This is Forever

Belieber forever

@justinbieber: got sent this from last night. pretty incredible you guys printed out all those signs for that moment. Thank u.

  1. Incredible fan loyalty by signage, and this not the first time this has happened to him at a venue. I can’t say that about any other entertainer?

  2. Yeah Justin I’m also a belieber forever… But what signs is he talking about? Although I’ve understood d matter but somebody plz explain it to me in detail.

    • That he is thankful for his Fans for always supporting for him from the first to the very end and his fans is so huge too that he never thought it will be that huge so he is thankful.

  3. i will forever be a belieber no way i will ever stop btw justin my dog and your dog look exactly the same ^.^ haha u should see my room its jb theme :D

  4. I WAS THERE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you Justin for making my life the best !!

    I love you


  5. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
    forever a belieber and proud to be a belieber awwwwwwwwww ma juju i love u i lov eu i love u justin soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    i am belieber till the end of this world
    so beliebers never say never
    and keep believing ma justin soooooooooooooooooo i love u justinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

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