The Rant: Defending Justin Bieber!

Stop Hating Justin Bieber

A rant for the Bieber haters.

I’m gonna go on a bit of a rant about all the hate Justin gets.

Recently I’ve been really annoyed with Bieber haters. I’m a Belieber and I sometimes feel guilty about not really defending Justin when he gets hate. I sort of think “I know who Justin is and that’s what’s important.”

But lately all the little comments people make about him are really getting to me.

One of the most common and frankly most ridiculous ‘insults’ Justin gets is “he’s gay.” Justin is not gay. He’s had girlfriends and doesn’t seem attracted to men. Even if Justin was gay, so what? What’s wrong with being gay? If you think there’s something wrong then you need to realize everyone needs and deserves love no matter what their gender preference is. If Justin was gay, what does that matter? He isn’t famous for being straight; he’s famous for being a musician. If he’s gay it doesn’t alter his talent. That’s what you should care about, the music. Not if he likes men or women.

People say he’s a jerk and he’s rude. Can I just picture what life would be like if you were Justin Bieber? Imagine not being able to go anywhere without cameras in your face. Imagine having unnecessary comments made about you, your friends, your family every day. Your every move and every action picked at and constantly being put down no matter how hard you try. You’re going to get annoyed; you’re going to sometimes think the whole world is against you and sometimes get confused who really cares and who just wants attention. You’re going to make mistakes. You’re going to treat people badly and not necessarily realize. Everyone does it, with problems not as near big as Justin’s.

Everyone’s rude at some time or another. Justin’s a human and he’s going to make mistakes. He’s not perfect and neither is anyone else in this world. You need to realize he’s under so much pressure and he’s bound to crack sometimes.

But can I just say, people who think Justin is a jerk, think about Avalanna. Think about how much Justin cares about his fans and how much times he takes for them. Think about how much he does for his girlfriends. Think about how he’s a shameless momma’s boy. Think about the best friends he’s kept from Stratford, before all the fame and money.

He makes mistakes, but he isn’t a jerk. He’s a normal 19 year old boy trying to do his best.

Haters always say “he sings like a girl.” I think you need to go to school and get educated. Some people hit puberty early. Some people hit puberty later on in their life. Who cares?

I’d like to see you try and make millions singing. Justin obviously has an extraordinary talent and millions of people are in love with his voice. It’s broken now and he’s still successful what does that prove? That it doesn’t matter what pitch his voice is in, he’s still and incredible singer.

Obviously Justin isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and I’m not forcing you to like him but just because you don’t like his music it doesn’t give you a reason to hate him.

I personally don’t like Lady Gaga’s music but I don’t send her hate. I don’t know her personally, I don’t know if she’s a nice person or not. So I don’t really have a reason to dislike her as an individual.

And back to the attention part of it, the tabloids up the most stupid rumors I’ve heard. And if you believe everything you read you’re stupid and small-minded. Think of the source.

Do you think papers are going to print the truth? No because the truth is, is that Justin hasn’t done half of the stuff he’s been accused of and that doesn’t sell papers. Lies and rumors sell papers because that’s what people like to believe. Because they’re jealous.

How many 19 year olds do you know who are internationally famous with millions of albums sold around the world, donated thousands to charity, records set and broken, millions of dedicated fans and too many awards won to count. Most of the 19 year olds I know are unemployed, living off their parents, smoking weed every day, getting drunk every weekend, sleeping around and not getting anywhere in life.

Justin has achieved more than any other 19 year old had and you’re just jealous because you know you could never be that successful. Also, some people say they don’t like Justin because of his ’12 year old fans.’ First of all, we’re not all 12 years old and that ‘insult’ is really old. Quite a lot of his fans have grown up with him and are in their 20’s. Justin’s audience ranges from little kids to adults in their 50’s. Just because a fraction of his fans are 12 year olds doesn’t mean we all are. Not all of us are crazy. Not all of us ‘cut for Bieber.’ Not all of threaten his girlfriends. So don’t be so discriminating and think we’re all like that.

That was my rant and thanks for reading, I know it was long. I just had enough of all the hate Justin gets when he doesn’t deserve any of it. I love Justin and I’ll support him through everything.

Amelia @Union_J0sh

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