The Rant: Defending Justin Bieber!

Stop Hating Justin Bieber

A rant for the Bieber haters.

I’m gonna go on a bit of a rant about all the hate Justin gets.

Recently I’ve been really annoyed with Bieber haters. I’m a Belieber and I sometimes feel guilty about not really defending Justin when he gets hate. I sort of think “I know who Justin is and that’s what’s important.”

But lately all the little comments people make about him are really getting to me.

One of the most common and frankly most ridiculous ‘insults’ Justin gets is “he’s gay.” Justin is not gay. He’s had girlfriends and doesn’t seem attracted to men. Even if Justin was gay, so what? What’s wrong with being gay? If you think there’s something wrong then you need to realize everyone needs and deserves love no matter what their gender preference is. If Justin was gay, what does that matter? He isn’t famous for being straight; he’s famous for being a musician. If he’s gay it doesn’t alter his talent. That’s what you should care about, the music. Not if he likes men or women.

People say he’s a jerk and he’s rude. Can I just picture what life would be like if you were Justin Bieber? Imagine not being able to go anywhere without cameras in your face. Imagine having unnecessary comments made about you, your friends, your family every day. Your every move and every action picked at and constantly being put down no matter how hard you try. You’re going to get annoyed; you’re going to sometimes think the whole world is against you and sometimes get confused who really cares and who just wants attention. You’re going to make mistakes. You’re going to treat people badly and not necessarily realize. Everyone does it, with problems not as near big as Justin’s.

Everyone’s rude at some time or another. Justin’s a human and he’s going to make mistakes. He’s not perfect and neither is anyone else in this world. You need to realize he’s under so much pressure and he’s bound to crack sometimes.

But can I just say, people who think Justin is a jerk, think about Avalanna. Think about how much Justin cares about his fans and how much times he takes for them. Think about how much he does for his girlfriends. Think about how he’s a shameless momma’s boy. Think about the best friends he’s kept from Stratford, before all the fame and money.

He makes mistakes, but he isn’t a jerk. He’s a normal 19 year old boy trying to do his best.

Haters always say “he sings like a girl.” I think you need to go to school and get educated. Some people hit puberty early. Some people hit puberty later on in their life. Who cares?

I’d like to see you try and make millions singing. Justin obviously has an extraordinary talent and millions of people are in love with his voice. It’s broken now and he’s still successful what does that prove? That it doesn’t matter what pitch his voice is in, he’s still and incredible singer.

Obviously Justin isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and I’m not forcing you to like him but just because you don’t like his music it doesn’t give you a reason to hate him.

I personally don’t like Lady Gaga’s music but I don’t send her hate. I don’t know her personally, I don’t know if she’s a nice person or not. So I don’t really have a reason to dislike her as an individual.

And back to the attention part of it, the tabloids up the most stupid rumors I’ve heard. And if you believe everything you read you’re stupid and small-minded. Think of the source.

Do you think papers are going to print the truth? No because the truth is, is that Justin hasn’t done half of the stuff he’s been accused of and that doesn’t sell papers. Lies and rumors sell papers because that’s what people like to believe. Because they’re jealous.

How many 19 year olds do you know who are internationally famous with millions of albums sold around the world, donated thousands to charity, records set and broken, millions of dedicated fans and too many awards won to count. Most of the 19 year olds I know are unemployed, living off their parents, smoking weed every day, getting drunk every weekend, sleeping around and not getting anywhere in life.

Justin has achieved more than any other 19 year old had and you’re just jealous because you know you could never be that successful. Also, some people say they don’t like Justin because of his ’12 year old fans.’ First of all, we’re not all 12 years old and that ‘insult’ is really old. Quite a lot of his fans have grown up with him and are in their 20’s. Justin’s audience ranges from little kids to adults in their 50’s. Just because a fraction of his fans are 12 year olds doesn’t mean we all are. Not all of us are crazy. Not all of us ‘cut for Bieber.’ Not all of threaten his girlfriends. So don’t be so discriminating and think we’re all like that.

That was my rant and thanks for reading, I know it was long. I just had enough of all the hate Justin gets when he doesn’t deserve any of it. I love Justin and I’ll support him through everything.

