Miley Cyrus on Justin Bieber Collaboration: “Top secret Belieber stuff”

Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus hangin justinbieberzone

Miley Cyrus recently said about her collaboration with Justin (July 17):

There is some rumor alert, I did do a song for Bieber on his record. I can’t discuss. Top secret Belieber stuff.

We can’t wait to hear it!!! Listen to Miley‘s interview .

  • Barasha

    Me first i like to be first

  • bieber’s shawty forever

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa she is she she is like uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugggggghhhhhhh
    I love her and also hate her idk now I have to hate her or love her
    just leave it
    I love u Justin sooooooooooooo much
    I don’t wanna listen the interview

  • belieber Raina

    i Love Cyber <3

  • Xavier bieber

    Can’t wait to hear the song :) btw everyone vote for Justin bieber for the vma awards August 25th keep voting for Justin he deserves it alot spread the word to the other beautiful Beliebers so that he can win some awards <3 love you Justin

  • Bieber fever

    @xavier bieber don’t forget the teen choice awards too :)
    You can vote here at teenchoiceawards.com ;D

  • Barasha

    Well miley looks better when she hav long and brown hair.

  • Barasha

    I was a big fan of hanna montana but not of miley

  • Barasha

    I was a fan of hanna montana but not of miley

  • Barasha

    Well that doesent mean that i dont like her.i like her

  • melied

    4:36 she talk about justin

  • Belieber

    Awesome, can’t wait to hear the song :-)

  • essie j

    i cant wait to hear it :)

  • shy girl 101

    i hate miley She’s a bitch because she treats boys lik crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Likethemboth

    Ugh I’m so lazy and mad it won’t let me play it on mobile but I don’t wanna get up to go and my computer

  • Fine Ass Beliebers

    follow me please

  • Barasha

    Love u justin,barasha

  • Alisha (@alishaluvjb)

    yeppy!! im soo excited 4 the song, cant wait to listen it. <3


    I don’t like miley because she’s a stuid litte hore she’s a tramp and she treat people so wrong and at her concert she hump someone it was just wrong miley if u read this ur a stupid aass hore ur a bitch also get a life. LOVE U JUSTIN


    Miley please stop dressing like a guy I like you but please don’t turn bad and I love you Justin

  • angel

    heyyyyy justin i luv uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ur so sexy ummmmmmm…..:)

  • erica

    ur so sexy…..im your biggest fan literally..i just wish i could go to one of your concerts…….can u give me free tickets………………please

  • hailey

    i love you please type back please give me free tickets

  • angel

    wat is ur # bieber

  • angel

    i dunno wat yall think but miley can not twerk bcuz she is so stiff i can twerk betta than her nd tht is truuuuuu matter of fact imma bout 2 twerk wit my frinds peace yall…………………….luv u justinBIEBER

  • scisha

    why top secaret? mite have spell it worng

  • scisha

    I <3 bieber#belieber