Selena Gomez’s Friends Furious She and Justin Bieber Back Together

After Justin and Selena celebrated America’s Independence Day together on Thursday (July 4th) and Justin posted a picture of them on his Instagram page with the caption ‘#heartbreaker’, Selena’s friends are said to be angry she appears to be giving Justin another chance.

A source told RadarOnline:

Selena’s friends have stuck by her through thick and thin, but the whole back-and-forth relationship with Bieber is really starting to wear on then.

None of her friends really like Justin – or at least, they don’t like Selena with Justin. It’s just not a healthy relationship. 

According to the site, last year in a last ditch attempt to save their relationship, Justin wrote a number of love songs for Selena.

Justin told Selena that he wrote her a bunch of new songs and they are going on the album.

He is desperate for her attention, but she is flattered. Selena loves him but just wants him to treat her better. But she loves when he sings about her, so she’s flattered.

      • Sure they are cute together but like they said; It’s just not a healthy relationship.
        Look how they feel. Selena feels that Justin treats her bad (witch I don’t believe)
        And it looks like Justin is sad when they are together. Maybe it’s best the just move on.

        I’m just so damn curious why they spilled up. I want to know about everything, the problems, the fights, the love life. It kills me!

      • I will always love justin. He means everything to me. We’re still friends and always will be.

      • taylor swift & her gang try very hard to split justin & selena up but they keep coming together again. they love each other and that is a hard bond to break. it’s time taylor butted out of their business and let them sort out their problems themselves. i think things might be different then. of course i believe taylor wants selena for herself. taylor swift is not a good friend to selena. she has no good experience to pass on.

    • People don’t know what justin and I have been through. We still love each other. I know my friends mean well. I’m so in love with justin. He’s such a sweet guy and not to mention he has a nice body that I can just look at everyday. He also has a killer smile.

      • Thts so right tell them selena hey good job on getting back together with justin I think u should no be friends with taylor Swift anymore she pulls u guys apart

      • I kind of like u guys together . but im confused bout talor swift since she gets her ass dumped by guys u should stick by demi instead she is a better influnce all taylor does is tallk crap about justin and writes dumb brake up songs i hate her sooo much plus u and demi are better as bff’s anyway.

      • Pls justin and Selena are so meant for each other. Her friends should stay out of her love life and they should live there own.

      • LOL so true and Selena could go cry a river if she loves his songs so much and the media is a liar bcause u cant say ALL his songs r about Selena they’re about us 2 and soon Justin is gonna get tired of Selena and then come crying 2us about this and this and that (or at least I hope so and not that I would mind) :)

    • Oh God. People, stop lying to your selves. If Justin is happy, I’m happy? Whaaat? That is not true. Justin is happy when he is with Selena? He may be or may be not but I’m not happy. I just don’t like her and it is sooooo obvious that she is using him. God, why cant people just see that? If Selena really, really, really loves Justin, why did she say so many mean things and shit about him. If she really loved him she wouldn’t have said so many mean things about him. She gets me out of my nerves.

      • I agree there is something about her I just don’t like but what can we do not a thing Justin is going to be with who he wants to be. I just hope his heart doesn’t get broken!

      • You are so right, she only dates guys while they’re famous. Remember Jonas Brothers? Yeah, what happened to her love for Nick after they’re not in the spotlight anymore? Her love is cheap, and she is gullible, her love is buy-able.


      • I agree with you @Genesis. we really dont know if she really makes him happy. he needs to understand that she cant be the only key to his happiness. One girl cant make his whole happiness and hopefully one day he finds that out. Just bc ppl think theyre cute together doesnt mean they are meant to be together. thats my opinion. and am i the only one that finds that #heartbreaker is a lil hypricritcal if he goes back with her. if she was the heartbreaker then why go back to someone who broke your heart. it doesnt really add up. but we all know the song is gonna be amazing so i guess thats fine. once again this is all my opinion.

  1. They said above that Selena give Justin another chance … Wtf they should say justin give her a chance cause this bitch broke his heart not he I just can’t believe it I hate her I hate her I hate her and hard to explain how much I do I swear and I adore justin and I know that he will never be happy with this fucky bitch crazy girl and I am sure that she will brake his poor heart again and again I hope that justin will notice that …

    • Listen here this website is for beliebers only so if you have crap to say about justin bieber get out and 2 we don’t know if they are back together just because they went to the movies and they spent 4th of july together means nothing remember what she said she’s happy about being single that if someone were to ask her on a date she would say yes so I doubt there back together but there might be a chance
      Love you Justy

      • @ms.jb4ever Last time I checked she can post whatever the fvck she wants to, there’s no rule on who can post on any website. If you don’t like it then stfu and move on to the next comment.

      • They have gone through so much together. Besides it not like her friends are Dating justin. She is or was.

