Justin Bieber Brings A Red Rose To Selena Gomez’s 21st Birthday Party in Malibu

Justin Bieber arriving at Selena Gomez birthday party in Malibu 3

Justin Bieber was snapped arriving at Selena Gomez 21’s Birthday party with his friends and bodyguards in his cheetah print Audi R8 last night (July27).

A source tells PEOPLE:

Justin arrived at the party in his leopard-print Audi R8. He was casually dressed and carried a single rose.

And when the party ended at about 2 am, Justin was spotted getting in the same car as Selena.

A source tells E! News, they spent the night together at Justin’s home in Calabasas, Calif.

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Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez
  • Belieber ❤

    Why are everybody posting comments saying: first?

    • trent

      becasue they have the right to say FIRST!!!!!!!! lol

      • Kalani

        Oh my goodness I’m like in love with justin and Selena. I’m glad that what they do they keep private. And she doesn’t share to much with her friends. That she keeps some parts of her life private.

      • Mackenzie

        Mackenzie loves Justin bieber

    • Mia Bieber we r married so HANDS OFF

      OMG he looks heart broken. I totally respect jelena but they need to make up there minds because its just making them both really un-happy and I hate seeing him and Selena upset xxxx

  • BELIEBER 4ever

    Awwwww how sweet and romantic of JUSTIN.<3<3<3<3

    • Monica

      Justin is soo gay I wanna punch him in the face

      • JB lover forever

        if u puch him in the face i wanna punch u in the face and if hes gay prove it!

      • justins wifey

        can i just say your an ass and he’s not the gay one here? thats you! get a life

      • Justin Bieber

        F*uck your mother dirty b*tch.You are f*uck*ng lesb*an biat*h please.Justin is not gay.But you are lesbi*n !

      • JBlover

        You must be a man to be gay -.-

      • Mackenzie

        Justin beiber is cute I don’t care if he’s bad he’s adorable

    • Kalani

      I know right. There rs is so complicated but I don’t care I love justin and Selena together. There so good together. Hope they end up together. They so are meant for each other.

      • Chelsiebieber

        Awe our baby’s sad:(

      • MARIA


      • MARIA


    • Kalani

      I bet justin missed her so much. They love each other so much.

      • Kalani

        She still loves justin. I would to if i was Selena. I would ask justin if he wants to get back together and then cozy up to him.

  • Lizzie

    I think im going to have a heart attack.

    • Kalani

      I will always love justin and Selena together. There so good together. They so belong together.

    • Kalani

      I’m so in love with them. Justin and Selena together. I love them.

  • Jazmyn Beadle

    aww… how sweet! is it just me, or does it look like hes been crying? or maybe he was just tired? but he looks really good!

    • trent

      uhh i hate to say this but when a person has there eyes red it dosen’t mean they are crying.maybe he was high or maybe its the camera flashes.

      • Lizzie

        It have to be the camera flashing him.

      • Jazmyn Beadle

        oh, okay, i guess it was the papz!

      • 703Y

        i think he was crying because if you zoom into his face you can see it

      • selenator, david conway

        kalani , just hates selena gomez ,so much ,

    • Honey

      I think he was crying. he looks really ,really ,so good and perfect.i felt sad because his face is like:( Justin don’t cry . Beliebers will be beside you forever.he looks good with that coat.❤❤

  • Lizzie

    Well it is kind of nice that he giving her a rose. They just friend 3X.

    • swaggy123

      yea i kno. itz nice that he went 2 her birthday party 2. after everything they’ve been through. they’re still friends :D

    • Kalani

      There friends. What friends hold hands or all over each other.

  • Marisa

    I hope they’re just friends.

    • Carmen Bieber

      Omg me too … Cause I hate this heartbreaker girl

  • Believe foreverlove

    But they are just friends Selena said she will all ways care about him. But that douse not mean they are together

  • Mrs. Bieber

    They are just friends

  • Katrina

    Soo Kind of Him (:

    • Kalani

      They spent the night together. That’s so sweet and adorable.

  • Lizzie

    It is sweet of him well he had to give her something he can’t just come up to and Never give her anything for her Birthday it might make him feel bad.

  • trent

    i have to say he’s so cheap a single rose? he’s got money what happen to a full set of roses?

    • Carmen Bieber

      Shut up please .. I hate Selena but whatever I know that justin love her too much and if u don’t know that this flower means a lot and its like from his heart then I am saying to u know
      P.s: I hate this bitch heartbreaker girl I mean Selena Gomez

      • Honey

        Me too but Justin love her so much.selena please don’t make Justin cry

    • Jdb

      The fuc shut up he gave her a rose soo what he probably had something else for her just not right then and there gosh she did go to his house i believe so shut up

    • Gene

      Believe me. One rose is better then 500 roses. It is more special. That wasn’t cheap that was just something simple.

  • Lizzie

    I have to say this (Jelena) thing will never be over.

    • Kalani

      Aww he’s so sweet and adorable to do that. I’m glad that justin went to her party. He’s such a good guy. I love justin.

      • Lizzie

        STHU damn you always get what you want but we Bieliebers fans can’t.

  • Mel Bieber

    A source says! Enough with the ruomors.
    awww how sweet of justin

    • Kalani

      I love them. It’s so adorable and very sweet.

