1. Yeah that’s pretty cool… I think everyone who comes to this website would want to go to a concert of his :P :)

      • the drama is out of control it seems to happen when Justin is doing well and is out of the spot light then they find stuff and try and bring him down. I just got The Key love it the package has is picture of the front of it. The bottle is awesome.

    • hayat hi i’m jayla devine 2 things 1 um do u want to be friends 2 um u realllly luv Justin bieber hu I guess u want to marry him

  2. u are so hpt and sexy justin bieber i love u so much am going to buy that perfume i have of your perfume someday i have it and someday is smells so beautiful

  3. I love uuuuuuuu juju thats awesome pic new pic for ma twitter background aaaaawwwwwww aaaaaaaaa juju i really love uuuuuuuu hoty picccc

  4. OMG!! I’m burning due to his hotness. just cant imagine, how did that girl(model) survive???

  5. hi my name is christian hammons hey justin birber i wander if me and you want to have a baby boy i am named after you

  6. O my gudness, justin! U luk so gud! I wish I could get that perfume, but can’t. Jb is besssssssttttttesssstt…

  7. is anyone here from South Africa…i wanna know if its out here…i hope so…mah mum told she would get me GIRLFRIEND soon…but am gonna buy THE KEY with my money…justin looking seexxyy

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