Justin Bieber & Lady Gaga Among Young Hollywood’s Top-Earning Stars

Justin Bieber Lady Gaga Forbes

Forbes magazine editors have released their annual list of the top earning celebrities under 30 year old.

Lady Gaga comes in first place, earning $80 million (between June 2012 – June 2013) while Justin placed second with $58 million.

Taylor Swift came in third by raking in $55 million. Calvin Harris and Rihanna round out the top five.

Also making the 2013 top 10 list: Katy Perry, Adele, Jennifer Lawrence, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner.

    • Katy was on a break I think.

      Justin had a massive tour but not all of it was counted. I’d say only 50 dates of the believe tour were counted or even less. Gaga had her entire tour counted so that’s why she came at the #1 position.

  1. Also have you heard the new 1D song? So embarrassing.

    I may have dissed Justin Bieber for the entirety of 2013, but facts are facts. His music >>>>>>>> 1D’s music. He actually tries to evolve and does not keep making the same song over and over. As long as you love me >>>>>>
    I swear if he’d clean up, pull his pants up, and starts acting responsibly. He’d become more relevant than One Direction (he can’t compete with 5 pretty boys this way. He’s gotta step it up)

    • I got to admit his choice of clothes makes me cringe sometimes; I do wish he dresses up more like he used to. Drop the sagging style and wear a suit once in a while. This will help to erase the negative image haters have of him. I think he will in time.

  2. I only have about 2,000.00 dollars so I guess I will never be on that list. But congratulations to the Biebs and may he make a ton of more money in the future so he can take us out to lunch one day.

  3. Hi Justin this is your number 1 fan here to say I love you I have all of your books, poster, CD`s, pillows, blankets, brackets, necklaces, hats, shirts, and shoes. You are my favorite person in the hole WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • how fabulous good for you Justin is amazing and because he shares his caring and love for others money comes to him. He is very talented and in time he will find his way he is only 19yrs old give him a chance. I love and adore him forever.

  4. I would like to see Justin maybe Pattie too take on an environmental cause. One that really needs attention is SAVING THE MONARCH BUTTERFLY. If I had mega-bucks this is a issue I would like to tackle. Justin and Pattie are already doing some great things I realize that.

  5. Record sales! If all 42 million Justin Beiber fans brought one album each, he will not be only be at the top, but he will break record sales in the music industry. He needs to start performing again at stadiums to increase his revenue. If it wasn’t for his additional tour dates, Taylor Swift would have had the top revenue earnings for 2013. The strategy is to with hold revenue reporting until the end of 2013 while the Taylor team reports all revenue!!

  6. If you look at the Forbes pictures with Justin in a suit and tie, he does look hot!! He should try this look when he takes Selenabt out on dates and just, just might get him an Emmy award by keeping a clean image!! Just saying!!

    • he looks so handsome in that Forbes photo he is a flawless young man yes he can wear anything but a suit even just a try makes him all that more sexy hot.

  7. There are way more Beliebers than directioners im Forever a Belieber im not saying 1d music stinks its just that Justin music sounds way better ♥ Great job Justin All Belibers vote Justin for fashion icon male hottie and best male artist and best song for teen choice awards hurry and watch on August 11 on Nickelodeon

  8. Oh, no wonder she’s seventh place! LOL! Katy and Justin are the epic! justin is the prince of pop (lol it spells pop) and katy. Is the princess of pop ( spells pop again lol)

  9. For all of you saying that gaga sucks and Justin should be number one the reason gaga is number one is because she went on a short tour less then 110 dates where she played stadiums in other countries besides the USA and since stadiums have many seats then arena and that’s where Justin plays in arena because his booking agents don’t think he’s big enough to play stadiums except for a few countries and that’s why gaga topped the list and for all of you that say gaga suck she did a tour which she had to cancel half of the last leg and she’s been on hiatus because of the injury that caused her to cancel last leg of tour and she still came In first place by over 20 million dollars she doesn’t suck at all she’s actually one of the most talented artist of probably the last 10-20 years and if you don’t believe me listen to her sing when she’s on the piano or any other live performance

  10. Directioners seem to be better at voting than we are which is why sometimes they are ahead as they are now in the MTV hot artist category even though they have a great but smaller fan base.
    Also, Justin’s net worth is about 125 million. Amazing because a few years ago he had nothing.

    • Yes it is amazing but pretty much ever artist came from nothing and I look up gaga net worth and hers is 150 mill and she like many artist including justin came from nothing

      • Justin started to make money in 2010 I believe and Gaga in 2008. They did it because they were both talented and great performers on stage. You could even call them the prince and princess of pop[M.j. and Madonna are the king and queen of pop] Justin basically promoted himself on you tube and was found while he was very poor only about 6 years ago.

    • H**p://w*w.inquisitr.com/574943/justin-biebers-millions-and-what-he-does-with-it/
      March 16, 2013 $150 million + June 26, 2013 $58 million in earnings (reported taxes for 2012) = $208 million. His earnings from his European tours have not been reported! At the end of 2013 he should be well over $300 million.


  12. For IVAN
    • H**p://w*w.inquisitr.com/574943/justin-biebers-millions-and-what-he-does-with-it/Inquisitr for the March 16, 2013 report $150 million
    • Forbes June 26, 2013 earnings for 2012 tax reports he had to file by April 2013. He owns property in the US and probably in Canada after taxes for a profit of $58 million.
    • h**p://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Believe_Tour (for his reported concert earnings: match that up with his “tour dates” vs “Box office score data) I would put those earnings at $50 mil, New 2013 album at $25 mil, and endorsements at $25 mil (New perfume the KEY). $100 million for a projected end of year 2013 total of $300 million.

  13. @deann i dont agree with u…but i can tell u aint a belieber and i like how u didnt say like “fck u beliebers u hatin on other celebs!”…u a belieber? ),(:

    • I like Justin I’m not like a super fan or anything all i did was state the fact about how gaga was number 1 on Forbes

      • I think in 2014 when he indexes more songs to his library he will start stadium concerts. It should have been done this year, but let’s hope with his sold out concerts his team will push for stadium venues.

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