Jonas Brothers Diss Justin Bieber “No Interest Peeing in Buckets”

justin bieber vs jonas brothers

When appearing on MuchMusic in Canada yesterday to promote their upcoming album, V, the Jonas Brothers discussed their clean cut path as child stars.

Joe Jonas stated:

We’re not perfect. I think there’s things that public people don’t know about. Now it’s not that easy for people to get away with a lot of stuff without people finding out, right? …But also we never really had the interest in doing things like peeing in buckets. We try to be careful.

Was it wrong for Joe to call out Justin?

Watch JoBro video interview:

83 comments on “Jonas Brothers Diss Justin Bieber “No Interest Peeing in Buckets”
  1. Sastika stands Next to Justin on said:

    I don’t really dislike the Jonas brothers! but this is not so fair. he could have said else than about peeing in the basket( which is like dissing our Justin) so I don’t like that attitude!!! urggghh!! seriously!!!

    • Serbian Belieber on said:

      They never liked Justin,they’re just jelaous because he is the ‘new’ JB ! And I liked them, I was a huge fan, but then I saw Juss and fell in love ! <3

    • maddie on said:

      WOAHWOAHWOAH Ppl u got it all wrong wtf jonas brothers are awesome and Nick Is good friends with justin so it doesn’t always mean anytjing mean ._.

    • Swagalicious on said:

      Jonas brothers could sucked c%ck 4 all I care they look washed up and wasted like at a whhore party they need to go disappear again there’s nothing wrong with what he did it was a mistake and he probably wont do it again

  2. Monica on said:

    No one laughed he is so invalid i hate the Jonas Brothers never liked them even when they were more famous.

  3. Adrian on said:

    personally I don’t think it was wrong for Joe to call out justin because I mean there are just things you don’t do if you know the world is watching your every move. Like peeing in a bucket like he did is pretty disrespectful…its almost as if he’s trying to show off his badboy side. We all get it…he’s growing up, but like i said there are just things you don’t do. Alot of kids look up to bieber as a dream follower. I love n support justin but yeah he should have handled this situation differently. No hate Not bashing bieber. Just think he needs to be more careful. And make better decisions sometimes.

      • rachel greenberg on said:

        bieber please come to brunsville and form canada to get me form this shitless gorup home right now please i will do anything for you justin bieber and can i be your one less lonley gorl my phone number is 8289892547!
        From: Rachel

      • Kalani on said:

        Wait why would you put your number online. Creepy people call you. Never put your number online. You never know what happens.

    • Never say Never on said:

      I agree maybe after this he will rethink things he will learn my his mistakes. Justin is a sweet caring and Loving person his music is so special I will always love and stand beside him.

  4. michanti on said:

    im a big fan of jb but it was wrong to call him out like that joe jonas that was very mean u should say sorry but still if he had to pee he had to pee so i dont know why joe jonas or as i should say the jonas brothers would say that . and plus why joe jonas gotta talk smack about jb . gosh im gone

  5. momal on said:

    i used to be fan of jonas brothers but this clearly shows how much jealous they are of justins success

  6. Faith on said:

    Ok does anyone know if Justin bieber has a second account on Instagram? Is Imthatcanadian actually him??! I need to know someone please help!!

  7. BELIEBER4ever on said:

    That was just rude of the Jonas brothers I mean they’re just probably jealous cuz justin is famous now and Jonas Brothers were famous, but any ways I was never a fan of Jonas brothers so yea this shows clearly that Jonas brothers are just jealous of Justin’s success.

    • rachel greenberg on said:

      that was just rude of the Jonas brothers I mean they’re probably jealous cuz Justin is a famous now and Jonas Brothers so yea this shows clearly that Jonas brothers are just jealous of Justin’s succees.

  8. JaylaBieber on said:

    I’ve always loved the Jonas Brothers ever since seeing Johnny Kapahala: Back on Board back in 2007 if anyone even remembers that movie. Joe wasn’t wrong for what he said, in my honest opinion. And I love how people keep trying to defend Justin over and over again. He is a big boy. He’s 19 nearly 20. He needs to start acting like it. As far as the JoBro’s comment goes- I actually applaud them for keeping their sh*t together for the past 7 years of being in the industry. No hate on Justin, of course, I’m just saying.

    • khloe99 on said:

      Wow haven’t seen ur name in a while well @JaylaBieber I thought I was the only one who thought that way thanks for giving me hope that at least some beliebers like me still exist -Thank you

  9. ivan on said:

    Ed Sheeran did the same thing; he peed in a bucket some time ago. No one criticizes him neither do I. Furthermore Jonas is no angel; he has been suspected of taking drugs aside from getting drunk. It’s hypocritical to diss a fellow artist when you are not clean yourself! He should not have done that!

  10. ivan on said:

    Wonder what Nick was thinking since he is the only one friendly with Justin? He must have said to himself: ‘my brother is going to get us in trouble with Believers’

  11. PHIMERJOXELAINE on said:


    • rachel greenberg on said:

      Please dont ever compare joenas borthers and justin cause im always vote for justin bieber

    • Yes he was. It’s a shame he said this. He probably made his younger bro nervous since he’s friendly with Justin and knows how fans react. I think he’s a nice guy but should not have said it.

  12. ivone on said:

    Joe’s “mistakes” were a lot more serious, but then again he didn’t have the
    whole world judging him because nobody cares. They try to “look” like
    they are squeakly clean but they are not because “nobody” is……………!!!!!

  13. I used to love the Jonas Brother (tbh I have always hated Joe though) but I find my self hating him more! I’m not gonna blame the Jonas Brothers as a whole cause Nick and Kevin didnt say it! But honestly everyone forgot about them for Years! So they could do whatever heck they wanted and no one would care! Justin however has Paps on him 24-7 and they like to bring stuff from the past up! Justin was going through a bad time when that video was made and Joe doesn’t know what really happened does he? NO! So he needs to keep his little mouth shut and put his energy towards some else like shaving!!!! (No offense to people with breads, his just doesn’t suit him at all)

  14. Tay Biebs on said:

    I have always loved the Jona Brothers but I have never liked Joe and he is making me like him more! I’m not saying anything towards Nick and Kevin because they didnt say it, Joe did! Honestly no one was cared about them Jonas Brothers for years so they could have done whatever they want and no one would care! Justin, on the other hand, has people waiting for him to make a mistake 24-7. Yea peeing in a bucket wast the best idea but how do we even know if he did? It could have been a joke! And if we don’t know how does Joe know? He DOESN’T! He doesn’t know what happened! So Joe needs to but his energy into something else like shaving cause that beard looks awful!!

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