Pattie Mallette: “People Don’t talk the Great Things Justin Bieber Does Everyday”

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Justin Bieber’s mom Pattie Mallette has been forced to speak on behalf of Justin’s bad behaviour.

Pattie’s defensive comments came after another scandalous week that included the release of a video showing Justin urinating in a janitor’s mop bucket in the kitchen of a New York night club, followed by the arrest of Lil Twist for suspected DUI while driving Justin’s sports car late Wednesday night.

While appearing on the BravoTV show, Watch What Happens Live, Pattie said:

I’m not naive to think that my child is perfect and making all the best decisions of his life. He knows what I disagree with and he knows all the things that I’m really proud of him for, too.

I mean, people don’t talk about all the great things he does every day.

Every night before a show, he meets with Make-a-Wish kids. He goes to sick kids’ hospitals. He visits with them (and) takes his time. He gives back to charities.

  • bieber’s shawty forever

    Awww pattie is so sweet and a great mom like mine one awwww proud of her i love u justin

    • Belieber

      Pattie is right come on evry kid in that age wants to have “fun” but if its justin bieber than its of course a big thing!!!!
      Hey justin just wanna tell you that i love you and that i understand you
      And i want you to know that whatever will happen i will always be there for you
      Love you <3

    • So true

      Patties right
      Sure justin bieber makes some bad desicions
      But that’s life
      And they should focus on some of the good things justin does
      Not only the bad things which make him look bad
      … Sure, I honestly don’t like Justin doin things like this
      But he does
      And I can’t stop him
      Deep down under
      He’s got a clean heart

      • Never say Never

        Justin is love and peace and caring and happiness, he is a good person at heart it’s the press giving him all this BS I wish it would stop. I love you JB you are so amazing and make me smile!!

  • #aussiebelieber

    you go girrrrrl !!! Stick up for Justin :D Your sooo sweet pattie !! But dont worry Pattie , us Beliebers got you and Justin FOREVER !!!

    Love you Justin ;)

  • hayat

    i love him and his mom awesome

  • daika04

    love you pattie ;)

  • Justice Drew Beebs Lover

    She definitly knows whats up!!! Haha kids these days….Love you Bieby!!

  • belieberrrr

    ok, so this interview is great, but did u guys see the one on E!News? she just justified him, I mean, yes he’s going to make his mistakes and stuff but on the E! interview she didnt say anything useful, she jus said like: justin, go ahead do whatever u like, and u’ll make mistakes, and i hope one day u mature… WHAT?? any regular mom would be like, we need to talk and u need to get better cuz this is not right and blah blah blah. but this is just ridiculous, it made people think that she only cares for the checks and the 15 minutes on tv! 7which is not true cuz she loves her kid, although she could do better parenting) if u search ‘ pattie mallette on e news? on google and then click on the e online site and watch the video, then see the comments: People are comparing her to Dina Lohan ( thats not true or fair but a person who doesnt really know about her and just saw that interview, could think so easily)!!

    • belieberrrr

      I’m talking about the E!NEWS interview, not this one. Just to make it clear

    • belieberrrr

      And yes, on this one I agree that they only mention bad stuff and not all the super great stuff justin does!!

  • ♥belieberbaby♥

    i love pattie and Justin and i agree that the media only talks bad about him not the good like when he gave free food and tickets to his fan and he did all that he can to help the sick and poor i love you justin

  • Barasha

    I think pattyie is right.

  • ivan

    Perez Hilton, a phony fan, has an article practically ridiculing her for standing by him and in another says we gave up on him. I posted an answer blasting that phony. If we don’t defend him, while hoping he matures and makes no mistakes, who will? He was also trashed by Conan O’ Brien on his show ridiculing him. Hope he stays out of clubs where they will look for more dirt on him.

    • Justice Drew Beebs Lover

      He’s not gonna stay out of the clubs…Most 19 yr olds always try and sneak in …I did the exact same thing….I guess these idiots were never young or Teens…..silly to expect him not to experiment most young people do…

  • beebee

    Patty has said Justin knows where she stands on things. That means he has been taught right from wrong. Justin knows exactly what he has been taught and where Patty stands on things. God gives us free will and it is up to Justin which path he takes. She has said he is very strong willed. It sounds like he wants to go to the school-of-hard-knocks rather than listening to his mom. People have to learn things for themselves. I think Justin is doing a good job with his charity works and many, many other things. He is still learning and growing just like everyone.

  • KattyB$


  • Mrs.Bieber

    He has a great mom. She doesn’t think he can do whatever he wants JUST because he’s a celebrity. To everyone that think Justin can do whatever he wants, you’re not true fans. Just blind followers.

  • Bieber Girl

    I hate how the media only says negative stuff about Justin and never say a million positive things he does…its only fan sites that reveal the real Justin. And I totally agree with Justin’s mom(Pattie mallete)…and half of the things the media says about him is not true…they wanna ruin Justin cuzz he’s on top of the world…and has BELIEBERS all over the world who believes in him

  • ivone

    Jada Pinkett Smith spoke about all of this, she let the media have it.
    JB is a 19 year old that is being judged by the world, he is only doing
    what any teenager his age would be doing but the media looks and thrives on the bad news. Why can the media follow him to the hospitals, the charity events he attends, Are those events not worthy of their news?!!

    • Kalani

      I do agree what jada said about justin. He’s young. But he’ll learn as he grows and I love his mom. I just hope at the end that he learns from his mistakes and take a grain of salt that goes with it.

  • Fine Ass Belieber

    good :))
    follow me please :))

  • bieberfever#1

    That is so true :D

  • Thecanadiankidswagg

    nobody is perfect in this world.. justin too.
    every tennager wanted to have fun if justin do something that wasn’t a problem. he just wanted to have fun

    i proud to patty! she is a great mom !
    i proud to justin because justin was keep learning how to be better and more better



  • essie j

    Justin is an amazing person but the media only focus on the bad things he does

  • ♥Belieber♥

    Pattie is right. I think they do need to put the good stuff he does out there. With all the negative things that people hear, that is one reason why they think he is a bad role-model to other’s. I mean, he does makes bad choices sometimes (everybody does)…. but he does do good.

  • luiza.belieber

    yes your right pattie…i love you Justin

  • sara

    justin is too hot (hes mine ) he never ugly my brother says justins guys . . . i dont care what peaple say i love you . . . im haering your song (all around the world)

  • Thisgirl

    Bieber, like all young artists, will fall badly. Its not his fault, its society’s fault. Take a very, EXTREMELY example of Miley Cirus. And by the looks of it, hes going that way. But if what his mother said is true that he goes to charities before/after the shows. Then you have some respect, but if its all lies and its just his mother protecting him (any mother will protect their child no matter what) then im sorry but no.