Justin Bieber Bored!

Justin Bieber Bored

@justinbieber: Bored

  • Kaylani

    Aww I love his hair. Hot guys always have the best hair.

  • khloe99

    Well that makes 2 us -_-

  • khloe99

    Well that makes 2 of us -_-

  • Kaylani

    Hot guys always look hot shirtless.

    • Kaylani

      Justin always look hot in what he’s wearing. Especially when he’s wearing black.


    wtf hiw is he bored hes rich…….. ge shoukd like get on a yacht or something like that or like roll around in his money!!

    • mrs.bieber the first

      woooow he is broder so he takes pics for our intertanment :-) nice hes so hot makes me want to,sing

      • Kalani

        Hot guys always look hot. Hot guys always have the best smiles and the hottest looks.

    • Kalani

      I feel bad for celebs they always get lonely on tour. Some of them just get lonely without there friends and family by there side.

  • ashley

    he is on tour so nowhere to go

    • Never say Never

      he is sweet borded at sharing his hot sexy self to us!

    • Kalani

      Can you believe Selena wants to get back with justin bieber.

      • Swagalious

        yes we r aware thanks captain obvious and she’s gonna break his heart again everyone’s gonna get mad Justin get’s sad and the cycle starts over

    • Kalani

      It must be hard on justin not having anyone by his side. Not including his family or friends. But someone he can talk to or share things with. Not his fans.

  • SelenatorBelieber

    So Hot and Cute! Hes amazing and he has An amazing voice! He’s so talented! Look how much he’s come Far! I mean He’s incredible and Wonderful And hes Perfect the way he is you know what I mean. We Will help him from him being bored. He’s Like an angel!

  • Averie

    he’s so hot! i love him and his picture <3

  • hayat

    you are sow cute but why you are borde ? love you justin until my dethss

    • Swagalious

      Justin NEEDS a girlfriend and NOT Selena I wonder where his friends r………….. u know what never mind

  • eric

    do not like it to be frowning
    gets wrinkles
    look like that he want be ugly
    not know why

  • KattyB$

    im bored too. i think im going to leave to go out with my friends. (calling friends)……………….ringing. lol .they didnt pick up. oh well i can just go take a nap. i do that when im bored. CONCERT TONIGHT YAY IM GOING TO BE THERE!

  • ivan

    Everyone gets bored once in a while. The secret is to keep busy, do something, read a book, talk to friends.
    Regarding his hair, he might be considering changing his hairstyle. That’s a great idea; Guys have always been doing that. He looks great with the messed up hair look.

  • @DJ_DheaPertiwi

    His mouth like strawberry :*

    • mrs.bieber the first

      So true i want to kiss his lips

      • Kalani

        LoL. I so love justin and Selena.

  • honey

    He’s so stinkin CUTE!!!! :) :)

  • Kay

    everyone text my textfree number 1(575)268-6820

    • Kalani

      Um you may not want to post your number. There are a lot pyscho and strange people out there.

      • beebee


  • daughterofLordRauhl

    I’m bored too. I’ll probably watch some KC videos. That usually stops me from being bored. He looks good for being bored, though. When I’m bored, don’t even try to look at me- lol.

  • beebee

    Call in Mrs. Garfield. She can give unconditional love and support. LOL.

  • Nicole

    Aww look at juju he looks adorable!!!!

  • beebee

    If Beiber is bored we are in trouble people with the fantastic and busy life he has. If he only knew what the rest of our lives are like. He doesn’t know what boring is. lol.

    • Biebz:))

      Agree with u, he’s sorrounded with his team how he be bored..

      • Biebz:))

        Opps I forgot “”Can””

  • Liliana

    I want to meet him one day. I love you so much Justin.

    • beebee

      You can make it happen.

  • Barasha

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww he is sooooooooooooooooooo cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute

  • belieber4ever

    in anyway justin look cute alway and forever

  • KattyB$


  • Xavi watson (@swagxavi123)

    sexy i love u justin !!!!!!!

  • Fine Ass Belieber
  • BieberNautie


  • lovely

    lets play a game tonight :)lol

  • belieber4ever

    cute hair and u are cute
    love u JB

  • bieber,s shawty forever

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ma juju is boored like me
    i also get boor in ma school i make result of all ma class and also of other class
    this was the worst day for me ugh i really hate school
    i love u justin and your hair is amazing

  • ivan

    He looks like an innocent little boy there. How can anyone hate on this kid?

    • beebee

      Hey Ivan, where is your biggest fan Rihanna?LOL!