VIDEO: Justin Bieber House Tour in Calabasas

What’s inside Justin Bieber’s Calabasas home?? check out the video!

    • This video was taken before Justin moved into the house, with a grand house tour just incase anybody who was on the internet looking would want a chance to buy it. Now that Justin lives in it, he probably has different furniture and things to make it home.

  1. I’ve lived in Calabasses since i was 5 and i freaked out when i heard Justin had moved in only 5 houses away from me considering i am such a big belieber ♥ I always pass by Justin’s house and its HUGE person ive seen Justin alot of times but his security gaurds don’t let me go near him but he’s waved to me before :3 Hehe don’t believe me i don’t care :)

  2. now people are just going to show up now because they she the freaking address . WHY ! ITS OK TO SHOW THE HOUSE. BUT ITS NOT OK TO SHOW THE FREAKING ADDRESS. duh

      • I live in Calabasses :) Theres not a gate infront of Justins house but there are alot of security gaurds and a gaurd dog. Theres 1 gate you need to go through in order to get into Calabasses, 2 gates in order to get to another street in Calabasses (im not sure of the name), and 3 gates in order to get into another street in Calabasses which is Prado Del Grandioso aka the street where me and Justin live only 5 houses apart :) Only wealthy people and celebrties live there so its impossible to have intruders come in so there arent any gates infront of the houses. My parents are surgeons and make alot of money so thats why we are allowed to live there :)

  3. Wow, does this mean he has listed his property for sale? Didn’t he buy this property for over 6 mil and now he said it is being sold for 8.5 mil. Is he selling it? I hope not it is so beautiful.

  4. Move to Miami,is way better and the people much nicer!!
    People are evil, always looking for a quick buck. Always watch your back. Look what they did to Michael Jackson. Haters hate because YOU are doing what they ain’t!!!
    God speed…….

    • I don’t know about Miami, he had problems with clubs there as well as paps. He needs a more isolated home away from neighbors by at least half a mile. I believe this video was shot before he purchased it for about 8 million dollars. He was also considering Anton Kutcherr’s home.

  5. Wow! he has a really nice house! its so unbelievable! its so cool! i’m so jealous that he lives there! I can’t believe that its so much money!

  6. That is really not Justin Bieber house they Just showing the same house that looks like his house and showing how the inside/outside looks.

    • Actually, it is Justin Bieber’s house. However, this video was taken before he moved into the house, that’s why they have this video.

  7. ombbbbbbbbbbbbbbb ma juju house is amazing so cute ma juju house i mean my house is amazing
    i love u justin
    u know what i mean

  8. pelo mesmo a minha casa e bem limpa nao suja mais e pequena poder se pobre tem muito moves e do justin e suja nao tem moves pote ser um casarao poder ter tudo cade higiene ficou a onde do mesmo jeito eu gosto dele e muito

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