Maxim Director: “Justin Bieber Can’t Take a Break From the Spotlight, People Love Him”

Justin Bieber scandal ken shadforb maxim

Director of Maxim TV, Ken Shadford told FOX411′s In the Zone about Justin’s recent bad behavior:

I don’t think Justin Bieber is on an uprise right now. He hasn’t known anything but fame his whole life, so as he starts to mature into what I assume is his adulthood, he doesn’t have the coping skills or mechanisms to deal with that.

Justin Bieber can always take a hiatus whenever he wants, but the question is, would he ever be able to take a hiatus? People love him. People want him in the spotlight and there are a lot of people who make a lot of money off him. I don’t think it’s his option to take a hiatus right now. We’re just going to have to enjoy the Bieber coaster.

Do you think Justin should take a break from the spotlight beliebers?

  1. to me that not because anyone unless her mother have to say that do want your beliebers and never will leave

    • pattie i do agree with maxiwell the dirtector

      pattie this i think justin beiber should take a very long time off the spotlight unlit he does wake up and take the action like everyone else pattie he over the age of 18 of age. the state should lock him up and take his driver licenses taking away from him for a very long time him as responable for his action. he should be serving his time for the Dui charge we don,t get a break from that pattie why should he get away with keep on making very bad choices its a part of life yes he should,nt ever be in the spot light for ever and all fan like me need to wake him and tell him to stop driving to fast or getting into very bad trouble like peeing the janitor mop bucket yes he should be out of the spot light for long time we all have to learn the hard well and he should tell all his fan i have been making very bad choice and i need faces up for the correct pushnment like everyone has to serve i,m know different then anyone else so i need to lose my drivers license for a while be locked up by the police and giving my singing life style unlit start learn my lesson that well give me time start settle down to have some children with my new wife yes i should be out of the singing spot light for now no more concert unlit i start learning my lesson in life and start buying hondas civic for a car giving up ferriar for now

  2. awwwwww yes baby yes u should take a break juju but we love that’s not the thing we love u so that’s y u should take a break and stop these things that hurt u and just take care of u justin just take a break to make your mind fresh

  3. justin just do the thing that your heart say not the pplz say not the thing your mind say just do the thing that your heart say and when your heart don’t give ans than think from your mind and just take a break we r saying your beliebers r saying this so do it we will not say u that don’t take a break we r with u always take a break justin just for some refreshment justin plz i love u justinnnnnnnnnnnn
    and i am always with u justin i love u i love u i love u justin soooooooooooooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhh

  4. yes sweetheart u should take a break That Will make tour mind fresh and take care of your self honey cuz we need u lovvvvvvvvvvvv u :*(beliebers)

  5. yes u r absolutely right @yes its amina bieber
    i am saying this but what justin do is his own choise i say that he should take a break we all say that but our juju what he will do this will be his own choise

  6. Well to me, I think that he needs a break cause all of this will have an affect on his future.

    To the people who chose ‘No’ on the poll then you are non beliebers cause I’m 100% sure that every belieber want justin to be happy, and being under the spotlight all the time won’t make him happy.

    • You go Belieber I said yes he needs a break to get rest for his body and have some fun and relax with a dead line to meet. I love and adore Justin more than anything I also care about his health.

  7. I think Justin shuld do what feels right and follow his heart and if he takes a am sure he will still be here for his BELIEBERS…am sure some pple will say he shouldn’t take a break because they are afraid he won’t even be there…please don’t think am hating…I LOOOOOOOOOVE Justin Bieber<3 <3 <3 <3 :) :) :)

  8. yeah. I rwili thnk justin shuld take a break frm d spotlight. He wuld b able to focus on himself nd family nd fwends mre and wnt b tinkn of hw he’s gona face paparazi ne his beliebers. Im a devotd fan bt i tink he rwili nid dat break.

  9. He does need a break not only from traveling all over and his stupid friends but from the media which will not leave him alone. They are like vultures[especially TMZ] trying to ruin his career permenantly. If we support him they will have egg on their face. Those that are leaving him for his mistakes are making TMZ and his haters happy.

  10. I think Justin should take a break so that he won’t have the whole world judging him when he makes a mistake. He could spend more time with his family and friends.He should also follow is heart and not what other people want him to do. I Justin no matter what he chooses to do.


