Video: Justin Bieber Pees on American Flag? “Lie Witness News” JimmyKimmelLive

Jimmy Kimmel introduced a new edition of “Lie Witness News – Justin Bieber Concert” – the segment where producers ask beliebers on the street near a Justin Bieber concert — questioning about something they completely made up.

How blindly will Beliebers follow Justin? Watch the video above.

Real or fake beliebers?

41 comments on “Video: Justin Bieber Pees on American Flag? “Lie Witness News” JimmyKimmelLive
  1. bieber,s shawty forever on said:

    1st really funny but he will never do this its just a lieeeeeeeeeeeeee bla bla bla bla very funny
    and one thing stop making beliebers to hate justin they will never ever so this
    ok bcs we r true beliebers
    i love u justin sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

      • asdfghjkl; on said:

        I think he is just playing a joke like even beliebers make fun of Justin sometimes but we love him.

      • These are not beliebers! They are too stupid to be his beliebers. They are just fans, cause beliebers know everything about him! They should try it on REAL beliebers

    • Shouldn't Hate. on said:

      real or fake? I just want to say stupid beliebers. And as PEOPLE they can do soo much better, Justin has no higher ruling than someone who is handicap.
      And peeing on the American flag, how cant they question that. “Oh. It’s ok im sure he didnt mean it.”….. It’s the Amereican Flag. It can’t even touch the ground!

      • jiqweshamorant on said:

        I agree about the flag touching the ground but really beiliebers dont have to know every thing about justin . my defenition of a beilieber is a fan who loves cherish and would absolutly do anything for justin. gooo beiliebers .

      • jiqweshamorant on said:

        Just be quiet justin didnt pee on nothing how in the world did he pee on it if you didnt see it then shut up. did u look at the title of the video evadently not if u really think he peed on the flag.

    • jiqweshamorant on said:

      Justin would never do that if he cares about his bielibers. im sure he care about his freedom and the people who lost their life 4 him.

  2. Jarimar Santiago on said:

    Wow ! This bitches!! Thats when you know alot of FAKE BELIEBERS have the chance to go to his concerts and even meeting him! Ugh this is not fair!’

    • Never say Never on said:

      Amazing the BS they try to put Justin through, we are true to him and are loyal Beliebers. These girls can go bye bye now.

  3. Sierra on said:

    Why would they ever just believe he would do stuff like that I mean really how stupid can you get, and I’m pretty sure if any of this actually happened the whole world of beliebers would explode and most fans would know about it. So those girls are either
    A- not real fans or

  4. lili on said:

    wow really ??? hahahahahaha i hope some of you are not that stupid i mean really ?? king of pop u must be really retarded to say that that title belongs to Michael Jackson and always will be GET REAL !!

  5. yodascrackdealer on said:

    Justin Bieber and his materialistic, egotistical #swag can eat sack of baby nuts lol belibers are the so retarded, you all know if Justin did something like this, you’d all still be riding his nuts.

    • I Am Turbo on said:

      Beliebers are retarded. Says the one whose username is @yodascrackdealer and says “are the so retarded”. I realize you don’t feed the trolls, but I just found that comical.

  6. asdfghjkl; on said:

    lol that was so funny they’re so gullible can’t even. I think they are the fans that are too blinded to see that Justin isn’t just “Justin Bieber The Pop Star”. I love Justin but if he went in a handicapped spot I would think that just because he is famous doesn’t mean he can do that. And the tattoo segment was funny because I’ve seen all of those photos before :p

  7. jerry FREAK on said:

    This girla called themselfs Beliebers?! Hahahahahahahaha, bitches. I mean a real Belieber would know that that’s a bunch of lies, but this girla, don’t know Justin that well… You know why? Cuz they r NOT Beliebers

  8. I am ashamed to call myself a Belieber after that!!! These girls need to get a clue and really…you’d make a handicap woman wait for a spot….WFT is wrong with people!!!!!!!!!!!

      • ivan on said:

        That’s exactly what haters are saying, that his fans are all stupid 12 year old girls. They take a few and make it seem like all of them are dumb. So after I show how stupid they are I would say I am a 6 year old boy.

  9. Belieber for life on said:

    I’m a belieber and would not believe this stuff they are just stupid and gullible, I would just have said you made that up! Plus I’m a belieber who always defends Justin <3

  10. I Am Turbo on said:

    And this is why people believe all beliebers are stupid and naive. Ones like that give us a bad name.

  11. Lexiebieber on said:

    Fake beliebers really are u serious these girls are stupid with a capital S I’m a true belieber

  12. Kidrauhl on said:

    Sorry but for me those were all fake beliebers like seriously true beliebers wont give answers like that… :o This is why people think beliebers are stupid, bc of “beliebers” liek them… ugh

  13. Xavier bieber on said:

    I know he wouldn’t do nothing like that at all, that’s just down right wrong & not cool at all. Me myself im a real true belieber those obviously were fake Beliebers I am true and comitted to being a belieber forever I believe he wouldn’t do that at all

  14. Tatiana on said:

    fake beliebers because they obviously dont know whats going on i his life !! they make this whole fanbase look bad

  15. Sarah Clemming on said:

    I don’t know what really happened, but I like Justin Bieber for his music. I think some people need to back off. He loves his fans, and his friends. But I bet it can be tiring sometimes with all the papparazi, and everything. Justin Bieber is a good singer, and you should love him for it.

  16. Aneka on said:

    Oh wow smh why would they believe that stuff justin I better than that them girl are really insane why would he punch his grandma in the stomach

  17. who cares on said:

    Get a life girls. Bieber is reaching a age where he dosent want all these CRAZY girl fans. He is acting out and being bad trying to separate himself from teenage girls.
    Does he have talent ? Yes. Is he being a bad role model? Yes.
    Relax! He is not going to marry you or even meet you for that matter. Get some self respect and focus on something else. ..Like yourselves!
    And if he did pee on the flag ALL of you should be pissesd!!!! If you wouldnt ? GET OUT!!!!! we dont want you!!!!!!!

    • Jonathan on said:

      Thank you!!!!! America’s future is bleak and shallow like a kiddy pool most of these comments still condone his other actions like spitting on fans peeing in mop buckets and throwing water balloons at police officers I don’t understand humanity anymore but this is the one comment that makes sense

  18. SomeRandomLlama on said:

    Are you serious? This isn’t about whether or not they believed that he actually did the stuff they said he did, this is about how they reacted to what they were told, and how they blindly defended him as if he were a god. He isn’t going to marry you or be your boyfriend, and the majority of you won’t even meet him, the most a handful of you would be able able to do, is see him perform at one of his concerts. I’ll admit he does have talent, and i’m pretty sure even if he didn’t have talent and he was still as famous as he is now, you would still blindly follow him because you only care about what’s on the outside. If Justin Bieber was ugly, most of you wouldn’t even be his fan. Get real people, you only care about his looks, money and fame, and not about his talent at all.

  19. wow you girls are fuking retards… every ‘belieber’ nowadays is… how can you like him? he’s a stain on society and a total prick.. the only thing he has is his looks.. and those will turn to shit eventually.. they’re already going down hill.

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