Justin Bieber Greeting Fans from Hotel Balcony, TMZ reports He SPIT at Fans!

Justin Bieber hotel balcony Toronto 1

Justin Bieber and friends greeting fans from his hotel balcony in Toronto (July25).

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Checkout TMZ’s nasty reports:

Here it is … hard proof Justin Bieber is a revolting, germ-spreading spitter.

The photos were snapped Thursday in Toronto, where Bieber was perched atop his hotel balcony. We can’t tell what, or who, was directly under him as he dropped his saliva-bomb.

Justin Bieber Spit at Fans TMZ


  • Lizzie

    OMG! Not again why he spitting at his fans and that his home town that is so disgusting.

    • maddie

      Wow WOW JUSTIN

  • ivan

    I am sure he did not deliberately spit at anyone. TMZ would love to take pics of him masterbating if they could. Bieber would do more than spit on them if he ever bumped into them. Now Extra, Entertainment Tonight, Newspapers, and gossip sites will probably repeat this.

    • Lizzie

      Well he didn’t spit on them but still you don’t do that kinds of thing this is what people are talking about him too much I mean yeah he make mistakes but all the time like this na this needs to stop im not really like Bieber like how I use to be when he first came out cause now is a nother whole different story he behaving bad,smoke weed, relationship with selena off/on like those things go’s on and on it needs to stop period.

      • Never say Never

        I know when I saw this I was like hell no you don’t do that they are watching his every move he has to be perfect in public or they are going to nail him. I love him so much but someone needs to talk with him.

      • Lizzie

        At least someone get what im saying. Ya someone needs to talk to him even Will.I.Am be saying the same thing and if he keeps this up he will loose all his fans he might think it’s not going to happen but it could happen maybe not yet but it will.

      • Xavier bieber

        I agree with you he’s changed alot, this stuff must come to an end or else he’ll lose some of his Beliebers

      • nizo bieber

        @xavier bieber I totally agree wid you if he seriously don’t stop all dis hes not gonna have any beliebers…spitting @ beliebers ??? wow (sarcastic) he has changed a lot but lets not 4get d tymes wen he reached out 2 ailing ppl…

      • Sara6511

        Ofc he isn’t like he was when he just started as a pop star. He fcking grew up. You should try it sometime. All teens all around the world try/smoke weed, why the hell can’t he try it too? Is he some kind of doll that should do what ever society tells him is right? I don’t think so.

    • Adrian

      Guys…for those of u who are making excuses for your justin bieber….look at the video.

      • Lizzie

        They not going t show it but look at the picture.

      • BelieveAbove

        Um…dude. He wasnt spitting on fans, and tmz takes anything he does and makes it negative. Sure he does do something’s I don’t like but tax makes up lies. Okay?

    • Jennifer

      He didn’t spit in the video peoeple.

      • Justins one less lonely girl

        I know right people just make up lies!

    • reality

      quit making excuses! he is not a saint! my goodness!

      • BelieveAbove

        We know he’s not. But he wasn’t spitting at the fans! Gosh!

    • audrey.quansah@facebook.com

      Yea but he could have spit at the side of the balcony

    • rihanna

      same ol’ excuses.

    • Martin

      He’s a celebrity, what do you expect, the media are supposed to report on this sort of thing. If he doesn’t want the media to paint him in a bad light then he should’nt do things like this, especially since he should know that the paparazzi will capture him on camera.

  • ILoveYouJustinBieber♥

    It was probably an accident everyone needs to spit up every now and then and it was probably an emergency. I bet he wasnt even aiming for his Beliebers♥

    • Mirela

      I’m pretty sure he would have spit on the balcony instead…

    • Adrian

      2 things…how is that an accident…and what kind of mistake is that? Like for real…im a belieber and all but i don’t care how rich n famous you are….you don’t do these things. What would his mom have to say about this? Like really? Justin?

      • beebee

        He will be 20 years old soon and he is spitting. Women don’t like men that spit. It really is low class. He is suppose to be setting an example as a Christian man. It is time to grow up now. Most of us go off the rail for awhile and realize it is time to grow up. Justin it is time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you want to go to another award show being called an a-hole???????? It is up to you no one else. Maybe you don’t think you DON’T deserve this success. If you don’t who does? Quit throwing your CAREER AWAY.

      • BelieveAbove

        He didn’t spit on them! He could have spat anywhere. Remeber, tmz always makes up lies to make him look bad.

    • Lurve8Biebs

      Are you actually serious. WHO would have to spit “every now and then” for no apperent reason? This was just a stupid comment straight up.

