Justin Bieber Giving Away Free Tickets and Food to Fans!

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Justin Bieber delighted a group of ticket-less fans who were waiting outside a stadium in Iowa on Sunday night by handing them free tickets to the show.

The 3 lucky beliebers are @AhoyBieber, @heartbreakniall and @ashtonourry. Justin asked them if they had tickets and none of them did so he gave them tickets.

@AhoyBieber: Justin came outside and talked to me and two other girls! He asked if we had tickets and we said no so he got us tickets… This morning I had no tickets for the show and no way to get to the arena to see Justin. I walked almost 5 miles… Because I wanted to see Justin that badly. I waited out all day and I was about ready to go back to my hotel when Justin came outside. He talked to us, gave us his food and got us tickets! If you are determined and never give up, anything can happen!

@ashtonourry: Tonight started out horrible I got kicked out of the M&G (meet and greet)… and lost my tickets then all this happens. Justin gave us tickets. Thank you so much for the tickets I love you so much… We just waited (outside) and he came out after his meet an greets… it was after the opening acts were playing, like an hour into the show.

Justin later acknowledged his good deed by sending a Twitter message to the three lucky girls, writing,

Hey… Thanks for saying hi. Hope u enjoyed the show… Thanks for believing.

Justin Bieber giving food

free tickets

free bieber ticket

Justin Bieber in Des Moines Iowa meeting fans July 7 justinbieberzone.com 1

Fans thank Justin Bieber.

Thank justin bieber

    • EVERY one in the hole work BY THE WAY! justin bieber SUUUUCKKKKSSSSS and idc if i am selena gomez like number 1 fan he SUCKS and broke her heart how many times? the point is he sucks!

      • Will you just stop hating on my man and go get a life don’t e mad because they’re back together if anything you should be happy for them end of conversation. LOVE YOU JUSTIN ;)

      • WHY! so rude your just hateing on him because he’s famous not to be roude or anything but there is no reson to be going on ANY! of his websites and hateing on him for who he is

  1. He is so nice God Bless him and how come tmz and other bs media quickly get in him when he does something bad but when he does something good you keep your mouth shut that makes me sick ugh anyway justin you do you

  2. Ugghh!!! He is so close but yet SUPET far!! I am in Minnesota, not even a whole day away from that arena! Too bad I can go to one of his fricken concerts because my dad says that I’m too young! I’m 13 freaking years old!! There are three years olds that go!!

  3. justin that’s amazing I got tickts to las vages 6-28-13 I loved all ur song I screamed so loud for I loset my voice for 3 days

  4. Im so happy for them other beautiful Beliebers that they got a chance to meet him :) very proud just wish I got the chance to meet my idol :( hope I can some day

  5. He is the sweetest thing ever granted I am jealous everyone is cause he is so perfect it’s not even funny I mean ya he has made mistakes and big ones we all make mistakes and he has proven to all of us that he is still good and he will continue being sweet and generous and hopeful and will still be changing people’s life’s and setting an example I <3 ya justin

  6. hey Beliebers I’m sad! I’m a Belieber who has aspergers. if you don’t know what that means its a disability. I truly love Justin so much! he’s my inspiration ,idol,dream,celebertie and everything! I listen to his music everyday!
    he’s always on my mind! I truly want to meet him or be his ollg! He means so much to me! I’m so proud of him! I want help because I want to meet Justin like super badly and talk with him online! I get bullied in school for liking him! one time a kid stabbed my binder with scissors because he hates Justin. another time there was this Justin picture in a magazine! the kids scribbled it!
    I love you Beliebers! can you help me it’s my dream! I love you Justin thank you for all of your support!

  7. awwwwwwwwwwwww ma juju I love u soooooooooooo much I didn’t go to your concert and I didn’t meet u Justin plz I wanna meet u Justin I love u I love u justinnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  8. I really wish I could go see Justin, but he dose not come to my country and with all the bad shit that’s said about him my perents want even concider driving 200mils to take me to a concert and out of my friends I the only proud belieber. Which they could see him doing things like this.

  9. OMB sad story @kidrauhlforever i got bullied too because of that…but just keep being so strong and be A BELIEBER please reply me if u can…

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