obviously love the cameras,” so he was like “Yeah. It was just really uncomfortable.”

Justin barely budged or cracked a smile from under his shades while watching the game. After Haleigh posted a picture of her and Justin on Instagram she said:

I check at the game, and I have 1,000 follower requests. Literally, people finding out all my info and liked. Twelve-year-old fan page girls were like, “We’re going to come beat you up,”

Literally, I was honestly scared for my life, made my parents leave the game a few minutes early, had to go on private on all my accounts.

If anyone saw for a second what was going on they’d see we didn’t even talk to each other, look at each other, and all the sudden I’m his girlfriend … I guess.

  • Amelia

    Well if that was me that see Justin because he a famous celebrity not cause we are bf and gf what the hell why they think that anyway just to spread rumors.

    • daniela

      little girls these days think they can beat anyone up just because they talk to some one they like or some shit like that its awkward when some one tell you that don’t you think I would be like look little girl just get it through your head we aint going out and we didn’t even talk at all no one single eye contact okaii so yea Justin bieber I love you take care of your self pls.

    • Kalani

      Even through Justin loves his fans. He probably didn’t want to bothered. If I was Justin. I wouldnt want to be bothered either. I mean come on. Justin is there to watch the game not sign autographs.

    • Honey

      I like him, but some of his fans are jerks:@

      • I.

        Ya she was a major jerk … Fellow Beliebers please request to follow me on Twitter @OMBtruebelieber thank u !!!! ( I follow back)



    • Eggnia

      Just that he rich pple kp on flwing hm why that wrong

  • belieber

    She is funny and very pretty. Better than Selena ,lol .

    • belieberswagga

      ooohh that poor girl. :(


      I don’t agree with you .

  • Zalena

    Aww stupid camera’s people they wont leave poor Justin Bieber alone.It probably reminds him of paparazzi.

    • ivan

      He probably thought she was a phony.

  • Julesa

    how rude she is trying to talk to him and his being disrespect not trying to talk to her just because your famous doesn’t mean your better than anybody else why is trying to be such a bad ass like seriously get your shit together because he really looks stupid

    • belieber

      I think he is a bit shy, that’s why he is not talking to her. He is not sitting comfortably. She is really pretty, I saw her other photos on the web.

      • Juleey

        i guess he was at the game, to see it, nothing else? just a bit private time for himself

    • Liena

      Well Justin famous so this is what happen when you see a celebrity and you wanna take pictures with them but I don’t think he wanna talk to her cause then they will spread rumors about him specially those people that taking pictures of him .

      • ivan

        You got it. Besides she tweeted afterwards calling him an asshole which shows she was no fan. Just wanted a pic to boast about later.

      • belieber

        Ivan, she obviously joked about it, chill.

    • Caroline

      He wasn’t talking to her because she was all up on him taking pics of him with her cell phone! And then she posted a pic of justin in her instagram calling him an asshole! That’s why she was getting a lot of hate from his fans.

      • Eggnia

        K he ant gna talk 2 u cse you all thnkìng u hot bt he ant lking for that

    • nicolee

      aww girl he just doesnt want to talk he went there to enjooy the game not talk to some random girl like come on and stfu u dumb ass hater -.-

    • bieber girl

      I totally agree with you I loove justin but he starting to be a bad boy and seems like he doesn’t care about his fans like he wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for his fans

  • Karina

    She don’t look like she is 12 she looks 14.

    • Kalani

      Justin probably Wanted to be left alone. Justin is a very private. Im guessing meet and greet he’ll sign autographs and take pictures. He probably was shy and didnt want to be bothered. After all he’s well known and of course a-lister. Seriously he’s still human.

    • Sofia

      Lo amo , ojala poder ir a verlo …

  • Biggest belieber

    Are they boyfriend and girlfriend?

    • Karina

      No she is 12 years old.

  • belieber

    She is 17. Her facebook is HayThereDelilah. She posted a funny photo with Justin on it, he is creeping on her texts, lol

  • Marley

    She seems harmless anyways. I don’t understand why so many fans lose their sh*t. This is one of the reasons why I wouldn’t want to meet Justin in these kind of scenarios.