  • Bryanna

    He could’ve had to spit, and you realize most of the fans would love for him to do that. ahaha. C:

  • maddie

    WHAT … wow justin babe I love u but why do u keep spitting on us :'(

    • Alisha

      lol! tmz, u r the biggest shit. im just laughing at these comments, like u guys always believe on them. tmz trying hard to bring him down and u r just helping them.

  • rb

    TMZ states that “we can’t tell what, or who was directly under him as he dropped his saliva-bomb”! Well, if no one complained it’s not a big deal!! Damn, I spit all the time!! He could have spit onto a canopy directly under his balcony.

  • Nikki199413

    Beliebers should be honored that their idol spit on them. (If he even did spit on them) lol

  • Lizzie

    Did he forget his mom will be watching how he is behaving?

    • Lizzie

      Theirs something wrong with this boy he have serious problems.

      • Adrian

        thumbs up to ur comment and I mean you just don’t things like this. But than again he’s rich so cause he’s the bieber, he prob thinks he can get away with anything one day its gonna bite him in the butt and something serious is gonna happen. Things don’t go unnoticed. Theres no excuses for his behavior.

    • Adrian

      he doesnt care if his moms watching. His excuse is he’s 19 and he’s gonna make stupid decisions…this is one of them. He aint thinking and if ever loses his beliebers if won’t be for no reason i mean he’s doing it to himself.

      • Lizzie

        I was going to say but………………………….

  • rb

    Look at the ‘Get ready TORONTO!’ picture. You will see a canopy directly under his balcony!

    • rb

      Correction, the retaining iron fence on the balcony is inboard 3′ from the edge of balconys cantilever.

    • I Love Kidrauhl

      Absolutely right!!!!! Head office of Tmz should be destroyed with atom bomb!!!! When i read “tmz reports he SPIT at fans” I already knew that Justin didn’t do that coz ofc.. aren’t we beliebers already know every rumor that tmz spreads is definitely untrue!!! why some beliebers take tmz reports seriously, trust Justin!!!!!

  • Lizzie

    OMG! I knew it I was right I feel stupid to be his fan of Bieberfever :(

    • amber

      You’re not right. You don’t even know what happend! And why the hell are you so goddamn gullible?!

      • Lizzie

        Tmz could be telling the truth look even though they show proof of him spitting maybe he his or not doing at his fans im just tired this then all of you about this all the time and Jelena thing going on and on I should be a fan with somebody else.

  • bieber’s shawty forever


    • audrey.quansah@facebook.com

      Well u dont spit from a balcony it dosent take an hour to go and spit in the sink he’s 19 stop makin excuses yea he makes mistakes but all the time like come on someone needs to give him advice like stat like 1 spit at the side of the balcony not in front so tmz can shutup

  • Lizzie

    He shouldn’t never do that Because he could of loose his fans that are in his home town.

  • Megan

    Speaking of spitting he acting like a little kid like little kids does that stuff.

    • amber

      No . Adults do it too and I’ve seen them. Everybody needs to spit once in a while. So you’re wrong.

      • Megan

        Um im talking about this pop star kid he need to seriously grow up and stop behaving bad to make people be talking about him all the damn time.

      • beebee

        Yes the low class does this. Seriously a Christian man is suppose to set an example.

  • Michelle

    Justin probably didn’t even spit on them. There was probably a canopy under neath and he spit on that. Anyway, he would never do that to his Beliebers. If he did spit on a Belieber, it probably would be all over Twitter or Instagram.

    • trent

      its an hotel most of them in canada dont have canopy’s at least the one’s i go to. also he looks high in one of the pictures.

      • amber

        How do you know what being high looks like?

    • Lenzie

      I ain’t going to lie about this since Justin Bieber is with (Selena Gomez) he starting behaving bad like he not the bieber bieber like how he use to be as you could see he has change.

  • amber

    C’mon guys we DON’T know were he spitted but do you really think he would spit on his beliebers?! Really? True beliebers stay by his side and not leave him over stupid bullshit that was created by TMZ which they make stupid ass stories mostly about justing that are false! Why do we have to focus on the things justin does 24/7 and listen to stupid rumors that we don’t even know if its true. Its all about the music

    • Jazmyn Beadle

      but they didnt show anything like that in the video. And im pretty sure Justin wouldnt spit on hes fans/beliebers. People make mistakes, u cant just judge him because of this, or wait.. YOU CANT judge him, not before u make sure that u are perfect, who says that the proves are real? maybe its just edited? but c’mon seriously why would he spit on those people who are supporting, are the reason why he came so far! think about that
      Once A Belieber, Always A Belieber❤

  • Sarah

    I’m sure he didn’t spit on his fans, i mean come on they’re his FANS. But still, spitting in public is still pretty gross.

