Mom Pattie Talks About Justin Bieber’s Recent Bad Boy Behavior (Interview)

Justin Bieber and Pattie Mallette bond

While promoting her new book for teens, Nowhere But Up, mom Pattie Mallette talked about her experiences of raising Justin Bieber, and all the controversy that has been surrounding his behavior lately.

When asked about Justin’s recent bad behavior, Pattie told Today Show on July 8:

Well, I think as parents we all worry about our kids, whether they’re going off to college, you know, whatever — whatever situation they’re in. I think at a certain age, the parenting style changes. And, he’s always been such a strong-willed child, you know. I talk about that.

I talk to Justin. I text him and I call him every day, as much as you can for an adult child that doesn’t live with you. He knows what I think. We talk. It’s stuff that obviously I can’t share with the whole world, but we definitely talk. I hope I’m still a big voice in his ear.

“Everybody Wants To Sensationalize” Justin Bieber.

Pattie also tells Newsday on July 3 that she doesn’t cross the line when talking about Justin to the press.

He wants me to continue to respect his boundaries and my relationship with him.

Everybody has their own opinion and everybody wants to sensationalize everything. You have to sort of let them make some of their own decisions. Me, personally, I would love to be with him all the time and to be able to ground him and deal with his problems and do all of that stuff, but at some point the parenting style changes. I hope to still be a respected voice in his ear.

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