Amelia @Union_J0sh

  • Molly

    AMEN! I couldn’t have said it better myself!!(: I love you justin!!<3

    • mel lowry

      some of his fans are older that 50. how about 80!

      • Tanya – belieber4ever

        omg really !? (:

      • Mrs.BieberYE$!

        Preach Honey preach!!!!!!!!
        I’m so happy that u did this rant u don’t even know
        We should all tweet this and face book it just pass it all through the internet so everyone can know I hate how everyone just stereotypes us beliebers Just from seeing One thing thank you for doing this rant

    • leah

      Guys lets start another strike…im really serious about this lets make this one bigger and.better because justin doesnt deserve.this much hate

    • dm loves jb

      TRUE !!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Well said :D:D:D
      love you justin :D xx

    • Haileylovesjustinbieber

      ok agree Justin is a amazing beautiful talented sweet person and yes people make mistakes. his situation is tough and hes human and I know half of the things they say are fake others are understandable and others not that big of a deal and he apologizes. yes avalannah is one of the most touching amazing things he’s done but this is all after her. it all started in 2013. some things he has done have been very uncalled for and just plain stupidity. he’s good but hes not great like he use to be when he would just do amazing unexpected things out of the blue cause he wanted to. I know he cares but its like some of its planed out. its all the same stuff. like the indoor skydiving thing. he didn’t do anything wrong but the old Justin would have instagramed his photo and give the place great credibility cause he knows the power he has and also payed them t. hes a millionaire he could have put it to good use. he not a jerk but if you opened up your eyes a little bit you would see the way he presents himself sometimes and walks seams selfish like. like he owns the building. he dosent relize the way it comes off sometimes. and at first it was cute but throughing your shirt up like a gangster and flipping off the paparazzi isn’t going to solve anything. I know it sucks but this is what comes with fame and sometimes you just have to suck it up. he signed up for this. he knew what was gona happen. he hangs out with the wrong people. rapers and stuff. he dosent relize there not good for him and are influencing him in a bad way. a real friend isn’t someone who is crashing your car, parting at your house with drugs and alcohol and using your car and getting in trouble and u get blamed for it. he needs to stay with just alfredo and ryan. and yes sometimes he apologizes and that’s great but other times he dosent and hes always saying im human and I make mistakes. yes but that cant always be your excuse for everything. and when u keep making mistakes over and over again it becomes a choice. he must learn and say hey that was horrible and stupid and strait up apologize ALL THE TIME not when he feels like it. and that goes for every human being on this planet. a lot of things I wouldn’t be so upset about if he was more apologetic. also sometimes sorry isn’t good enough. I love Justin so much but theres so much more to the story than most of u realize. theres way to many this that have happened for me to remember them all but on resent one that was half apologized for was the peeing in a mop buket thing. he apologized for clintion but what he did was very wrong and discusting. some may say he was drunk but who knows. it dosent seem to me like he was but even so I would have apologized to the resterant and done more than he did. it makes me sad because I fell in love with him not because his looks or his music but from his personality and his story. it was so insperatinal. it and he made me believe in my self. he made life not so bad and his music always made me want to dance and smile when I heard it. it still dose but not the same way its like its all turned around like its different. a different feeling. I still love him though. I judt wish things were diffrent

  • Numberonebelieber

    Omg couldn’t have said it better

    • Swagalicious

      Um nobody got time to read all that because never was is or will be a hater but I could tell it was good and he could use some defending due to some things happened,…………:-)

  • Abbie Bieber

    WELL DONE! now this is a true Belieber along with everyone other Belieber that has defended Justin we have all had enough of it and you have just put it right :* family <3

  • tammy bieber

    omg i feel like giving her a pat on the back right now.

    • Kalani

      He’s so hot shirtless. Oh my goodness I love justin. He’s sexy. I hope he gets invited to Selena’s bday party.

      • Jdb

        Shut up that’s not the topic of this discussion the topic is on haters not how good looking and sexy he his we all know he is but it’s not the topic

      • Tanya – belieber4ever

        really ? thats what yuhh have to say about this rant ?-.-

  • yara_belieber


  • Adrian

    well said…Amelia @Union_J0sh….I defend bieber too!