  • ivan

    TMZ would love his fans to leave him so that his career is ruined. Some are falling for their stories repeated on other sites and TV gossip shows. If he did this as a prank, it’s stupid since paps from TMZ follow him everywhere. But I don’t think he purposely spat on anyone below or someone would have felt it and tweeted about it. Let’s wait for any response from Bieber or his crew if they are questioned about. Anything to trash bieber on the part of TMZ.

  • Alexis

    Everyone needs to spit he probably didn’t even ame for them!!! I’m sorry but I don’t like TMZ they make a bigger deal then it should be. They always try to make justin look bad. When are they just going to stop. Like come on TMZ is your mom and dad happy your talking crap on famous people? Stop ruinin there life

  • Lizzie

    This is why I don’t get the paparazzi is not all up in his face if he didn’t spit I think TMZ wouldn’t report this.

  • Mickey

    Seriously? Spitting on fans? Dude, Justin showed a video on instagram of them and he was smiling and eveything, why would he spit on them? Lol like no. I bet he was literally just spitting aimin at no one in particular.

    Its sad to know the guy can’t even spit without TMZ on his ass.

    Instagram- @michaellashante

  • Mariah Bieber

    Nope Justin didnt do that.TMZ strikes again! Man i hate TMZ so much! Justin not even that disrespectful!

  • bebe

    The only place someone should spit is in the grass or where no one is near but Never should you spit on top of a balcony no matter how far you are from people its disgusting and inapropriate behavior.i love justin but he is losing hes mind and need to take time off and relax.tmz might be lieing about him spiting on the fans but its not a lie that he spit off a balcony .he needs to be careful of everything he do especially hes fans are young.he made too many mistakes and it effecting hes career

  • Nadia

    Why can’t tmz just leave him alone I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t spit on his fans. I am sick of TMZ!!!

  • beebee

    As a women I really do not like guys that spit. Guys in Jr. high do this stuff but when you get to Justin’s age WHAT THE H IS WRONG? It is crude and he needs to grow up. It is time put away the childish things now. Time to put away the self- destruction. Either you love yourself Justin or you hate yourself. Are you trying to destroy your career? Do you know what most people’s lives are like? You have been truly blessed. If you are doing this stuff to your fans then just quit now. If you are toking it up and behaving this way then you need to stop it. Seriously are you going to continue to self-destruct? Your grandma has come to your aid and that is great but are you spitting on your fans? Time to grow up you’ll be 20 years old soon. What the F are you doing??? You need to address this, you really do.

    • ellabella

      … alls he did was spit like a normal human being don’t you think thats a little dramatic?

  • ellabella

    they obviously didn’t show what part or the balcony he was spitting off of cause it probably wasn’t even near the fans! if a fan didn’t complain, then it didn’t hit a fan.and if he was trying to spit on them he probably wouldn’t of missed.(i can for one understand the urge to spit off of high places ;) )


    • Kalani

      TMZ is stupid and retarded. They have like the ugliest people that works there.

  • beebee

    Maybe you were just spitting but women don’t like men that spit. It really is low class. I’m not saying to behave like a snob but I am saying behave like a Christian man. You are suppose to be setting an example to others to follow. This is no example to bring people to Christ. Make up your mind who are you going to serve on this earth God or the devil? This isn’t funny………………

    • beebee

      I really am trying to help Justin. This isn’t something girls find attractive. He is becoming a man and men don’t do these things. Spitting off a balcony???? Your mom needs to drag back into church seriously. You know TMZ is just waiting for you to do something wrong. If you are showing off for you friends why do you feel like you need to do this?

  • Lizzie

    His fame went to being a bad behaving hard headed little kid.

    • Lizzie

      I just realized why he had to spit now that the MTV awards is next month.

    • beiber fever

      he is my insparation he is my everything i would die to see him again i said again because i went to his concert last night

  • beebee

    I hope you aren’t token it up. People that do weed and other drugs begin to regress they never mature like a normal person because they are using a crutch to get through life’s battles. This way they never mature, you numb yourself from life so you don’t mature normally. Christian’s call it refining of gold. You really need to STOP doing stupid things.

  • ms.jb4ever

    Guys shut up ur missing the point Justin can’t eve spit without people watching him give him a break and who said there was anyone under him when he was spitting your over reacting if you’re a belieber you wouldn’t even care

  • Swaggy

    I’m a belieber but spitting… come on guys it s not a very nice thing to do. sure everybody makes mistakes but if you keep doing that same mistake over and over. don’t get me wrong beliebers but he has to behave like when he was younger i know the pressure and the paps. wont leave him alone but he is giving them something to talk about that why we always he the bad things that Justin do and not the good things that he had done…