  • Bieber’s Shawty:))

    Awww soo sweet, but ma babe looks unhappy :(

    • Carmen Bieber

      Yea I know and that’s cause of this heartbreaker I mean Selena
      P.s: sorry if u r a selenator or even a Jelenator but I am just saying ;-)

      • Bieber’s Shawty:))

        I’m not a selenator neither a jelena fan.. No I love Justin only. Not selena

    • Never say Never

      Justin was sad because he had to leave Canada he was crying as he was coming home it’s because of Selena and it’s he thought that counts a red rose is nice if she went back to his place in Calabasas then maybe he had a gift for her there. Having him is a true gift in my opinion he his a sweet heart God Bless his heart.


    Just friends!!!!

  • ivan

    A few are mistakenly tweeting that She rejected his rose and he left sad. They probably are referring to these pictures showing him arriving not leaving the party. People can tweet untrue things and people believe it. People can lie in tweets.

    • Annie

      What’s your twitter, Ivan?

  • ♥belieber&jelenator♥

    aww that’s so sweet i knew he would miss out on that i don’t know if there back on or not but i am just happy if his happy

  • Liliana

    it is sweet of him to give Selena a rose for her birthday. I love you with all my heart Justin.

  • KattyB$

    And where is Taylor .selena best friend ……if Taylor was there then it would have been bad I bet Taylor came up to selena and then justin and Taylor was like what I said I don’t want him. Lol just saying all I know it that justin and selena are friends and Taylor dose not like justin bieber

    • Kalani

      Who cares if Taylor doesn’t like justin the only person that loves justin is Selena. They have been through so much together.

  • jerry FREAK

    I think they are just pretending they are just friends, because I honestly think they are still togheter. I mean seriously, don’t get me the wrong way, but if they realy brake up they woulden’t be such good friends. OR, maybe they did broke up, but Justin is trying to get Selena back. WHO THE FUKS NOW? Why don’t they stop lying and say the truth, the REAALLLL truth what’s going on with them! I mean, it’s hard for us Beliebers, and Selenators to listen to Jelena bulshit. They are togheter, they are not togheter, they are togheter, they arent togheter, they are just friends, they are togheter. I mean if they can’t decide are they gonna be togheter or not, then it’s not a healty relasthionship. If they can’t be in a normal relasthionship longer then a month then they SHOULDEN’T be togheter. Why isn’t Justin friends with his (also) ex girlfriend Jasmine Villegas?! I mean Jelena is seriously being to dramatic! I’m so fuking done with shiping them!! -.- yes, I know, it is their private thing, but Beliebers are Justin’s family. I don’t think it’s fair of Selena, to exploit Justin. I mean she leaves him, she wants him back, she’s not with him but she will always protect him, blah blah blah! I mean seriously, I know that they are young, and everything but seriously?! When 42 million girls who are prettier then Selena, smarter, also Justins age, who support him, have to sit home, alone. Wanting to just see Justin, hug him, touch him or anything. When Selena can have him when ever she wants! ITS JUST NOT FAIR. I’m 16, and I also want to just see Justin. I think, honestly, Justin should start DATING with someone who is way better then Selena. Smarter, prettier, suportive for Justin… I mean I’m not saying Sel isn’t but it is seriously not fair. I know that alot of you will probably hate me right now, and say I’m stupid, I’m talking crap, but believe me, I’m sad because of Jelena. Because to me, it looks like Justin is Selenas little puppy who runs to her when ever she wants him. I hope someone will understand. I’m a Belieber and I love Justin! But I just think its better for them to not be togheter. I mean every fuking time I’m on JBZ their is something about JELENA reunion. I mean they are togheter AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN! It started to be a little boring! Jelena shoulden’t be togheter. They just shoulden’t.

    • biebers canada

      i agree with you 100 %
      YOU ARE SO RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • JasmineLovesYou

        Thank you! Some one agrees :)

  • Amanda

    They are going to make me cry. They NEEEEED to get back together.

  • Nadia

    I think they should get back together bc if its not her who is it going to be? What are the chances of him dating one of us fans not trying to bring anyone down. When he gets married I’d rather him be with Selena then that girl who works at hooters. I will support him on any decision he makes.

    • Kalani

      I agree definitely. They should get back together. They love each so much. I would hope they get back together.

  • ivone

    He looked sad. ; ‘ (

  • Selma

    So sweet of justin he just showed he loves her (i mean like friends) but what did she do for him lol

  • Leanne xox

    heyh ny1 wna chat :) :D ;) :( :p ;( :| :/ :o :* :x :> 8-) :@ ;> <3

  • Leanne xox

    me!!!! haha is ih!!! lolz :roll:

  • honey

    I hope he wasn’t crying

  • munas

    happy Birthday selena

  • Brianna Binkowski

    I think it was so sweet and romantic of him bringing a rose to give to Selena for her birthday. I am happy that they are still great friends. Although they are not together, I still call them JELENA. If Selena did not care about him, then he wouldn’t be there. I love you Justin and Selena, happy birthday.

  • Mariah Bieber

    NOOOO! They cant be together my life willl be ruined jk i luv him with her if that makes him happy then im happy! And he looks really sexy!