Chicago Nightclub Prosecuted for Allowing Underage Justin Bieber Drinking Inside

Justin Bieber body chicago club

The Chicago nightclub is being prosecuted Wednesday for allowing Justin inside the 21-and-over club, reports

Justin and friends visited Bodi nightclub in Chicago earlier this week but were kicked out after police were alerted to their presence. However, authorities have delivered a citation to the owners, accusing them of serving alcohol to Justin (19).

The Chicago Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection said:

The ticket was issued by the police to Bodi Nightclub for admitting and knowingly having underage persons in the establishment.

Typically the fine for a ticket like this would be $1,000, but the fine is not determined until the case is heard by a hearing officer and if the establishment is found liable for the violation.

Justin was supporting his best friend DJ Tay James, the Bodi said its all “simple misunderstanding” and Justin was not served any alcohol.

The Bodi nightclub tells

Its all simple misunderstanding with local police officers.

Bieber made a brief appearance at Bodi to support his close friend, DJ Tay James, who was performing at Bodi that evening.

Bieber was not served any alcohol and neither he nor anyone affiliated with Bodi broke any laws.

We have requested a meeting with Chicago’s local liquor control commissioner and look forward to resolving the situation quickly.

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