    • U people r stupid think about it if u were dating someone u love and they just kept messing wouldn’t u break up with him/her and then they promise things will get better by giving him a sec chance over what her friends say proves that she loves him or could like abuse relationships who’s to say he’s not the one giving her a second chance he could of broken up with her we never heard the story actually from their mouths

    • U people r stupid think about it if u were dating someone u love and they just kept messing wouldn’t u break up with him/her and then they promise things will get better by giving him a second chance over what her friends say proves that she loves him or could like abuse relationships who’s to say he’s not the one giving her a second chance he could of broken up with her we never heard the story actually from their mouths P.S. Ty @swaggie belieber for letting me use ur reply button no drama just didn’t wanna go all the way to the bottom.

  2. Guys I’m so Sad!!!Justin Is coming To state That’s Below mine! I want to go so bad! He’s Going to be there Tommorow! I can’t Go! I saw him in MN but I want to see him agian! I am going to Selena!! Yay! Can’t wait To see her!

  3. Selena is just a user who never loved Justin and only used him to get more fame for herself! And now that she a has a new single and album she all of a suddenly goes back to Justi again! She keeps playing these mind games and Justin needs to wake up and dump her before she does it to him AGAIN!!!

    • Candy unless you’ve kicked it with selena and she’s told you things. than make that accusation. Selena is a sweetheart. regardless of what ppl label her to be. their relationship shouldbe between them not the whole public eye, or world.

    • justins mother thinks selena is good for justin and knows there is love between them. i know about what you think because i have wondered about that too. i do believe they love each other though.

  4. Her friends should stay the f*** out of her life.I’m happy that Jelena’s back together, they both are better off with each other cause atleast he’d be spending his spare time with her instead of his Bad boy rapper friends:P

  5. A couple things…so what if selena is back with justin. At the end of the day it’s their relationship noone eles’s selena’s ‘friends’ should be supportive that’s what friends do. Justin and selena are gonna do what is best for both of them and they obviously love eachother. it’s noone elses’ place to put down their relationship. THEY’VE been in eacohther’s lives for a long time and for them to just drop their love cause ‘other ppl’ are against it is ridiculous. I support Jelena and always will. They love eachother so deal with it. Oh and btw…on n off again does happen….ppl breakup n makeup and some ppl don’t in this case. Theres alot of love between these two. Can’t just expect selena and justin to juss let all their feelings…for the sake and saftey of their relationship….i hope they don’t listen to any of the so called ‘friends who are angry’ cause their back together. Be happy for them.

  6. I love jelena alot, there so wonderful together :) looking foward to his next album & single #Heartbreaker <3

  7. that is not true on the picture he has grills which was back then…. and right now he doesn’t have grills. all of that is not true the instagram photo had the hashtag heartbreaker. duhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

    • you can get a grill that you can put in and take out and selena obviously just got those sunglasses cause in her latest pictures shes been wearing them alot so its not old its a new picture get over it #your in denial

  8. Any girl he’s with will be a problem with some. what’s important is that he is happy and free from trouble. If these women dislike Justin, that’s too bad. He does not need them. They don’t pay his rent. He’s bigger than they are.

    • They obviously love eachother….Shes older and More Mature- she did tell him, “When you’re ready come AND GET IT!!” Hope he’s ready…lol

  9. honestly i get that their friends want to pretect them but its not their relation ship its justin and selenas and their friends should just but out thats how i honestly feel

  10. How are u even sure there together.. There’s been a lot of rumors going around so I could just be another rumor

  11. For her to say that he needs to treat her better.. WOW just wow. He has done everything for her, you couldn’t ask for anymore.

  12. Selena is suck! she have a lot of drama,she likd a hypocritical, and how easy it is to pull justin pull on doing what selena :/

  13. selena y justin no pueden volverrrrrrrrr!!!! sorry justin es que te adoroooo todo el mundo te adora sos el mejor no sabes cuanto te amoo aunque no lo pienses vos mismo pero si volves con selena no dejes de amarnossss solo queremos essoooooo yo te lo pido esto si lo estas leeyendo te recomiendo que si volves con ella no nos dejes de amarrrrr te lo pidooooo lindoooo

    te amoooo(tu fan numero 1)
    BELIEBERRR <3<3<3<3

  14. The only reason her friends would have a negative opinion about Justin would be if she had implanted that negativity onto her friends. If she had kept a positive attitude during their break-up her friends probably would not have been furious with them getting back together. There’s nothing wrong with a couple working out the bugs in their relationship, it’s just the way Selena did the break-up thing to try and change Justin. It’s a good thing that Mrs. Jordan Ozuna is married; she almost lost Justin!

  15. cmon radaronline is worst than tmz. at least tmz shows you videos radar online is always on justin or selena’s case. and i havent even seen any twits from any of her friends or his friends remember that alfredo flores is one of justin’s closest friends and he was with them on the 4th of july. and twist was there too. kids don’t believe anything you read on the internet. also taylor swift is single she’s not dating that leprechaun of ed sheridan.

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