Ed Sheeran Talks about Justin Bieber’s Mop-Bucket & Selena Gomez

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British singer Ed Sheeran was rumored to be romantically involved with Selena Gomez a few weeks ago. When MTV News asked him about the rumors, he merely brushed them off by bringing up Justin.

Well she’s dating Bieber, isn’t she? And he’s pissing in mop buckets.

The mop-bucket incident? Ed’s referring to the video tape of Justin that surfaced online last week and subsequently went viral. The clip showed Justin urinating in a mop bucket at a restaurant, spraying cleaner on a photo of former President Bill Clinton and yelling “f— Bill Clinton” at the picture.

But it don’t bother Sheeran one bit. In fact, he’s got Justin’s back, having gone through a similar situation on tour. However, when it comes to bashing Bill, well, that’s another story.

I pissed in a bin once, on a bus. Really late at night after a festival. So I can appreciate Bieber’s struggle.

I do like Bill Clinton though. I met Bill Clinton; he’s a very nice guy. Yeah, Bill Clinton’s cool. But that’s kind of like the equivalent of me sh–ing in a shoebox and saying I didn’t like the Queen.

Watch video:

      • And thank you for changing the comma into an apostrophe……. Youre too illiterate for juju go home

      • U just shut the hell up ok did i talk to u or i say u something so y u r behaving like this just shut your biggest mouth and sit at home ok cuz i dont think so that u r a true belieber ccuz true belie ers r not like u they live their idol and respect him n here u even u dont have respect u dump
        I am talking to u kyle marek or what ever u r dont u try to fight with me

  1. Glad he supports Justin in this and shows Justin is not the only one who to a leak in a place other than a toilet. The media has trashed him over it.

  2. That’s so old now were all waiting patiently for #HeartBreaker :) we already moved on from the mop bucket get over it

    • To b honest I didn’t even knew he did that so but reading this and watching the video it was kind of gross but y is this Ed trying 2 squeeze himself into the picture isn’t he romantically involved with T swift break her heart and listen to the song she wrote about how stupid she was

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