Demi Lovato Sets Record Straight On Bieber Diss: “You took me the wrong way”

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Earlier this week, rumors spread that X Factor judge Demi Lovato allegedly dissing Justin Bieber after a male contestant sang his hit single “As Long as You Love Me.”

During the audition, Demi said:

Well, finally someone can sing the song the way it was meant to be sung.

MTV News recently caught up with Demi, and she gave the complete story.

What they didn’t put in the tabloids is that I actually turned around, cause the audience was like, “Oooh” and I was like “Actually, guys, you took me the wrong way.”

I actually explained myself right then and there, but they didn’t put that on TMZ.

It is annoying, but it is what it is. I have to be more careful with the way that I word things, but I was home schooled so my grammar’s not the best.

Watch Demi’s interview:

  1. TMZ misreported what she said. She was really praising Justin. She said finally one of the contestants sang the song the way it should be sang-as Justin sings it.

  2. u ppl so dumm dnt hate demi cuz she told the truth nothing against jb l like him but he is really like turning in to a bad person

  3. Really ??? Hate it !!! All of the persons dissing justin bieber!! Why??? All of selenas friends (demi lovato,taylor swift,…) dissing justin!!! I dont can believe that all do this… selena why you do this ??? I think you love him?!?! !!!! I’m really sad that all of they do this :’( thank you really :””””(

  4. Ahe sidnt say anything bad she is praising jusrin by saying that because everyone who sings his songs ruin them so shes saying finally there is someone who actually sand the song right other than justin.

  5. seriouslyy people this is too much..TMZ sucks so badly…but im disspointed by some fans who are saying that now they hate demi..she made it clear right????so whats the point of hating…aaarrrggh..but i love demi and justin specially so theres no room for hating and doubts in my heart :D..

  6. justin hates haters…everybody hates haters…n i can see some beliebers hating demi,which actually makes them haters…so whats the differnce between haters and those beliebers out there….go get a life people..

  7. I LOVE Demi just the way I LOVE Justin…Demi wasn’t dissing Justin she was saying the person who was singing it on Xfactor sang it like the original and not like the people who try to make it their own…Demi is a very sweet person and would never say anything like that they just cut the part when she looked back

    • I guess a few don’t bother to read the comments showing she did not diss Justin. They have to write on the blackboard 100 times: Demi did not diss Justin!

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