Pattie Mallette Book Signing “Nowhere but Up” at Chapters Pinecrest Ottawa!

Pattie Mallette Book Signing Nowhere But Up 0

Pattie Mallette signing her first book, Nowhere but Up at Chapters Pinecrest, OTTAWA (July23).

According to, beliebers started lining up at 6 am for the 1 pm event. While they waited, they chanted “Pattie, Pattie, Pattie”. Bookstore staff handed many of them tissues to wipe their eyes after their brief encounter with Mom Pattie.

Watch video:

  1. I thank this women coz she’s the reason Justin’s here. She’s so pretty though, and she looks so young.

  2. Pattie have a new book that is so amazing. Justin Bieber have a beautiful mom and still looks young yea that’s right I said that.

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