  11. Noooooooooooo don’t take a break.we love you so so much.don’t let him fall down like this.BELIEVE IN HIM!!!!!!!

    • KAtty don’t think of yourself think of others Imagine if you where in Justin’s shoes… you can also get tired & exhausted you know its hard work.. we are all gonna miss him but he needs to get a rest… Just think about it.. please

    • I hope he takes a break one day. And let him enjoy being with his family and his besties. Lil twist and za he should get rid of themz

  12. Many Beliebers do not want him to take a break because they love him, even I may not want him to take a break but it’s not about us guys, it’s about Justin. I don’t know about u guys, but I just want Justin to be happy and if taking a break is what he needs then I say it’s ok. As long as he is happy, I’m happy

  13. I think a month would be fine. If he take too long some fans might lose interest in him and support Austin Mahone or some other pop star. Fans can be fickle. I think people will eventually stop talking about his recent mistakes such as the pissing in a bucket crap and forget as they did past mistakes.

  14. I didn’t know, because it depends on whether or not he really needs/wants one. Whatever decision he makes, though, I’m sure will be the best. <3

  15. ok Justin I hate to say it but your changing WHAT HAPPEND TO THE SWEET 16 YEAR OLD BOY WE USED TO LOVE I BELIVE YOU CAN CHANGE IF YOU DIG DOWN DIP IN SIDE YOUR HART and to all fans including my self if you belive he can change then go ahead but I love him to death but if he is going to act like this I say he is a jerk but in side he knows he loves to be a sweet little guy to his mom and dad but dang GET REAL JUSTIN YOU SAID YOU WOULD NEVER LET US DOWN AND GUESS WHAT GIRLS HE DID HE REALLY LET US DOWN

  16. all this break crap is getting stupid and annoying for those that are saying that i just wish they will stop and his not going anywhere he will be around for ever no one is perfect everybody makes mistakes no matter what people say i will support him and he dont need a break because their are billions of beliebers around the world that love him and we will always be there for him and support him people need to stop judging him

  17. As I said, if some expect perfection from him, than go to some other teen idol if you could find one who is clean and perfect and never makes mistakes. He already has lost some fans, but gained some that realize nobody is perfect.

  18. I think Justin should take a break. If he doesn’t he will have a melt down like every celebrities out there. I have yet to see him take a half of year off just to have time for himself. He’s doing too much too fast and he will burn and crash hard if he doesn’t take care of himself and his well being by taking a break.

  19. Justin u should take a break,,i mean your fans are still gonna surport u but for your own good u should definately a break.

  20. I think he should take a break.. but just for like a couple months!!! then go bck to being famous! cause i can tell tht he does not like all the paperaze takeing pics of him! i mean GIVE HIM SOME GOSH DANG SPACE PPL!! he has a life to live and u reporters and haters r putting down!! go on and live ur own life and leave him the “f” alone!!!! so Justin if u happen to read this now or in the future! i want to let u know tht i will always be there for u even tho u dont know me! i still Love u for who u r and will never stop!

  21. How much i love justin i care for him. And like by the way his acting now its just horrible i mean thats not the justin we use to know his changed and like i love him still but by the way his changing makes most beliebers change thats why some are now nonbeliebers we believed in him and thats how his here now. Famous. But the reason people like him is not just because of his music but because of his attidude as well he was a fun childish teenager that everyone loved and he was our idol people looked up to him. And i know for sure i did . I want him to be the REAL justin he used to be the justin i looked up to and the justin that made people look up to him. Yeah i know this is cheesy and that but its just what i think. If anyone agrees with please tell me. Thankyou :) and if you do agree then please screen shot this and send this to @sophiatran06 on twitter thanx :D and follow me on twitter as well @sophiatran06 thanks :D

  22. Justin it’s your decision, I think you do need some time off but like you say, the only way to make things better is to keep giving back by making new music. Please don’t worry that your letting us down, and don’t worry that you’ll loose some of us because they aren’t beliebers, they’re just fans. The ones that love you and believe in you enough will not leave you because it our promise, to stay by you and be here for you. Yeah peeing in a bucket wasn’t the best idea you’ve had, but it’s a mistake, you can’t go back now and there’s nothing you can do. I know how hard it must be seeing as all haters and people who aren’t fans only remember your mistakes and never the good stuff, but what they never seem to remember is that your only 19 and you are entitled to a childhood as much as anyone else and I suppose that your childhood has been a bit longer because you’ve had less of it being busy touring, making new music and not being able to go out a lot of the time because of your amazing beliebers. But Justin if you need a break to get back on track, then do it because its killing us to see you unhappy. I love you babe.

  23. I think that Justin must take a break … Justin you need to relax a little …I mean you are 19 you have to live you life … Take some rest … Hung out with your friends..spend some time with your family… Yes we gonna miss you but it’s ok …we know that you are human being and we know that this is the best for you because we love you … <3 <3 <3

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