  • Lizzie

    They still calling him gay and he sound like a girl what the hell is wrong with them.Smh

  • Bieber’s Shawty:))

    Wow, a true belieber has spoken.. Love u buddy for sticking up for justin and ending the hate.. I wish I could give u a hi-5 .. Amelia @Union-J0sh :)

  • Loren

    Thanks for this. Everyone around me knows better than to look sideways at Justin because I’ll
    Defend him with my life!

  • dchopsey

    AMAZING. WELL WRITTEN. RIGHT TO THE POINT. Thank you for writing this. Millions believe in the words you wrote because millions believe in Justin. BELIEBERS are proud.

    • Never say Never

      Great writting Justin is about Love, Peace and Caring and making other people happy he has done very well and is so sweet. His music is like no other very touching his songs are perfect no bad words they make me happy every day. People pick on him because they don’t have what he does some people have a born talent and Justin does. I love and support him 1000% forever.

  • Briah

    Amen!!! You preach it!!

  • Beliebeeer

    I agree! O my God I agree!!! I must say that I am proud to be a part of BelieberFamily:DD Haters back off, because we are growing from day to day.:)) #proudbelieber

  • justinbff

    Here Here!!!!!! U took the words right out of my mouth.

    • Swagalicious

      LOL!!!!! Just read it and I wish I could meet her :)

    • Alisha

      wow! agreed! this is perfect, she’s a true belieber.

  • Lizzie

    When he first came out I fell in love with him and then when I heard all of this I was like what the hell are they talking about he is so talented I don’t see why you should hate him,He is not even gay if he was he would say it with all the facts that you wanna know about him so he isn’t I don’t know where they get that from is just sound stupid,To me they are like going backwards or something like they know what is talented and when someone isn’t talented they say that person is talented smh idiots.

  • Averie

    that’s exactly what i was thinking! its like you read my mind! not really but you know what i mean. That was awsome! it was very well said! and i totally agree! i think a hater should read that and realize how much hate he gets. I’m glad that you stood up for yourself like that. It was pretty brave of you! Anyways, that was so amazing! i loved it!

  • Suzanne Smith

    Bravo!!!!!! I hope every Belieber reads this because the haters will not. It is up to us to remember this and also to defend Justin whenever we can. Don’t be too shy to speak up for what you bealieve it. That is Justin’s message through his album and everything he stands for. I would also like to say that I think his fans are getting lax. Real fans support their idols by buying music, requesting songs on radio stations, buying concert tickets and anything else Justin endorses. Also by voting for him at award shows whenever we can. Beliebers have gotten really lazy about requesting his music and voting and these two things COST NOTHING!!!!!! He doesn’t just make hits and win awards by himself; he depends on his fans. Also, I think we need to stop judging him on his relationships. I just want him to be happy and stay out of trouble wiht the police. I think it is wrong for parents to expect him to be a role model. He is an entertainer. If parents want their children to have a role model, THEY SHOULD BE THE ROLE MODEL. Justin does stupid things and I wonder about the people he is hanging out with myself. But I have to have faith that there is good in them too. Justin has religious faith too and a wonderful mother. We beliebers need to vote, request, buy and support him in every way we can. I ‘ve seen two Believe tour concerts and will be in Atlanta August 10th for the LAST BELIEVE TOUR CONCERT IN NORTH AMERICA! Boy that sounds scary. I know he will be back but it will be awhile and I can’t wait to see him one more time. For every penny I have spent on him, for every late night moment that I have been on my laptop voting endlessly into the night, whenever he comes down for the first time with those wings on, I feel magical! He is so talent, so extraoridnary and I have truly loved being his fan! Let’s just keep it up! Again, great rant above and it’s time we heard it!

  • essie j

    preach i hope haters would take the time and read it and give justin a chance :)

  • mommachris

    “Most of the 19 year olds I know are unemployed, living off their parents, smoking weed every day, getting drunk every weekend, sleeping around and not getting anywhere in life.”
    ( this is so darn true!!!!!)

