Chicago Nightclub Prosecuted for Allowing Underage Justin Bieber Drinking Inside

Justin Bieber body chicago club

The Chicago nightclub is being prosecuted Wednesday for allowing Justin inside the 21-and-over club, reports

Justin and friends visited Bodi nightclub in Chicago earlier this week but were kicked out after police were alerted to their presence. However, authorities have delivered a citation to the owners, accusing them of serving alcohol to Justin (19).

The Chicago Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection said:

The ticket was issued by the police to Bodi Nightclub for admitting and knowingly having underage persons in the establishment.

Typically the fine for a ticket like this would be $1,000, but the fine is not determined until the case is heard by a hearing officer and if the establishment is found liable for the violation.

Justin was supporting his best friend DJ Tay James, the Bodi said its all “simple misunderstanding” and Justin was not served any alcohol.

The Bodi nightclub tells

Its all simple misunderstanding with local police officers.

Bieber made a brief appearance at Bodi to support his close friend, DJ Tay James, who was performing at Bodi that evening.

Bieber was not served any alcohol and neither he nor anyone affiliated with Bodi broke any laws.

We have requested a meeting with Chicago’s local liquor control commissioner and look forward to resolving the situation quickly.

  • LaLa

    Feel bad for the club probably being pressured to let the ‘superstar’ in. Justin should feel bad about this I reckon.

    • ivan

      If the legal age is 21, they should not let him in for his own good. In NYC, however, a club could get away with it as long as he did not drink.

    • Believe

      Justin bieber should of known better than to go to the club in the first place
      JB I NEED U
      u know I believe and always will LUV u
      But stop actin like someone ur not
      I believe in u and that u can do better

  • ivan

    Another smear article by TMZ. They are on are on a roll with about 4 today. They probably would open champagne to drink if they succeed in ruining his career which is what they want.

    • Never say Never

      they will not ruin Jusitn he is loving and caring and very talented people see that we must keep supporting him I do hope he stops acting out in bad ways I do love and will always stay a Belieber.

  • daika04

    i dont unterstand everybody focuses only on the negative the rumors and stuff ‘belieber’ ‘ jelenators ‘ but not on the good things that justin does noone post good things only the bad things and rumors WE ALL are a family right we should focus on the good things and the support what you all do is not better than what the media do !!!!!!

  • rb

    Damn, you’re old enough to join the military and die for your country, but you can’t drink alcohol. Damn, other countries got the age limit almost right.

    • Kalani

      Um most clubs let you in to listen to music. Alcohol is a plus. Besides most of Justin’s friends are over 21. Lil twist we’ll he’s stupid.

  • Zoey

    Why is this news again.

    • ivan

      They should lower the drinking age to 18 which is the normal age of consent for sex, military service, and other things[forgot which] Besides Justin is in the company of adults such as his security team. Everything he does is a big deal in the media as if he alone is supposed to be perfect and never make mistakes. I find it sickening how phony TMZ and those other people are.

      • bebe

        Alcohol is not good for your brain until 21 when your brain is fully developed thats why its legal at that age and not 18.if you drink it at 20 and younger it can cause damage to your brain,lay you in the emergency hospital or even death!.

  • mel lowry

    i might be justins oldest fan, 80. i have watched him since I first saw him on ellen’s show when he was 15. i was and still am very impressed by his talents. but I am getting very concerned about some of his behaviour. i know a lot of it is just nonsence but where there is smoke there is fire and there seems to be a lot of smoke. i think it’s time his mother did less praying for him and more hands on parenting. she and others have done a lot to get him where he is and he needs to consider how he makes them feel. he is going to ruin his career if he keeps it up. he does a lot of good things and you don’t get a lot of people his age doing so. the media and some others won’t be happy till they ruin his career so he doesn’t need to help them.

    • ivan

      Great advice. He needs someone to travel with him to stir him in the right direction; mentally he is still like a 15 year old but a good kid.

    • bebe

      I agree she needs to parent him more

  • Mickey


    follow me on instagram, hehe @michaellashante

  • bieber’s shawty forever

    Y all these things happen to ma juju only y y y idk y but i live u juju i just love uuuu

  • beebee

    Many states in the U.S. had legal drinking age at 18 years. California raised to 21 and other states followed suit. Canada’s legal age to drink alcohol is 18 years old. You can join a war and legally fight and kill for your country but you can’t legally drink alcohol.

    • ivan

      Justin did what thousands of kids do every year in clubs in places like NYC except that they lie about their age. Justin figured they might make an exception for him since he’s a big celebrity as in NYC where they have the option to let you in as long as you don’t drink. The media is making a big deal of anything he does and some morons, commenting in sites, then trash him.


      U.S’re very mendacious and scurvy state .

    • beebee

      I guess California has always had 21 yrs old drinking age but it wasn’t til the 1980’s that there was a federal law passed to a united 21 years of age across the country.

  • essie j

    isn’t 19 old enought? lol

  • Likethemboth

    He should just go to Canada so they can’t say shit to him . Then post as video to rub in their face, but not one of him totally wasted just showing himself having a drink and I think that’s why his mom is not tripping as much because use to Canadian laws for drinking.

    • bebe

      He needs to know hes in america and diffrenent countrys have diffrenent laws and he should respect it.if he wants to drink he should just drink in canada and in 2 years he can start drinking in the u.s

  • potatoswaggy

    Why does everyone want to bring his career crashing down? Why can’t they just let him live his dream. He’s a teenager, just like everyone has been, or will be one someday. I mean seriously. Rhianna can sing about drugs, sex, and alcohol but Justin can’t sing about love? What has happened to media now a days? They spread rumors about Justin like it’s no big deal. Sometimes they don’t even have facts. Isn’t that illegal? I just don’t see how any of this is makes sense.

  • NR_Belieber

    Miss Old Justin

  • cath

    canada’s legal age is 19 in most provinces
    time for someone to reign in this young man before something seriously happens
    he’s out of control

  • ivan

    In most of Africa, Asia, and Latin America, the legal age is 18 with few exceptions I believe[19 or 20]. In Puerto Rico it’s 18, and in Canada it’s 19. It’s time we lower the age here. Bieber has admitted in an interview that he has a drink or beer once in a while, nothing wrong with that except he has to be careful in the U.S.
    The One Direction kids drink more than he does especially Harry and nobody makes a big deal of it.

  • ivan

    In ancient times, wine was common at meals, it still is in places like Italy and France. Why can’t he have a drink once in a while where it is legal? the important thing is not to drink too much and get drunk. Even Jesus provided wine at a wedding.

  • daika04

    so nothing is happend at this club he support his friend DJTay !! TMZ and PerezHilton lie again nothing new lol shame on this gossip sides and stupid ppl believe stupid stories

  • summer_jewell:)

    Justin really needs to do something better in his time. Little kids look up to him. What if they start behaving like him?

  • Macqueenza

    jusin should realy go by the regulation n the rules of any club he goes to,,,to aviod conflict ..!!

  • Fine Ass Belieber

    follow me please :))

  • iman

    i love you justin bieber