    • Madia

      I know right is like meeting Justin is to make people talk their sh*t about this girl and then those haters will start hat’n for no damn reason,And like supposed im the pretty girl which their is one out there that treats Justin right,and I don’t wanna make the fans upset which im not that Selena some of them will probably hate me and Just wanna stick up for Jelena as usual which I don’t like specially Selena I know she pretty but theirs pretty girls out there too im not going to say their isn’t .And oh im not disliking her cause she is pretty im not the only one that don’t like her just saying.

    • Caroline

      They were hating on her because she posted a picture of justin on her instagram calling him an asshole!

  • Belieber for ever

    He is like leaning into her.

    • Swagalious


  • Melina

    Why does little kids have to be soo rude. Its not like they were talkin’ and some sh*t happened, they were just sitting together. Maybe Justin was shy to talk to her or something, and she is way better than Selena. Anyway she’s out of the picture (thank God).

    • Courtney

      I know but don’t talk to soon these stuff always happens again.Which I don’t trust them well that what they get for being off/on relationship how can we tell the truth between them.

  • Caroline

    First of all everyone was hating on her because she posted a picture of justin bieber on her instagram and called him an asshole. That’s why she was getting hate and she didn’t even sai that in the interview acting all innocent..smh

    • Marley

      Maybe cause he was acting like an asshole? No one was there but her and Justin so we really wouldn’t know what happened. Like I said she seems harmless, it’s not like she’s a hater gaining attention, fans are making it out to be that way.

      • belieber

        She called him asshole because he was sitting with sunglasses indoor. Its a JOKE, people. smh

  • daika04

    this girl postet the pic of him on IG and calld him an asshole

  • Mrs.Bieber

    If he barely talked to me; I would know that the chances of us dating would be 0.

  • Eubene

    Ok is that Justin’s new girlfriend next to him I hope it is she is laughing like crazy

    • belieber

      I guess she is laughing at her own joke, she is just a random person who got lucky to sit next to Justin . She also posted that #helovesme . She was having a good time , haha

    • KALANI


      • Lilly

        So you trying to say a actress is better look’n and prettier than all these normal Belieber girls I don’t think soo wouldn’t be saying those kinds of mean things to the Beliebers like that.

      • Kalani

        Oh my goodness seriously read between the lines honey. Selena was voted one of the hottest actress ever on maxim.

      • Lilly

        -__- and so go for her.

  • Debbie

    How rude of her!!! I would give him space say hello and if he wants to talk he would, trust me he knows what he wants.

  • essie j

    this bitch made fun of him on her instagram smh

  • Bieber’s Shawty

    Can someone tell me her Instagram name plz thxx!

    • belieber

      She made it private, you can’t access it.

      • Bieber’s Shawty

        Ok btw, tx . She was afraid of her life being attacked. Well u don’t mess up with Beliebers and get away with it.

  • miss bieber

    i loveyou justin bieber

  • aless

    hes not happy anymore

    • Allisa

      Aww my baby Justin that Because of Selena fault what you expect when he had came out he never set up his face like that until she met him now I see the change him.But I still love though I can’t stop loving him for everything he do for his Beliebers Fans.

  • Fine Ass Belieber

    follow me on twitter please :))

  • Alexandra

    I don’t know her name she seems just an normal girl like everybody else that is watching the game get over it people that because she see a celebrity and must be excited.

  • Ummu

    it’s photoshopp !!!!!!

    • KALANI


  • oxBelieberxo

    She was so lucky to sit next to Justin

  • Nidhi


  • Nidhi


  • Roxy

    Did they smell??

  • HoT gIrL

    shit ….
    that girl … OMG so ugly ..
    justin is too much hot ..and this girl ….
    eww …

  • MiaBieber

    Justin, i love you but… WHO HAVE YOU BECOME?

    • belieber

      I agree. Justin changed in a bad way. He looks like a fool lately and then he wonders why people starting to boo him at awards shows.

  • yasmine

    why wasnt he nice
    if i saw justin would he like me ??????? i guess not im a crazy believer(fan) if he just new the real us

  • x

    Imagine you as a belieber sit next to him – and he doesn’t pay you any attention for a question or act like an asshole. I mean we don’t know it. To call him an asshole may was a kneejerk reaction because of her disappointment.

    No offence.