    Well said, I am a Belieber also and I am well above 12 years old in fact I am 40 years old and my 35 year old cousin is also a Belieber we are so excited to be going to see Justin in Toronto in 2 days just us two momma’s , he is not perfect but he is amazing , he is inspiring an a great performer. Most haters don’t have a clue about Justin , its all assumptions.
    This is a great site , keep doing what your doing…

    • Hmmm

      Your quote shows just how insufferable his fan base is. You are blind and are manipulated by Justin’s PR stunts.

      • Suzanne Smith

        What do you care about this fan base? If you don’t like him, don’t pay any attention to him or his fans Thank you for proving a point. People hating on Justin Bieber are just unhappy, miserable, bitter people. If you were positive, happy people you wouldn’t be wasting time commenting on his fan’s website. Thanks for showing a good example of what we are talking about above! Thanks!

  • Adele

    This is so true, you are so inspiring and it’s great how u stand up for him. And also, my 80 year old grandma is at the concert tonight! More than 50;)

  • belu i love justin

    aplusos !!!! ;3

  • I Am A Proud Belieber

    I absolutely think your right he’s always the problem. The tabloids never pay attention to the good things he does.

  • asdfghjkl;

    PREACH IT. I love how you put the beliebers in too. Not all of us are over emotional stalker freaks who keeps locks of his hair that we bought for a million dollars. Yes, I am a twelve year old fan, but even if we’re twelve it doesn’t mean we are like that. Beliebers range from 2 to 92.

  • SamanthaLuvsJustin

    I so agree with everything that girl said, I know I wasn’t there from the start but I feel like I am bcuz I know so many things about him & I just heard Favorite Girl in 2009 & right as soon as I heard it I just fell in love & when I heard that the boy’s name was Justin Bieber, I looked him up found out his story, heard more of his songs & then I saw vids of ppl saying that they felt like dying bcuz they had nothing but one day they heard Justin’s voice they changed their minds bcuz they finally felt like they had something to live for. I love you, Justin you are my life.

  • ivan

    Great rant! I too get pissed at his being called gay, girly. What’s funny is some are fans of Queen who were gay as well as M.J. who looked feminine. I have challanged guys for over 2 months on you tube and blogs to prove he’s gay and I am still waiting. Another thing I hate is that gossip sites repeat the same things over and over such as the alleged spitting on two occasions which has not been proven to be true. Also, they print reports which later prove untrue such as the Scooter wants him in rehab report by raderonline a month ago which they never corrected-it was false. There is much more.

  • Xavier bieber

    There right or hes right :) I agree with everything they said haters talk the talk but they can’t walk the walk they also don’t understand or realize how incredibly talented he is there hating on him & sleeping on him for no reason im a black boy well man belieber & im 22 im really obsessed with him alot but I also support him alot im not gay at all btw Justin isn’t gay at all they just don’t understand what good music is & good music is Justin bieber I love you Justin. :)

    • melissa bieber

      UR RITE I AGREE!!!!

  • melissa bieber

    if people hate justin and us then i’ll hate them back cuz they always have something 2 complain about!!!!! >:(

  • rb

    Great rant!! Take out the negativity and be positive. Heaters should be educated with the facts, so please do good research and then fire back with your positive comments!!

  • ivone

    I totally agree with you, couldn’t have said it better. The media and the haters
    like to make up stuff because they are jealous and full of envy.
    Haters hate because JB is doing what they CAN”T!!!!!!
    They know it and it eats them alive.
    Haters may win SOME battles but LOVE wins in the end!!!
    GOD SPEED JB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • breanna

    Preach it girl preach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Babe

    Wow yes AMEN to that #family is what we are and you saying these words makes everyone that is in are family so happy and im so glad someone else has said something. Omg you took every word i could of said to a much much better way:) when i was reading i was so happy thanks for saying something because i was waiting for someone else’s to say something about the haters out there who hate for no reason at all! I love being in this big BIG #belieberfamily;) lots of love Amelia @Union_J0sh you made alot of people happy by saying what you said and im sure if justin sees it to he’d be happy too;)